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Celebrity Guest Amber Lewis on Motherhood

August 6, 2015

We just can’t get enough of the Lou Lou Girls, so we brought Amber to the Owlet Blog!

amber lou lou girls

Amber Lewis is a mother, videographer, and former high-school teacher. She shared with us some of her parenting stories and advice, and her husband’s hilarious nicknames for their son!

What’s the most ridiculous argument you and your husband have had over parenting? 

 “We’ve had a lot of ridiculous arguments since becoming parents for sure! One of the most recent was because my husband wasn’t as excited about the “busy board” I was making as I thought he should be. After being mad for a bit, I looked at it again and saw his point of view. It looked terrible, and he didn’t even know what a “busy board” was supposed to be in the first place.”

I love how you introduce you and your husband on your blog with your celebrity name. If you had to give a baby a crazy celebrity name, what would it be?

“Our baby definitely has a celebrity name! My husband gave him the rapper name of “Lil’ Big Shot”.  He also calls him Chewie, like Chewbacca from Star Wars, because he makes a noise just like him.”

 Is there anything your son picked up from you or your husband, physically or personality-wise, that you didn’t realize you had/do?

 “My husband is super loud and can’t whisper to save his life. I always thought that it was because he grew up as the youngest in a loud and talkative family. It’s very clear it’s genetic though because although our son is home with me most of the time, and I’m more on the quiet side, he is loud as can be!”

 How did teaching high school prepare you to be a mother, or what lessons have you learned as a teacher that helped you in your role as a mother?

 “I think the best thing teaching taught me is flexibility. If your students are having a hard time focusing, they aren’t learning, so it’s okay to take a break. It’s better to be a little patient than to push through your lesson because you want to get through it. This applies to my toddler in all sorts of situations. If I can tell that he’s going to get upset at getting his diaper changed, I prepare him for it instead of jumping right into it. Or if he is freaking out at the grocery store, I give him a minute before going to the next one.”

 Is there anything else you’d like to share about your pregnancy, children, or motherhood? Funny stories, experiences, or advice?

 “I was and still am so surprised at how much of a learning experience motherhood is. There isn’t one right answer to everything, which makes it kind of hard, but also makes it fun because you get to figure out what works for you. If anyone ever tells you that motherhood isn’t hard, they’re lying. But it’s also full of the most amazing emotions you’ll ever experience and is so worth it!”

If you loved getting to know Amber on the Owlet blog, go check out her incredible DIY tutorials and breathtaking videos on the Lou Lou Girls blog. She is amazingly talented and will make you want to jump up and revamp your entire house right then and there! Thanks for collaborating with us, Amber. You are awesome!

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