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Britney Munday on Fashion, Family & Fitness

July 27, 2015

 If staying fit and healthy is important to you, you’ll love our celebrity guest this week!

Britney Munday is a former model and nurse who shares her passion for her family, fitness, and fashion on her blog and Instagram (@britneymunday).

Celebrity Guest Britney Munday talks to Owlet about Fashion, Family & Fitness.

We asked Britney to share a bit about her life and family with us, and you’ll LOVE reading what she has to say!

What was your funniest “pregnancy brain” moment?

Well that’s the thing about pregnancy brain… I’ve forgot what it was! Lol. Funniest pregnancy moment though? I was working as a nurse while in my third trimester on the mother baby floor… Anyone that has been in the third trimester of pregnancy knows there’s not a lot of room for anything in your abdominal area besides your baby. Anyway, I was in a patient’s room with her new baby, the dad was on one side and the mom was on the other. The baby started gagging so I bent over to suction it and pat it’s back… in the process of doing so I accidentally farted. I was MORTIFIED. The baby was fine. The parents acted awkward… They were like “Oh it’s ok!!” (that I had just passed gas) and I was like laugh!!! Just laugh! I would feel so much better if you laughed! Hahaha. Sorry for talking about this on a public forum, mom. I couldn’t help it! I still laugh about it.

Celebs are all about unique, one-of-a-kind baby names. If you were giving a baby a crazy celebrity name, what would it be?

 Before I married Sam I swore I’d have a girl and name her Ocean or Coral. I used to dream of being a marine biologist so I guess that’s where that came from! Looking back on it now I can’t help but laugh… Dear future daughter… Don’t worry we won’t name you either of those!

 As a former model, style and fashion are obviously something prominent in your life. What are your mom-friendly staple items or go-tos that help you stay stylish while also allowing you to run around as a mom?

 Honestly? Work out clothes most of the time! I’m sure you didn’t want to hear that but I can’t lie… If I’m not in some form of spandex it’s a special occasion! I try and work out 6 days a week so to cut down on laundry (wink wink) I just wear work out clothes most of the day! However, one mom staple I do have is boohoo.com midi dresses with some cute sandals. They keep me cool and comfortable, not to mention they are only like 14 dollars. It’s a win win!

 Babies and kids teach us a lot about ourselves. Are there any unexpected physical or personality traits that your son inherited from either you or your husband, maybe that you didn’t realize you had?

 I tend to be introverted until I know someone well… then I’ll turn extroverted. I’ve noticed that same trait with my son… in new situations he will sit back and observe at first, then once he knows you then you’re BFF’s for life. As far as traits from my husband… my husband is very clean (praise the heavens) and I think he passed that on to Jake. If Jake is sticky or dirty he wants it cleaned off pronto!

 As a nurse, you obviously already knew a lot about labor and delivery, but is there anything you didn’t expect or was different than you had imagined for yourself?

 Jake had to be in the NICU for the first 24 hours and I didn’t realize how hard that actually would be. Not to have him right at our finger tips to snuggle and bond with that first day was harder then I imagined it ever would be.

 A big thanks to Britney for joining us on the Owlet blog, and for all of her inspiration and wisdom she offers through her blog and Instagram!

For more about Britney’s fitness and health journey, makeup and fashion tips, and lots of real motherhood talk follow her on her blog and her Instagram at @britneymunday.

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