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Commonly Asked Questions About Owlet

June 20, 2016

Every once in awhile, we get a question about Owlet that we’ve never seen before*. We love that there are parents out there who are thinking of every possibility and every option. On the other hand, there are some questions we keep seeing pop up across social media very often. These are the questions that we are focusing on today. Check below to see if we answer an Owlet-related question that’s been nagging at you!

Can I adjust the notification parameters?

Currently, we don’t allow for adjusting or personalizing. The Owlet Baby Monitor notification strategy was set by a team of pulse oximetry specialists, pediatricians, neonatologists and pulmonologists. The notification thresholds are preset and are not adjustable. Babies’ heart rates can vary when they are very young, and the notifications are designed to hit the sweet spot to avoid false alarms.

The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—the best indication of baby’s health—while they sleep.

How many times will I need to buy Owlet?

Only once! Owlet comes with three different-sized socks to grow with your baby. The largest sock is designed to fit most babies up to 18 months old or 25 pounds! Even better, we use the highest quality components in our monitor and we designed the sock so that it can be worn on either foot.

Check out our sock-fit guide here.

What if I get a false notification?

We have tested and retested Owlet to avoid false alarms whenever possible! In designing the Owlet Monitor, we wanted to be able to communicate what’s going on with your little one without causing panic. That’s why we designed your Owlet with three different notifications: yellow, blue, and red. Read the blog post below about each of these Owlet notifications, what they mean, how to resolve them, and hear how they sound.

Click here for a breakdown of all our notifications! 

Click here to learn how to lower the sensitivity of the Blue and Yellow notifications.

How much will it cost?

The Owlet Team has carefully designed the Smart Sock to be as safe and comfortable as possible. We work with some of the brightest and most talented developers and engineers to ensure this product is accurate and of the highest quality. All of this research and development factors into Owlet’s price of $299.99. We now have an alternative payment plan option. You can select “Affirm” instead of a credit card when you’re checking out on our site!

Can all of us check in on our baby?

Absolutely! Mom and Dad (and Grandma and Grandpa) can all log in to the Owlet app to check on your baby throughout the day. All you need is a device that can download the app from the iTunes App Store and Google Play store.

Check out the list of currently compatible Android devices and compatible iOS devices.

Does Owlet tell you when my baby wakes up?

In a word, no. Owlet is not designed to notify you if your baby wakes up in the middle of the night but instead tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and is designed to notify you if either falls out of range. We focus on the most important information that you need to have a peace of mind when you head to bed. After all, you know your baby better than anyone!

*Have other questions about the Owlet? Head to our Owlet FAQ‘s to learn more.

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The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—the best indication of baby’s health—while they sleep.

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92 thoughts on “Commonly Asked Questions About Owlet


Hi there! There’s not a feature like this in place but we can definitely pass your interest along to our team!



Is there a feature to limit access to the camera for a nanny? Like, she can see and hear what’s going on when she is watching her but when she leaves she won’t be able to hear or watch what’s going on in her room if she’s not on the job. I just don’t want her to have access when she leaves for the day.


Hi! As the Sock is not a medical device, the thresholds are preset and nonadjustable.


Hi Amy, there’s not a way to change the song for the yellow notification.



Is there a way to change the song played for the yellow notification?


Haggai Lewis

My son has hypoplastic left heart and his best spo2 levels are from 74% to 85%. Can I have a owlet adjust for his personal Sats?


Hi! Our team would be happy to assist you with this. Please try chatting with our team via the Owlet app or by calling 844-334-5330. We hope to hear from you soon!


Jessica Hetherington

Hi, how do you input baby’s little info? I am always promoted to do this but when when I go to the profile section there is nothing clickable.


Hi! There are currently not any options for children older than 18 months or 25 lbs.


Santana J Tunney

Any options for greater than 25 lbs?


Hi! We currently don’t have any larger sock sizes available.


Hermite Bonny

My baby is 10 months and 27 lbs (Big Boy) are you guys providing or
Making socks for larger kids


Hi Devin, you’ll need to place it on a baby to test it out.


Devin Monaghan

I just set up my Owlet Smart Sock, how can I be sure the alarm will sound, is there a way to test it?


Hey Jessica, some parents have found that placing the sock on a certain foot works better. If you have any questions, reach out to our team via chat in the Owlet app and they’ll help you out!



Consistantly getting a lower oxygen reading from her right foot (85-93) than her left (91-100) is that normal? Which should I listen to?


Hi Gabrielle, thanks for reaching out. The Smart Sock is only designed to fit babies until around 25 lbs so it doesn’t look like it’s the solution for her. We’d recommend talking to your doctor or pediatrician about any health-related concerns.


Gabrielle Borden

I have an 18 month old daughter who has severe asthma and trouble breathing. She is high risk for RSV and bronchiolitis. In the past few days I rushed her to ER because her breathing was so bad it scared me and her o2 ended up being 77%. I’m interested in the owlet for her safety though don’t know if I could afford it at the moment and also concerned that the sock will be too small as she is 26 pounds. Do y’all offer a bigger sock or a something that could make it work for her. I need something like this but can’t afford it as it is and especially to only be able to use it for a few weeks as this will be needed for quite some time with her asthma and allergies. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


Hey Murilo! The thresholds of the Smart Sock for both heart rate and oxygen are preset and nonadjustable.


Murilo Woigt

I want to receive notifications if my baby’s heart rate goes below 100.

Currently the lower limit is set to 60.

How do I change the heart rate range for notifications?


Hi Marie, thank you for reaching out to us. The preset thresholds are as follows- heart rate: 60-220 bpm and oxygen: 80-100%. The thresholds can not be adjusted as the Smart Sock is not a medical device.


Marie Murray

My baby has a congenital heart defect, and her oxygen saturations are supposed to range from 75-85. I understand that alarm parameters cannot be adjusted. What are the preset parameters for O2 sats and HR? Could this be changed for our circumstance? We would really like to purchase this for peace of mind and to know when something is wrong, but we won’t be buying it if the alarms are going to be going off constantly.


Rachel G

I wondered the same thing about the hand. I tried it with the cut-out next to the pinky finger instead of pinky toe and I get readings okay. Sometimes my baby falls asleep for nap time and I don’t want to wake her up by taking off her footie sleeper to put the smart sock on her foot. Plus, the feet in the sleeper outfits put pressure on the smart sock and then it sometimes leaves a mark.


Great question! You will set up and create an account on one device and then you can simply share the login with whomever you’d like to have access. 🙂


Hi Kelly, these thresholds are in place for a few reasons, one being that a baby can quickly desat and come right back up. This helps avoid false notifications due to fluctuations.



Can both parents install and use the Owlet Care app on their own phones?


Kelly Armstrong

I think 80% is too low for the O2 alarm. I’m a nurse and 80 seems too low, my baby’s had gotten down to 87%. I would like to know when it’s that low or at least 85. The only time I have seen 02 levels around 80 was when my grandfather died. His alarm was going off before 80.


Thank you!


Hi Katie, the whole sensor would need to be replaced. Please call our team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll take a look into this for you!


Hi! We don’t have a timeline to share right now but please feel free to check back with us!


Charlee Ballard

Do you know when you will get approved for the RX my son has A heart condition as well and I would love one but like she said his normal is 74-90


Katie Walsh

We are on baby number 3 and the battery life has diminished to around 8 hrs. Can you replace the battery?


Hi Bella, thanks for reaching out. The Owlet Smart Sock thresholds are preset and are not adjustable, similar to other consumer wellness products, like smartwatches. These thresholds are in place for a few reasons, one being that a baby can quickly desat and come right back up. This helps avoid false notifications due to fluctuations.


Bella Duncan

Is there anything in the works for changing the Puls Ox readings? 80% is such a low number especially for infants, and those with breathing issues. We spent a good amount of money on the owlet just to have to buy a different brand because this no longer is useful to us.


Thanks so much for your feedback, Megan! We can share this with our team.


Hi Halie, thanks for reaching out with your question. Unfortunately, the Smart Sock can only be used on the foot at this time.


Halie Schilinski

Can the owlet sock be worn on baby’s hand? My baby will be in casts for most of her first year due to club feet and this product was something I was looking forward to using.



We have been using our owlet for 9 months and love it!! We had a red notification for the first time the other night. I wish there was a way to snooze the red alarm on the base from the phone app, without turning the base off. I didn’t want the alarm to keep sounding so I turned the base off, but then I can’t see minute by minute readings. I know you don’t want people to miss alarms, but if it could be controlled by the app then you would know the parent was aware of the alarm. Even a 5 or 10 minute snooze where the base can flash red but wouldn’t alarm and you could still track your child’s readings would be very helpful.


Hi Audrey, we’re so sorry to hear this happened! Damage like this isn’t covered under the warranty so you will need to purchase a new sock sensor. Please call our team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll help get that ordered for you.



My toddler threw my smart sock in the toilet and now the sensor is not working. My warranty is up, is my only option to buy a new sensor?


Hi Danica, we’ve found that the sensor tends to not fit on children larger than 25 lbs because it can no longer sit properly on their foot to get a good reading. Since every baby is different, just keep an eye on how it fits on your little one to check the fit as it could possibly fit longer.



Why is the max weight set at 25 lbs? My baby is 6 months old and weighs 22 pounds. Can we use the sock until he’s at least 1 year? I wish Owlet took into account that many babies are tall/larger and weigh more. At 25 pounds, does the receptor stop working or picking up correct readings?


Cathrine, the thresholds for the Smart Sock are preset and nonadjustable as it’s a consumer device.



Can I change the default settings for notificaciones for my Owlet app? Currently it notifies me when my baby’s oxygen levels drop below 80%. I would like notification at 85%, if possible. Is this possible?


Hi Anna! Yes, that sounds normal. Keep in mind that the yellow notification uses a different algorithm than the red notification and you’ll receive a notification the moment heart rate or oxygen level leave the preset threshold.



My owlet takes 25seconds for it to realize it’s off the baby’s foot is this 25 second delay normal


Thanks for your feedback, Sebastian. The current Owlet Smart Sock is a consumer device and does not allow changing thresholds for heart rate or oxygen level. We are seeking FDA clearance for the medical version of the Owlet Smart Sock that will have the adjustable thresholds feature. With this medical version of the Owlet Smart Sock, healthcare professionals will set parameters based on the specific condition requirements. The medical version of the Smart Sock will be labeled as Rx only and therefore, only available when prescribed by a physician.



Hello, I saw the first FAQ about adjusting the parameters of the owlet. I believe you guys should allow that change through special situations (with a doctor’s note or something) for instance. my baby has hypoplastic right heart… His normal SPO2 is low to mid 80s while sometimes going below and into the 70s, per his cardiologist this is his normal. Your product is a godsend for allowing us to monitor his pulse and oxygen saturation, however with his special situation, the amount of alarms we receive because of his condition and what’s normal for him is actually more of a hindrance sometimes.


Hi Shelby, it depends on how far apart the base station is from the sock sensor and a few other factors. You will receive a blue notification if the battery gets low during the night, though.



I forgot to plug it in this morning when I took it off of her and have 29% will that last all night?


Hi Stephanie, your phone’s volume needs to be turned on and up and the app needs to be open or running in the background for you to hear the notification on your phone.



My babies room is across the house from our bedroom. If the alarm goes off we can’t hear it. The app buzzed on my phone but that’s not going to wake me up. How can we ensure we hear if an alarm goes off?


Hi Joanna, you should only see it on one side as one side shines the light and the other side is the receptor.



Can anyone tell me if the sensor should be red in both windows? Mine isn’t only red in one?


Hi Josh, the base station is the primary notification system so it will send you notifications regardless of the app.


Josh Vermillion

Does my phone need to have the screen on and the Owlet app open in order to get notified? Even if I have the app open and open a different app, when I go back into owlet app it has to reconnect to the base station.


Hey Kevin, we don’t have any timelines to share right now. This would be a completely different product and labeled as Rx only and therefore, only available when prescribed by a physician.


Kevin Tufte

Do you happen to have a timeline for this? We too have a child that uses a pulseoximiter through the night, and she is forever getting tangled in the wires, pulling off the sensor or breaking it. We have been asking for this technology for years and now it is here!

Will this be an upgrade to the existing application or will a new appliance be required? We did not see on the site were the HR rate and O2 rate were locked down. Bummer but still we think that this is awesome.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Hey Nichole! The Smart Sock was only designed to be used with healthy infants. As a consumer device, the parameters are preset and non-adjustable and it’s not intended to be used as or replace a medical device.

We are seeking FDA clearance for the medical version of the Owlet Smart Sock that will have the adjustable thresholds feature but we don’t have a timeline on when it will be available.


Nichole L Morgan

80% seems low for oxygen settings. I have a medical fragile child and our specialist have us start assessing her at 90%. When will parameters be able to be changed.

Will you have one that is fda compatible for kids who use pulse oximrters?


Hi Aaron, the thresholds of the Smart Sock are preset and nonadjustable as it is a consumer device. Adjustable thresholds are prescribed by physicians and enabled by healthcare professionals working in medical devices (or pulse oximeters) for special conditions.


Aaron Morris

Our son has a heart condition that causes his O2 saturation to be much lower than normal. In fact, he should never be above 85%. I believe the parameters should be adjustable for children with conditions such as this. With the current oxygen parameters on the Owlet, the red alarm constantly goes off! Please help!


Hi Lucy, the Smart Sock is only designed to notify you with the red notification once heart rate or oxygen level have left the preset thresholds. Additional notifications include disconnection (blue) and sock fit (yellow) notifications.



Hi , I just had a look at the pre set ranges and that they can not be adjusted . It kind of shocked me how low they are set (I am a NICU nurse so I am used to the alarm values etc) . I am just wondering is there an alarm that goes at some time before the saturation reaches 80% and the heart rate reaches 60?


Hi Amber! It depends on the extent of the water damage and if it got into the ports. Call us at (844) 334-5330 and our team will look into this for you!



Water was accidentally spilled on the base station and it sat a while before noticed. Is the bast station probably ruined!


That’s odd! Send an email over to our team at subscriptions@owletcare.com and they’ll look into this for you!



I turned my sock on around 3pm and on Connected Care it says it’s 9am


Hi Rachel, the battery can’t be replaced but every verified Smart Sock purchase does come with a 1-year warranty. Give our tech support team a call at (844) 334-5330 and they’ll look into this for you!


Rachel Bettinelli

I’m starting to get a low battery notification every morning. Can the sensor battery be replaced?


Hi Hope! Once you receive the low battery notification in the app (which sends at 20%), you’ll have a few hours left depending on how far away the base station and sock sensor are from each other.



How long after the low battery notification will the sock work?


Hi Hope, the sock sensor is continuously relaying information to the base station and the base station is designed to notify you promptly following a change in heart rate and oxygen levels outside the preset zones.



How often does the owlet monitor gather or read the baby’s readings. Is it constantly monitoring or does it monitor every couple minutes ect?


Hi Marci, if you’re holding the Smart Sock during this time or place it on a soft surface, the sock will sense motion and not send you a notification that it’s no longer on your little one. If you’d like our team to look into this for you, they’d be happy to help if you call them at (844) 334-5330!



When I take the sock off of my infant, the base does not alarm…as if it is not registering it has been removed. The readings come back normal while the sock is in place, but shouldn’t the base recognize the sock being taken off and alarm? Is my sock defective?


Hi Erica, the Owlet Smart Sock is designed to be used when your baby is sleeping on his or her back, in his or her own sleep space, like a crib or bassinet.



Does this work if my baby sleeps on her stomach? She refuses to sleep on her back and the doctor told us to start looking into these types of monitors.


Hi Sarah! The actual fit of the sock is the best indicator for how long you’ll be able to continue use, however, we would recommend stopping at 18 months as it’s only designed to fit infants until that age.



My son is 8 months and almost 25 pounds. That being said I find the size 3 sock still fits very well. We use it as tight as that one goes or else it falls off. Will it work past 25 pounds provided the sock still fits well?


The actual fit of the sock is the most important indicator but we do recommend using the weight to determine which sock size to use in most instances. If you have questions, you can always take a picture of the sock fit and send it to our team through the chat feature in the Owlet App for sock fit tips!


noelle coronado

If a baby exceeds 25 lbs but the sock still fits will it continue to work? I have a 5mo that’s approaching that weight.


Hey Britt! Unfortunately, the Owlet was only designed for infants 0-18 months or around 25 lbs.



I would like to use this on my baby who is 20 months up to 3 years…will the device still work if he’s older than 18 months old?


Hey Camille, the Owlet Baby Monitor notification strategy was set by a team of pulse oximetry specialists, pediatricians, neonatologists and pulmonologists. These thresholds are in place for a few reasons, one being that a baby can quickly desat and come right back up. This helps avoid false alarms due to fluctuations.



80% Oxygen is not normal or healthy, right? Why is this the notification limit? A quick google search mentioned anything below 92% means organs are already getting oxygen starved.


Hi Erin! This is absolutely possible, however, the warranty is only valid through your name. Just delete your baby’s profile and it should be good to go! If your friend needs assistance, just have them give us a call at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MT.



We have our owlet, and now our son doesn’t need to use it anymore. We would like to give it to a friend. Is that possible? Can they reuse a previously used owlet?


Hi Lisa! Hmm… The Owlet does not include any features that should startle your little one awake (unless the notification sounds). She may be sensitive to the light from your phone or the sound of you getting up to check your phone. If you’d like one of our team members to look into this for you, just give them a call at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MT or chat with them through the app. 🙂




Every time my husband and I check the numbers for our daughter via the app, we’ve been noticing she stirs in her sleep. She’s been doing this now for over two weeks and we’ve never had a problem with it doing this before (she’s almost 9 months old). How can we ensure the owlet is not waking her? Thank you!

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Lisa, Owlet comes with three sock sizes: newborn (size 1), size 2 and size 3. The newborn size comes in a left- and right-footed sock so you can switch between the two during the night. However, the size 2 and size 3 sock are always to be worn on baby’s left foot.



Does it need to be on left foot