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Dads and Their Sleep | Sleep Study Findings


As part of May’s Better Sleep Month, we conducted two different surveys to uncover eye-opening information about the shut-eye habits and routines of parents of newborn children, a group who consistently gets less sleep than the general population. Our findings uncovered some factoids about dads and their sleep after a newborn’s arrival.

According to the survey…

  • Dads are more likely to wake up at night to check the baby monitor (62 percent of dads versus 52 percent of moms).
  • Dads report most often losing sleep worrying about providing a good life for their child.
  • Close to one third (30 percent) of new fathers have fallen asleep at work.

We know you dads out there are putting in the hours along side mom to take care of your newborns! And for that, we commend you. For all the dads who’ve pulled an all nighter with their newborn, we wish you (an early) happy father’s day and we hope you can get some much needed sleep tonight!

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Brittany is new mother to twins. She enjoys watching Netflix, pinteresting, theme parks and anything Harry Potter.

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