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Tips to Beat Swelling During Pregnancy

March 12, 2016

One of the side effects of pregnancy for many women is swelling. Many women get swollen feet and/or hands due to their body retaining water during pregnancy. For many, this symptom usually happens in the last trimester of pregnancy. It feels very uncomfortable and even painful for many, so we wanted to provide tips to help ease the discomfort that can come with swelling during pregnancy.

(Note: Be sure to talk with your doctor about your swelling, these are just a few of our tried and true suggestions.)

First, remember that you don’t want to be stationary for too long. Get up and walk, if you sit all day. Or, if you are on your feet for most of the day, allow yourself to sit and rest to take pressure off your feet.

Second, hydrate yourself! Although it sounds strange to do this when you are retaining water, it is important to drink a lot of water during pregnancy, but especially if you are swelling.

Third, eat a balanced diet of fruits and veggies—avoid junk food and sodium.

Fourth, avoid clothing that is tight around your ankles and wrists, as this will make the swelling worse.


Obviously, shoes will be an important way to hurt or alleviate swelling. It is suggested that you wear shoes that are a size larger than you’d normally wear to give your feet plenty of room to move around. Try wearing athletic shoes for extra comfort.

Although extra flattering, wearing heels will hurt your feet and can possibly make the swelling worse. So, flats will be your friends throughout pregnancy! Or, if you HAVE to wear heels, try using inserts to ease the pain.

Also, if you are able to, flip flops are a great alternative to wear, as there is not anything restrictive around your foot, when pregnant. But, remember that flip flops are not as supportive as athletic shoes.


If you are feeling extra uncomfortable and swollen, some doctors recommend wearing compression garments. There are tights, socks, knee-highs that you can choose from. Here are some recommended products to try:

Open Toe Compression Socks

Closed Toe Knee Highs

Calf Compression Socks

Compression Pantyhose

Comfy Compression Socks

If you dealt with swelling during your pregnancy, what did you do to alleviate it?

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One thought on “Tips to Beat Swelling During Pregnancy


Sarah Smith

I just found out that I am pregnant. Thanks for the advice about avoiding tight clothing around your ankles and wrists. Now I just need to find an OBGYN to help me have a healthy pregnancy.