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Diana Wrote: A Night in the Life With Owlet

January 11, 2016

This is the an installment of Owlet’s “A Night in the Life” series, featuring real parents sharing their experiences with the Owlet Monitor. Click here to see all blog posts in the series.

A Night in the Life | Diana Wrote

I’m Diana and I blog at Diana Wrote. There I share about our lives, from my daughters (six and two months) to the loss of three of our infant sons in two years. My 3-week-old son Kaden passed away in 2013 due to cardiomyopathy, so learning about Owlet after I had my youngest daughter, Charlotte, was a sanity saver.

Even though our daughter Charlotte is a healthy baby, in the hospital she stopped breathing once at one-day-old, then the next morning failed both pulse oximetry tests to check her oxygen levels. These tests are often an indicator of congenital heart defects, so she was given an echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) to check. Everything checked out, and after an additional day of monitoring we were sent home.

Our nights after were filled with constant checks to see if Charlotte was ok. Even without those breathing scares, we still would have been on edge. In the process of making sure she was ok, we’d often wake her up. Which started the process of putting her to sleep all over again. Our Owlet arrived a few weeks later, and for the first time since she was born I slept soundly between nursing. I knew that if heart rate or oxygen were outside of range, it is designed to notify us so we could decide what to do from there.

A Night in the Life | Diana Wrote

A soft, glowing green pulse means those vitals are in range. Yellow means something is off with the sock (usually I didn’t buckle the back quite as well) and a song plays to let me know. Red means oxygen/heart levels have dropped to an abnormal reading.

We’ve actually had that happen once before, and while they quickly went back, it made me even more thankful for something that could notify me to check and see what was going on. The app on my phone keeps me informed on what her heart and oxygen levels are at, while also letting me be out and about and still able to watch over her.

A Night in the Life | Diana Wrote

Owlet has become part of our nightly routine. After changing into pajamas and a new diaper, I place the charged newborn sock on Charlotte’s left foot (right to me). The process takes two steps. A stretchy sock or legs of a sleeper fit right over. I click the base to turn it on, and check to see that it’s on the lower light setting. I swaddle her with one arm out (she has to have it this way or won’t go to sleep), and then nurse her one last time before putting her down.

The peace of mind Owlet has given us is hard to describe – but as parents who have lost a child to cardiomyopathy that went undetected for five days, it’s been a wonderful device.

A Night in the Life | Diana Wrote

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