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Do What You Love with Caitlin Watson Boyes

January 21, 2021

Caitlin Watson Boyes (@cailinwatsonboyes), an artist, designer and stylist who designed our Winter Floral fabric sock, leads a colorful and exciting life made even more vibrant by her three little ones—including twins! She was gracious enough to chat with us to discuss design and motherhood.

What were you most excited about being a mom to twins?

Growing up with the Olsen twins on every movie and TV show, I either wanted to be a twin or have twins! Never did I think I would actually have them! Was that a surprise! We found out they were twins at our 20 week appointment! Being that they are boy and girl, it was exciting to imagine their relationship blossom over time, have that special twin bond, and always always have each other for the rest of their lives. Such a huge blessing!

This being your second pregnancy, did you feel different this time around — like, “I got this?”

Definitely the second time around being pregnant was at first like, “oh I got this… oh wait this feels extremely different… oh wow it’s twins… this is a very hard pregnancy… wow, my body is getting really big… I just need them out of my body… get out of my body now!” It was such a crazy thing to find out we were pregnant with twins, to have to gear up for double the baby action! It felt like I was starting over again with my comfort level and having to get used to the new normal.

Tell us about your work — we love your designs!

I love putting imagery that I love on textiles that I design. My love of flowers runs deep. Having a mother that showed me the beauty of them through working with them, along with working as a florist myself, I love flowers.

What’s your favorite thing about motherhood?

I love motherhood, the good, the bad, the ugly. It’s the whole experience that changes a woman. The instant you make eye contact with your child, they belong to you and you belong to them forever. I love that connection. I love seeing their little personalities start to grow and develop. I love guiding them to learn.

What are you and your partner doing to stay connected while parenting?

Parenting is a full time job. Even when they’re sleeping, you’re stressing about them or wondering how to develop as a parent. But, you cannot neglect your partner. It’s that connection that made this little human to begin with! Your partner comes first, they are your #1. My life is more than just my kids and sometimes, when I’m deep in parenting, I have to remind myself of this. I make time to nurture and nourish that relationship constantly. I need that support from my spouse to survive another day parenting and to grow as a person. 

What are you doing for yourself to find sanity? How do you practice self care? 

Self care is extremely important! Parenting is exhausting and all encompassing but that doesn’t mean you should neglect self care. I started a little clothing brand called Funky Pretty (@funkypretty_). Nothing crazy, but I wanted to do something that would help me maintain my level of sanity, not just always thinking about my kids. I sold 20 berets. Berets! Haha and they sold out in a matter of minutes! What?! So I did more and more, and they kept selling out! It was so rewarding and fun! I have plans for so many other projects and trying to figure it out with my kids around is stressful but in a good way! 

How has motherhood changed you? 

Motherhood has allowed me to slow down, plan things out and live minute by minute. It’s allowed my patience to really flourish and my heart to expand. I’ve really reevaluated my priorities and reflected on my way of parenting. 

What’s one thing you would say to other mamas?

You are more than just a mother. Your kids will appreciate seeing you be you and doing things you love to do. You are more than just a mother.

What are your top baby items?
  1. The Owlet Cam
  2. Snoo bassinet
  3. Dock-a-tot
  4. Uppa Baby stroller

I recommend this list to every new mom! These are a must! 

*Check out our new Winter Floral sock, designed by Caitlin Watson Boyes, here!


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