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Easy Ways to Buy An Owlet Smart Sock

October 23, 2017

It is our mission to empower ALL parents with the information they need to know their babies are okay. In order to accomplish this mission, our product needs to have both affordable prices and be accessible. Every day we are exploring new options to make this possible and are working hard to make technology that is normally thousands of dollars, less expensive and appropriate for in-home use on an infant for $299.

While we’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done so far to make the Smart Sock more affordable than other products that use pulse oximetry, we understand there’s still a lot of work to be done and we’re continually working to make our products less expensive to produce while maintaining the quality and reliability. Here are a few immediate ways we are trying to help ALL parents experience the peace of mind the Owlet Smart Sock provides.

Learn more about them below!

The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—the best indication of baby’s health—while they sleep.
Payment Options – Buy Now, Pay Later – Starting at $25 per month for 12 months

Owlet offers the option to buy now and pay later through Affirm. Simply go through the checkout process like normal until you get to Payment Method. Once there, select ‘Affirm Monthly Payments’ and you’ll be directed to Affirm’s site to apply. Learn more about this payment option and financing through Affirm. We also have financing options for those living in Canada and Australia

Buy the Smart Sock using HSA / FSA funds

Did you know that you can now use your FSA or HSA funds to purchase a Smart Sock? It’s easy! Simply visit our website and add products you would like to purchase to your cart. Once finished, proceed through the checkout process like normal and use your FSA or HSA card in place of your debit/credit card. 

Discount Owlet Smart Sock – Certified Refurbished & Field Test Units

Keep an eye on our website — as inventory allows, we sell Certified Refurbished Smart Socks and Field Test Units for a 30-50% discount (price ranges from $149.99 – $199.99). Affirm and gift cards can be used in conjunction with these too! 

Add the Smart Sock to Your Registry

Are you signed up for a registry? The Owlet Smart Sock 3 is now sold in major retail stores, like Target, buybuy Baby, and Amazon.com, where you can add it to your registry! You can also easily add the Owlet Smart Sock using the online Babylist Baby Registry here.

Gift Cards – Help From Friends

Did you know we offer gift cards on our website? Amounts from $5, $15, $25 and up are available, which is a great way for your friends and family to contribute, even in small amounts. Find them here.

Foundation Support

If you find none of these options seem appropriate for your circumstances, you can seek support from one of many foundations who raise funds to purchase Owlet Smart Socks for families in need. Many of these foundations have an application process and quantities are limited. To help, Owlet matches many foundations one for one.

The Future (Insurance, Subscription & More)

Owlet has submitted a 510(k) application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), seeking clearance for a medical version of the Owlet Smart Sock. This would open the door to have the Smart Sock covered by insurance and give doctors the opportunity to prescribe them to patients. We are also looking into a subscription model where parents can essentially rent their Owlet device.

Have an idea to make the Owlet Smart Sock more affordable? Comment below! 

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The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—the best indication of baby’s health—while they sleep.

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125 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Buy An Owlet Smart Sock


Hi Donita, HSA funds can be used for grandchildren if they’ll considered a dependent of the grandparent.



I’m seeing many grandparents ordering for their grandchildren and using HSA. Does the grandchild have to be on your insurance plan?


Julie Stewart

We need this so a friend can bring her baby home


Hey Morghan, Affirm performs a soft credit check.



Going through affirm, it says they do a credit check. Would it be a hard inquiry or a soft inquiry?



I dont see where you can apply for the foundation. I had a daughter die of SIDS. Now my 15 year old is having a baby and well I am a single mom. Any idea how to apply?


Mikka, we are so sorry to hear about your loss. You can learn more on our mission page here: https://owletcare.com/pages/our-mission


Mikka McClure

Can u send me more info on the foundation support ? My son died 2.5 years ago from a sleep related accident. I am currently pregnant and cant afford one.


Your order will ship immediately as if it had been paid in full.



Do you get the sock right away when you do the payment plan?


Hi Angela, we’re so sorry to hear this has happened. All purchases made through a verified retailer come with a 1-year warranty. Please give our team a call at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll look right into this for you.


Angela Carper

My granddaughter has wore her owlet for 9 months and it has stopped charging properly! I feel that it should last longer considering the price! She is an epileptic and has sleep apnea, without this device we will atay up 24 hours a day with her, how can we get another one without putting $300 More dollars out? Do you honor your product?


Hi! Applications are still being accepted. Sign-ups are available here: https://owletcare.com/pages/band#form


Travis & Lindsey

What about the belly band are you still taking beta testers? My wife and I have been pregnant 8 times and fortunately we only have one 5 year old daughter 6 miscarriages and our last pregnancy was a full term still born in May 2016. We weren’t planning on trying again but just found out we are pregnant. Any way we can purchase one early or be part of the testing program?


Hi Chloe! As long as it’s a verified retailer and seller on Amazon or Target, it will come with the same guarantee and warranty.



I want to put this on my Amazon baby registry. Does purchasing the Owlet from somewhere like Amazon or Target come with the same guarantees as the monitor would if purchased directly through the Owlet website?


Hi Amber, we don’t have an option like this but we can definitely pass your interest in this along to our team!



Do you have a simple pulse ox alarm option that would work similar to a wrist watch alarm and would alarm only if Oxygen levels drop below 90% or heart rate races too fast or beats too slowly? Something that doesn’t involve connecting to smart phones but can be heard on a baby monitor or loud enough to hear it in a nearby room? This could be very effective and less expensive for the general public.



I’m having twins


Hi Kristie, we do not accept CareCredit at this time.



Can I use Carecredit to purchase?


Kimberly Fry



Amanda Grant

My daughter has a preemie who was born 3 months early he was born at 27 weeks. We’re thinking about getting the Owlet, he comes home in a couple of weeks. She’s a first-time mum, i feel the Owlet will be helpful with her being at home with her new bundle of love.


Hi Arlen, you should be able to submit your reimbursement under the category “Baby Care”, subcategory description “Baby Home & Mobility”, with finest category description “Baby Safety Devices”. It may also depend on your FSA provider so the best bet is to reach out to their support team for assistance. Hope that helps!



Any idea what FSA reimbursement category is the appropriate one? Our company does not use the FSA card so I have to request it manually, and the first attempt got rejected. I’m trying to figure out whether it is “FSA eligible” under a particular category or not. Can you help?


Hi Amanda, we don’t have bigger sizes but we can let our team know about your interest!



My daughter has health issues, and I am constantly getting up to check on her all night but she is 8 years old. Do you make this in a bigger size? Email me


Natalie Rosales

Qvc or Hsn in easy pay…grandparents would buy these in a heartbeat for their grandbabies


Hi Dinah! The way the technology works, each child will need their own separate and complete Smart Sock set up. Send our team an email at contact@owletcare.com for more information on how this works!


Dinah Ybarra

What do you have available for twins?


Sakina Ali

How do I find the foundations support? My daughter has Trisomy 18 and she will be discharged from the hospital soon. Me and my husband will love nothing more to have this to monitor her at home.


Hi Sammi, you’ll need to reach out to your provider to see why they denied the claim. We have received approval through SIGIS for the bundle and the Smart Sock purchase to be purchased with FSA funds so we’re not sure why this would have happened. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at contact@owletcare.com if you have any questions.



I got denied with my FSA claims for purchasing the Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Complete Baby Monitor System, is there anything specific I should have selected (for example, type of claim)?


Hi Lydia, we haven’t run into this before. You may want to reach out to your provider to see if there’s a way you could submit a reimbursement as Owlet doesn’t currently have a process in place to bill HSA companies.


Lydia Coffman

Hi. Our HSA requires companies to bill it directly. We don’t have a card. Have you ever run across this type of payment process?


Tammy Saunders

I think having bigger sizes would be great. My grandson is 11 months, born 8 weeks early, 9 surgeries, and ended up trechitomy. He has a pulse ox machine for hours for the rest of his life. Bigger socks would be a nice addition to this. You have a huge market out there.


Hi Betsi, the fabric socks can be purchased separately on our website here: https://owletcare.com/collections/owlet

If you have the original version of the fabric sock, we’ll send you the updated socks for free! Call our team at (844) 334-5330 and they’ll get those sent out to you.


Betsi Stovall

If I already have a monitor, can I purchase just the sock separately?


Hi Courtney, you should be able to purchase from one of our verified retailers (like BuyBuyBaby) anywhere the Smart Sock is available.


Courtney S

To use my HSA do i have to purchase the sock through Owlet or can I purchase through a retail store like buybuybaby? I have gift cards and would like to use those and then use my HSA to cover the rest


It should work but you may want to have him reach out to his HSA provider just to be sure.


Serena Marshall

If my daughter is on my health insurance can her father (who is on his own company plan) use his HSA to purchase


You should look at filing an EEO complaint if this is the case.


Hi Kathy! The way the technology works, each child would need their own separate and complete Owlet Smart Sock unit.



My daughter is expecting twins. Would I have to buy two units or simple additional socks. ??



I found out I was pregnant 8wks and I just got fired from my job with no explanation I would love to have a owl let


Oh no! Thanks for the feedback! If you give our team a call at (844) 334-5330, they should be able to help provide a discount for you.


Danielle Petersen

There is currently an alarm that goes off on the phone and base but I think there needs to be an alarm on the unit itself. I spent $300 & a week after we brought my daughter home from the NICU my 2 year old got ahold of the sock and we still have yet to find it. I wish I could hit something on the app or phone that would make a beeping noise at the very least. I was getting alerts that the battery was dying but never found the sock. Now I have to spend another $139 for the sensor and buy a new size 1 sock also.


Check with your Dr. They have medical grade equipment that does this same thing and can be billed to insurance if he qualifies.


Hi Amanda, have you been able to connect with one of our tech support team? They’d love to help if you give them a call at (844) 334-5330! While Connected Care is available by subscription, it’s not necessary to use and enjoy your Smart Sock. You can use the free Owlet App to view the live readings and receive notifications.



If you want to make things affordable why do you charge for your app? The app is not user friendly at all and quite frankly after paying so much for this product, it should be free. When you buy a Fitbit (which takes more accurate readings) the app is free included with your purchase.

Your base station almost never stays connected to wifi. The sock always “loses placement” with children that move a lot…

After having this product for a month trying to give it my best shot, Im fed up with it. It’s definitely not worth the cost, especially now that you want money for the app.

I would not recommend this product. Great concept, but highly under developed for the technology market today.


Karen Johnson

Buying this for my upcoming grandson in October.


mickey helms

My daughter has a 2 week old and suffers from anxiety because a dear family friend lost her 2 month old to SIDS. She needs an owlet for some piece of mind.


mickey helms

I need to get one of these fore my daughter, someone very dear to our family lost their 2month old son to SIDS last year, now my daughter has a two week old and she doesnt get a good rest because she has anxiety over this worrying about our lil baby.


Stephanie Brumley

Every foundation I have looked into has an age limit in order to qualify. We are in the process of finalizing the adoption on My son we’ve had since he was 3 weeks old. He’s now 8 months old diagnosed with sleep apnea and his oxygen levels drop so low when he sleeps they want to do surgery and start him on oxygen. I’m trying everything I know to do for him, but I now feel helpless. Is there any foundation that can help me get this sock for my son?



Es algo muy especial para alludar a la segurida de los bebes


Hi Katie, it’s not likely that insurance would cover the cost but make sure to check with your insurance provider to make sure!


Whoa! Thanks for sharing! The Smart Sock isn’t a medical device so it’s not likely it will count towards a deductible but make sure to check with your medical provider to make sure!


Katie Stanford

Is there anyway insurance would cover some of the price? I’m a brand new mom and I have never been so paranoid in my life but there’s no way I can afford this alone



Working in a children’s ER, I have seen the owlet save a life. Kept alarming, parents brought in and newborn was have numerous apnea spells with desaturations. We ended up intubating the baby. Sold me in that moment. My only question does this go towards my deductible?


Courtney, we are so sorry to hear about your brother and the Owlet Team offers our sincerest condolences. Please send our team an email at contact@owletcare.com and we’ll tell you more!



I lost my little brother Zach to SIDS in 2009 and now that I’m a new/first time mom this terrifies me. I don’t have an FSA and we are a single income family. Is there any way I could get information on some of the foundations?


Hi Dani! A FSA or HSA is a Flex Savings or Health Savings Account that’s usually provided through your insurance to use for qualified medical expenses. Our team would love to answer any questions you may have, feel free to send them an email to contact@owletcare.com or to call us at (844) 334-5330.


Dani Davies

What is an fsa or an had can’t say I’ve ever heard of it. Tempted to buy my new grandson 1 as my son in law is the most paranoid person I have ever met, although this is his 1st an last. My daughter has an 8yr old daughter an we had never heard of this, not even in the nicu where I work.


Any help on Nashville area


Hi Shanan! We don’t have plans for larger sock sizes right now but we can definitely pass your interest in this along to our development team!



I bought 2 owlet monitors for each grandchild. Still waiting for granddaughter’s birthday but have piece of mind when grandson using it.



Are there any plans to make any larger socks? I need something like this for my almost 2 year old… She is small so it would probably fit right now but not for long. We are seriously trying to find something like this that will work for her.


Hi Harlie, we’re so sorry to hear your Owlet is giving you some troubles. Our team would definitely like to look into this for you, just give them a call at (844) 334-5330!


Hi Laura! Yes, it should still qualify!



I just bought the owlet sock2 monitor on Amazon. Will that still qualify with my FSA if I send them my receipt? Thanks



Hi. Our owlet is about a year old, and lately it’s been nothing but problems. Won’t connect and keeps saying it’s out of range when it’s in the same room as our son. Can support team help with this or are we going to have to buy a whole new one?


Hi Chelsea! You should be able to use his HSA without a problem. 🙂



Hello, I have a question. My Fiance has HSA but I am not on his plan since we are not married. Are we this still eligible to use his HSA card since this is his daughter even though she is not on his insurance since she is not born yet?



Hi, I have CareCredit. That might be a good way to offer to pay for this product .


Hi! It’s not likely but be sure to reach out to your health provider to see if they would allow it!



If FSAs cover the Owlet, are they tax deductible???


Hi! It’s highly unlikely that your insurance would cover the cost as the Owlet is not a medical device but you could reach out to your provider to see what they say!



Can my insurance get me one


Hi Tiffany! Currently, the Owlet Smart Sock 2 and mobile application are not optimized for use with twins. Two separate full Owlet Monitors and two separate mobile app accounts are required to monitor and view both twins at the same time. With two app accounts, you could either log into both babies’ accounts through two different mobile devices simultaneously or if only one mobile device is housing the app, you would need to log out of one twin’s account and then log into the other. We are working on making the app more user-friendly to multiples, though, so make sure to keep an eye out for this in the future!


Hi! We don’t have a buy back program but we can pass your interest along to our team!


Hi Becky! You can read more about them here: https://owletcare.com/pages/our-mission



What Foundations can be used to help get an owlet?


Do u buy then back?



We have owlets for our twins, however I cannot link both owlets to the same app. Is there a way to do this that I’m not seeing?


Hi Amanda! You can find more about the different foundations we work with here: https://owletcare.com/pages/our-mission



We will be fostering a baby boy that is to be born in the next week or so. We cannot afford to pay for another owlet (have one for my special needs 9mo old right now). What are some of the foundations we can apply to? Who knows how much prenatal care the mother received. Thanks!


Hey Taryn! Some cards aren’t going through but we’re actively trying to figure out what’s going on. While you can submit for a reimbursement, we would like to see which providers are having difficulties going through. Can you send our team an email to contact@owletcare.com with which card type (Visa or Mastercard) and the provider of your HSA?



I just tried to purchase with my HSA card and the card wouldn’t go through. I know that there’s still plenty of money left in the account to cover this. Have you had any trouble with certain provider’s accounts not allowing transactions?


Hi Allison! Right now, you can’t split the cost but you can ask your HSA provider if they would do a partial reimbursement.



Can you pay some on your hsa debit card and some on your personal card? I only have a little bit left on my hsa debit card.


Hi Michael! We’ve had a few cards be declined at checkout but you can still submit for a reimbursement. If you need further information, let us know here and we’ll get that sent to you. We’re actively trying to find a solution for this. What type of card do you have (Visa or Mastercard?).



Hi! I want to get this for my daughter, but my FSA card is getting declined (Zenefits). Do i need to have a specifc FSA or submit something to the IRS?


Hi Kate! Most likely not but we’d recommend talking to your tax professional to be sure.



Is the cost of the owlet tax deductible?



Are there a list of foundations we can apply to? I’m expecting my first child in March and she has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. We are a low income family. Hoping this can be covered by insurance eventually:)


Hi Kim! With the nature of pulse oximetry, you would need to buy an individual Owlet for each child. Our team is working on a fix for viewing multiple babies in the app, though! However, regardless of which baby profile is open, you’ll still receive push notifications from the other profiles. The base stations will also continue to function as the primary notification system (meaning they’ll notify you if you don’t have the app open or even if you don’t have the app). We hope that helps!


Hi Terra! This isn’t currently an option.


Terra Nielsen

Hi. I put an owlet on my amazon registry and it qualifies for the 15% completion discount, however my friends and family got owletcare gift cards at my shower. Can I somehow get a 15% from owlet to use my gift cards but get my amazon price???



I saw a post about a quote for triplets I had previously gotten a hold the islet team and said they don’t offer this as a triple thing bc u would have to individually buy each unit idk who has 7-800$ to individually buy them and then also have to have 3 diff devices to run it otherwise u have to sign in and out which then u wouldn’t be able to keep track of your baby.. is this something that’s been worked on or is this still the same and u have to buy individual units??



Hi I have a baby boy and he has healthy issues my doctor recommended this but we don’t have the money for it is there anyway I could get help with getting one.


Britney Duston

Thank you!


We sent you an email! Make sure to check it out!


That isn’t an option right now but you can submit for a reimbursement.


This is not an option right now but you could use Affirm to purchase and then submit for a reimbursement.


Hi Britney! There are no stipulations except that it needs to be used for the health and not dependent part of your FSA.



Are there any stipulations that make this an approved purchase with an HSA? For example, does it need to be suggested/prescribed by a doctor or need to be used for any certain illness or medical condition? Or is it where anyone for any reason who buys it can use their HSA or FSA? Thanks so much!!



How can I get financial assistance for my purchase? We are a one income household with no insurance and don’t qualify for affirm.



Can you use an HSA card to make the 12 month of payments?


Carly Pigg

I am on the monthly payment plan for the Owlet. Can I replace my credit card info with my FSA card information to make the remaining payments?


Hi Shana! Reimbursements can be filed for purchases made within the calendar year. 🙂


Yes, it is. 🙂



is this considered an acceptable purchase when using HSA? I know HSA/insurance does not always cover certain purchases when using HSA.


Shana Sharp

Hello! I bought an Owlet in August. Can I file a claim with my medical Flexible Spending Account now to be reimbursed for that?



I am a foster mom who takes drug exposed newborns. Therefore, I am not their insurer, and no HSA applies, and of course the county won’t reimburse me for anything like this. Is there a list of foundations I can apply to? I applied to one that I saw online, but all I seemed to accomplish was more facebook ads, and no response to my application.


Hi Amber! At this time, it’s highly unlikely that your insurance would cover the cost. However, in the post above, we have a few suggestions that may help. Best wishes from the Owlet Team!


Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline on when this would be.



Do you know when you should hear back about insurance possibly covering some/all of it? Our baby is due in February and I plan on getting one, but I’d rather wait if it could go towards our deductible. 🙂



I would like to get one of these for my son who is in the nicu born at 23 weeks it would give me some piece of mind but I can’t afford it can my insurance pay or it or how can I go about getting one?


You can definitely seek a reimbursement, Alex!





I bought the sock in May. Can I file a claim against my HSA to be reimbursed?



I purchase an owlet sock and base 6 weeks ago – can I use HSA funds to self-reimburse for that, or is this only for new purchases?


Hey Steff! Send our team an email to contact@owletcare.com or give them a call at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MT and they’ll look into this for you.



could we please get a rate on triplets due end of oct price