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Essential Items for Your Newborn Baby

April 13, 2018

There is no shortage of options when it comes to products for babies. With so many products and different versions of products to choose from, it can be difficult to sort through it all and focus on products you really need, as opposed to products that are more of a convenience or luxury. To help you prioritize your list, here are some essential items for your newborn baby.

  • Safe Car Seat

Did you know that car seats have expiration dates? I didn’t until I was pregnant. While it may be tempting to go second-hand with a car seat because of the price tag, investing in a reliable and sturdy car seat can be a lifesaving decision. Don’t forget to research how to install it properly, and have it inspected by a car seat installation technician.

  • Cradle or Bassinet

The newborn phase is often called the 4th trimester because babies are changing and developing so quickly as they adapt to life outside the womb. It’s very important that babies stay close to their mothers during this time to help the transition, so purchasing a cradle or bassinet to use during this time is important before moving them to their own room. Even adults have a hard time moving or adjusting to change, so it would make sense that a tiny baby would also find it difficult to adjust from being in a warm, cozy, familiar environment to a colder, open, louder environment. Having a bassinet in your room will make night-time feedings much easier, also, and allow you to bond with your baby as you learn his/her sounds, movements, and emotions.

  • Swaddle blankets

Similar to the logic behind a cradle or bassinet, newborn babies love to be swaddled up tight and held close. Stretchy, soft swaddle blankets help calm and comfort your baby when he/she is distressed. They are also helpful for tummy time and using as a burp-rag in a pinch. Swaddle blankets made out of muslin fabric have grown in popularity for their stretchiness and comfort.

  • Baby carrier

Across all cultures and around the globe, women have relied on baby carriers to help them complete their tasks while keeping baby close. When a newborn baby wants to be held close but there is work to be done, a baby carrier is the solution. There are so many brands and styles to choose from, and you can often find baby carrier groups where you can try out different styles that work for you. I personally used both a wrap and a more-structured carrier, and they are an absolute necessity.

  • Stroller

A stroller is also a must-have to navigate outings with a baby. From malls, zoos, airports, etc. a new mom would quickly wear herself out carrying her baby as well as a diaper bag and all equipment for long periods of time. A jogging stroller,specifically, has been my must-have. It is a smoother ride, can go on a variety of terrain, and is very agile when steering.

  • Baby Monitor

Being a new parent, you will find that bringing home a tiny baby can be a little overwhelming. Many parents enjoy using a baby monitor to help ease their minds and bring peace of mind, especially when nap time or night time comes around. With the increase in baby tech, the baby monitor options are endless.

What were your newborn must-haves?

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