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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, and sometimes it’s hard to know what gift is the best gift for your favorite dad. Have no fear… we’re here with our new and improved 2017 Father’s Day gift guide with ten great Father’s Day gift ideas.

Birchbox Man Subscription
This is a fun way to let your guy experiment with four grooming samples and one lifestyle product per month. The best part? You can cancel anytime.

Traeger Grill
A Traeger grill is a great present for the griller in your life. I like that there are various grills that fit various price points, so you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to buy one.

Desk Top/Night Stand Valet
This unique, yet practical gift can also be personalized. Win. Plus, shopping small always feels good. Win-win.

Nintendo Switch
While the Switch is not the easiest gift to find, there are a couple of shops that are offering it at the initial price. If you’re willing to hunt a little, you can find one for the new MSRP, which will save you some serious money.

Fisher Space Pen
This pen writes at any angle, even in zero gravity. Not only is it a nice looking and functional pen, it’s affordable as well. And if your guy is into office supplies and/or technology, this could be a winner.

Dollar Shave Club Membership
This membership is a great idea for any beardy guy who likes nice shaving products. Choose the razor, length of time between deliveries and even what gift-wrap you’d like.

Best. Dad. Ever. Shirt
This shirt could be fun gift to your guy from your kids. Plus, it’s super affordable.

Leatherman Super Tool 300
This tool is the tool of all tools. It includes pliers, wire cutters, knives, a ruler, bottle opener, can opener, and a whole lot more. A nice addition to any dad’s tool collection.

Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments 
This fun book incorporates chemistry, biology and physics to create fun experiments with easy-to-follow instructions. It’s a great way to create some fun family time.

Because what dad wouldn’t want a little extra peace of mind?


We hope you’ve found some good options for Father’s Day. For even more Father’s Day gift ideas, you can check out the following:


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Trez Owen

Heard it was an awesome product! Would love to have it for my daughter who is due in October! ❤️


Trez Owen

First time Father! Would be awesome!!