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February Supporter Update

March 4, 2015

Photo Feb 22, 23 23 09

February Update

Amazing Supporters,

We wanted to send a quick update to let you know we are still cranking away on your product. Here are some of the details at a glance:

1) Shipping information
2) We will be presenting at SXSW Impact Pediatric Health Event
3) More Than Just A Gadget– The Owlet Vision

Shipping Details:

Sorry the update is a few days late! We wanted to wait until we had worked out our shipping timeline before we sent you any updates, so we put off sending this for a few days. We are excited to announce that the first batch of pre-orders are going to go out late this month and the last batch of pre-orders are going out in May! More specific details about shipping are coming in the next week or so. Keep an eye out for that email!Because you are our closest supporters we wanted to let you know that after March we are going to close pre-orders and ship the product on an “invite only” basis. So if you have supported us this far, consider it a big thank you to get the product so early.

South By Southwest (SXSW)

If you are going to be at SXSW this year, be sure to come watch us present at the Impact Pediatric Health Event. Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, as well as our nation’s top children’s hospitals and partners from TEDMED will be present at the event. This goes in line with our desire at Owlet to make a second version of the Owlet Monitor that is a hospital grade monitor that could potentially save lives. As you know, our current monitor is not a medical device. Meeting with other minds that are passionate about infant health is very exciting! Watch the video below on the Owlet vision for the future to learn more.


More Than Just A Gadget- The Owlet Vision

Before Owlet, our founders created products ranging from a UV light cellphone sanitizer, to an electronic abacus, to a disposable camping toilet, to orientation sensors for the military. We look at these past products and view them as “gadgets”; they are fun, but they never really did anything to impact someone’s life. We have been working on building Owlet for two years now and it is more than just another consumer gadget for us. This is our passion. This vision is why we turned down high paying jobs and it is why we work crazy long hours. We see a future where every infant wears a health monitor and life is greatly improved for both parents and infants. Check out this video we made about our vision for the future.


More From Around the Office

Behind the scenes of our video shoot for a product setup/education video we just made. Here is a sneak peak of that video.


Photo Feb 11, 16 52 56Michael (left) and Westin (right) making magic happen!

Photo Feb 11, 16 25 29Renee and her super cute daughter. Thanks Renee for letting us film at your house!!

The funnest part of working at Owlet is that not only are babies allowed, they are wanted! Here is one of me and my son James.


Photo Feb 19, 17 16 36

That is all for this month! Thanks so much for being partners with us to create a brighter future!



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Jordan Monroe

Jordan is a co-founder and lead experience designer at Owlet. He is the proud parent of a smiley little boy named James and a 5 lb. chorkie named Marley. Part scientist-part dreamer, Jordan loves working on making the Owlet Vision a reality (I promise they didn't pay me to say that).

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