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The Final Countdown – To-do List For the Final Weeks

February 10, 2018

It’s so exciting to FINALLY enter the third trimester, but it many women attest that it tends to drag on and on. The anticipation of the big day can make time stand still, but there is a lot to be done before baby arrives. Here are some ways to stay busy and get prepared during those final weeks of pregnancy.

Get everything set-up for baby

If you haven’t already, make sure baby’s sleeping place is ready, and that the car seat is installed correctly. If you’re unsure, take it to a child passenger safety (CPS) technician who can check it for you and teach you how to do it correctly.

Prioritize yourself

That little baby is going to demand a lot of attention, so use these last few weeks to prioritize yourself. Get a pedicure, sleep as much as possible, blast music in the car, go out with friends – do things that make you happy and treat yourself.

Stay Hydrated

Especially since you don’t know when the big day will come, it’s so important to stay hydrated. Labor is demanding and exhausting, and in order to be properly hydrated for it you need to be drinking enough water days in advance, so always be sipping on some. Your body is pumping extra blood in order to take care of that baby, supply amniotic fluid, and maintain important body processes so make sure you are drinking enough water.

Stay active

As long as your doctor has given you the okay, keep exercising through the third trimester. Staying active can help you sleep better, help with digestion, and can even help with an easier labor. Walking, prenatal yoga, and swimming are fantastic third trimester workouts.

Get maternity pictures

You may not love it now, but you may look back at pictures and miss that big baby bump. Seeing pictures will make you reminisce about the miracle of pregnancy and the incredible experiences of feeling baby kick, seeing baby on the ultrasound, and all that your body went through for that perfect baby you now hold in your arms. You won’t regret getting maternity pictures taken.

Attend a breastfeeding class

Hands down one of the best things I did to prepare myself for motherhood was attend a breastfeeding class. I learned so much I would’ve struggled to learn on my own, and it prepared me for success. Most hospitals offer them and some are run by the community or local health department, so do a quick search and sign up for one.

Stock the pantry and freezer

Don’t expect to be ready to go shopping for a while after baby is born, so keep your kitchen stocked during those last few weeks to make sure you’ll have plenty when it’s time to come home from the hospital. Making freezer meals for easy dinners and buying lots of your favorite snacks to have on hand will be so helpful during recovery.

Watch for labor signs

Lastly, make sure you’re aware of the signs of labor and are paying attention to your body. Now is the time to track contractions, baby movements, and pain to make sure all is well with you and baby. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor with any concerns you have. Pack your hospital bag well in advance and have a tentative birth plan in place so that if the day comes earlier than expected, you are ready.

What did you do to pass the time during your last weeks of pregnancy?

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