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Finding the Best Maternity Jeans for Your Body

February 27, 2018

Not all maternity jeans are created equal. And the finding the best maternity jeans for your body can be tricky. So, today, I’m sharing a few brands and styles that you’ll (hopefully) love. Let’s get started…

If You’re Vertically Challenged

Picture this: you’ve been on a long search for the perfect maternity jeans. And you’ve finally found the pair of your dreams that also fits into your budget. The problem? They’re about six inches too long. Now, you can always go get them hemmed, but that’s kind of a pain. So, what can you do? Find styles and brands that give you multiple inseam options, like these or these. Another solution is to look for cropped jeans, because they’ll most likely end up hitting you right at the ankle. I like this cropped option and this one too. Alternatively, look for brands that provide solely petite styles, as the inseam will be shorter and designed for your more diminutive frame. ASOS is my favorite go-to brand for exclusively petite styles.

If You Have Legs for Days

When it comes to maternity jeans, being tall can be just as tough as being short. Unless you want to rock a cropped jean literally all of the time. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Luckily, a lot of the same principles apply for both petite and tall maternity jeans. Look for brands that have multiple inseam options, and those that have exclusively tall lines. And H&M’s maternity jeans tend to run super long, so that is definitely a store you’ll want to check out.

If You’re Curvy

The reality is that most of us don’t look like the maternity models we see online. And carrying a baby affects our bodies in different ways. Some of us gain a lot of weight, and others a little weight. Some of us will retain more water and be more swollen, and others won’t. So finding the perfect maternity jeans that help you feel your best is a great way to embrace your beautiful body. Look for stores that have lines created exclusively for curvier bodies, like Motherhood Maternity, or lines that have an array of sizes, like Old Navy and H&M. You’ll be delighted by all of the options, I promise!

What are some of your favorite places to find great maternity jeans? 

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