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Cool Features You Didn’t Know About Owlet Smart Sock

March 31, 2020

If using clinically-proven technology to watch over your little one isn’t cool enough, we added in some extra features to your Owlet that you might not know about! Check them out below:

The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—the best indication of baby’s health—while they sleep.

Dim the Base Station Light

If the light from the Base Station is keeping you or your baby up, you can dim the light to a softer glow! You’ll still see the changing colors from notifications, just with less light than the default mode. For instructions visit this page.


Turn off Smart Sock Electronics

Save battery life by turning the Smart Sock off when you’re not using it! Just touch the Smart Sock to the top of the Base Station and the Sock Electronics will shut down. To turn the Smart Sock back on just plug it into the Base Station!



Adjust Base Station Notification Sensitivity and Volume

To adjust the volume on the Base Station or adjust the sensitivity of blue or yellow notifications, go to Account tab in the app > Smart Sock and scroll to the Notification Sensitivity Section. You can adjust the notification sensitivity for yellow and blue notifications from the default to low or sound off, and you’ll still receive notifications on your phone so you can stay in the loop. Keep in mind that red notification preferences cannot be changed.


Smartphone Compatible – View Live Readings

You can view your baby’s live readings from anywhere with your smartphone! If you’re at work or at the store, but still want to check on your baby, just open up the app. You’ll be able to see baby’s heart rate and oxygen.

Owlet is compatible with devices running iOS 8 and higher and Android devices running Android 4.4 (KITKAT) or higher. Pair the Smart Sock with the new Owlet Cam so you can track both your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while streaming 1080p HD video and sound directly to your phone. It’s the most comprehensive baby monitoring system.

Interested in learning more? Visit our blog post on what we think are the best baby monitors.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Owlet’s feature set! If you don’t already have an Owlet visit our Order Now page and join the Owlet family today!

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The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—the best indication of baby’s health—while they sleep.

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196 thoughts on “Cool Features You Didn’t Know About Owlet Smart Sock


Hi there! Connect with technical support at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll help troubleshoot this with you.



The sock was on properly and I could see the reading on my phone. However, the tracker app does not have any data. My station is connected as I got a notification to charge my sock 12 hours later.


Absolutely! As long as your Owlet devices are connected to WiFi, you can be anywhere with an internet connection and check in on your little one.


Caitlyn Smith

I have a quick question. When I go back to work will I be able to check on my baby through the app at anytime and anywhere?


Hi Brookelyn, false red notifications are usually connected to the sock fit or placement. Take a look at how the sock is placed and you can even send pictures to our team via chat in the Owlet app for assistance!


Brookelyn Crumley

The red alarm went off for the first Time and I dismissed it on my phone after I took care of my baby but the alarm kept going off so I shut it off at the station but that messed with the reading on my phone. What am I suppose to do when the alarm goes off and baby is fine, if this happens again?



Red alarm of low oxygen but the graph won’t show any details


Hi Nicole, the graph shows you the 10-minute average so that’s what you’re seeing. The Smart Sock is not able to provide a reading when your little one is wiggling.



Say the baby is wiggling so there’s no number being shown it just says “wiggling” at 830.. but if you go back to the graph for 8:30 it will give you a number reading.. does the Owlet still pick up a reading when the baby is wiggling but just not show it in the moment but show it Later on in that graph?


Hi Hannah! You can try testing it out on another baby!



I have the owlet set up, but wondering if there Is a way to test it out to make sure it’s working before baby is born?


Hi Justin, to receive notifications on your phone, you will need the sound turned on and up but you’ll always receive notifications via the base station.



Is there an alert on silent feature?


Hi Adam, there isn’t any kind of locator but you can know if it’s out of range if the sensor is on and you move the base station around.



I cannot find the sock portion. Is there a way to locate it?


Hi Ashley, just call our team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll help you right out.


Hi Emily, our team can definitely look into this for you. Just call our team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST with your proof of purchase (if purchased from anywhere besides our website) and they’ll help you out!



Same exact problem as posts below. I purchased my owlet 6 months ago. Within the last 2 weeks my owlet has been going off saying it’s low on battery (even though it has been charging all day). Tonight, our owlet was at 6% despite charging all day. Whenever we plug it in we listen for the “sound” to make sure it is connected. The first few times I thought we maybe didn’t have it plugged in all the way, but now I known that is not the case. Has anyone else have been having these issues? My owlet should still be under warranty, correct? What steps should I take next?


Ashley Vasquez

We have had our owlet a month and a half and it won’t charge anymore


Hi Maja, please reach out to our team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST. They’d love to help!


No, the base station will always send you notifications regardless of the app.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST. They’d be happy to help troubleshoot with you!



I purchased my owlet 11 months ago. Within the last 2 weeks my owlet has been going off saying it’s low on battery (even though it has been charging all day). Tonight, our owlet was at 0% despite charging all day. Whenever we plug it in we listen for the “sound” to make sure it is connected. The first few times I thought we maybe didn’t have it plugged in all the way, but now I known that is not the case. Has anyone else have been having these issues? My owlet should still be under warranty, correct? What steps should I take next?



Mine did this last night too for 40 minutes. Does this mean if during that period my baby’s heart rate dropped it wouldn’t have alerted me?



My owelet alarms every night at 530 AM. It’s very scary and my kid is always fine. Everything is fine with the sock. Its always on him




Hey Brittney, just reach out to technical support at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll look right into this for you!



our owlet sock will not charge past 16% though we have it plugged in all day while not in use. Is there anything we can do to troubleshoot?



But will the base still work and alert you through the base if you’re on do not disturb? Just the app itself won’t alert you?


Hi Ron, the preset thresholds are as follows- heart rate: 60-220 bpm and oxygen: 80-100%.


Ron R.

We just purchased an Owlet Sock 2, but was wondering what the parameters are for SP02 and Heart Rate. Our son has heart condition and naturally has low SPO2. We don’t want it alarming for no reason knowing full well that his “normal” may not be the average newborn’s “normal” range. Please advise.


Absolutely! The sock and base connect via Bluetooth and you’ll receive notifications from the base if you don’t have WiFi.


Michael Stokes

We just purchased an owlet but do not have wifi yet. Can we use the sock and base station as a monitor without the app and wifi?


Hey Gentri, our team would be happy to help you out. Please reach out at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST for assistance.



The app has kicked me off and now won’t allow me to log back in to my account. I have tried to reset my password but never get an email. Everything I try, it tells me the session has timed out. I have even tried to delete the app and download it again. Nothing works


Oh no! Please reach out to our tech support team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll take a look into this for you!


That’s definitely strange, Bailey! Please reach out to our technical support team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll look right into this for you!



I set up the owlet cam and then tried to set up the owlet sock and then once connected it kicked my cam off the app?



I have had my owlet for a year or so and had to replace the sensor due to my dog chewing up our first one. The second sensor was only used for a couple months. We now have a newborn and I have been trying for 2 weeks unsuccessfully to get a reading on my owlet. I get constant yellow notifications even though I know I have the correct size sock, and the correct sock placement. What is the issue?


Hi Alexis, thanks for your question! The base station must be connected to a compatible WiFi router for you to use the apps but you can access the app to view the live readings or history via any internet connection.



Katie, did you end up finding a solution to this problem or did you have to get a new sensor? I’m having the exact same problem. Bub’s been unmonitored for a week now coz I can’t afford to buy a new sensor, and he’s at risk of airway obstructions due to a brain injury 🙁


Alexis Neumann

Would a WiFi hotspot work for the care app to read the health information?


Amanda, thanks for reaching out with your questions. It’s most likely that when you remove the sock, your app is showing the most recent reading when it was on your little one. This is because it’s sensing motion and trying to get a reading again (or your own reading). A new session will start once the base station has been off for at least 30 minutes. That is why you are not seeing different sessions.


Amanda Bergeron

I am new to the owlet sock! I was wondering how I see live readings on the app, and also wondering if I remove the sock and place it back on my daughters foot does that start a new session. When I look at the app it still says current session


Hi Tiffany, you will need the app open or running in the background with your volume turned on and up to receive notifications. You can not place it on do not disturb and receive notifications.


Hi Desiray, the “Hush Little Baby” tune is only for the yellow or blue notifications (indicating the sock fell off or there was a disconnection). There is currently no way to change the tune. You can hear what each notification sounds like here: https://blog.owletcare.com/what-do-owlet-notifications-sound-like/


Hey Manny, our technical support team would love to look into this for you if you could give them a call at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST.


Tiffany M

Will the app still alert me on my phone if my iPhone is on do not disturb at night?


Janelle Haggerty

It says a day here is 12am to 11:59pm (you can adjust this in the account tab)

This is what I want to change, the time frame for the 24 hour period,



How do I change the alarm sound from “hush little baby” to something else. It does not wake me and is actually really morbid that it would play that song while your baby is struggling to breathe



We bought smart sock recently and have been using this without the app and following the colour indications. no problem.
but when we tried to connect it to the wifi and to the Samsung phone, this thing does not connect.

when the small button is pressed as directed, it says can not detect any device.

it shows an owlet wifi when you are on select your device screen. but when you select that shown device, it just blinks off and reappears. nothing happens more.

don’t know what to do.


Janelle Haggerty

It says a day here is 12am to 11:59pm (you can adjust this in the account tab)

This is what I want to change, the time frame for the 24 hour period,


Hi Janelle, you can only scroll through the 24 hour period.


Janelle Haggerty

How do I change the time period for the history tab. It says it can be done under the account tab but I do not see how I change the 24 hour period.


Hi Tara, thanks for reaching out. We recommend keeping the sock plugged in when not in use so that it’s ready to go for the next nap or bedtime. Keeping it on or turning it off won’t harm it but you may have damaged the charging port or the cord. We offer a 1-year warranty on all verified purchases so make sure to give our team a call at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST for assistance.


Hi Kayla, if the base station is not connected to WiFi, you won’t be able to see any readings (current or historical) during that time.



I received a red alert last night but during that time my app said searching for base station. Is there anyway to see what the red alert was for this morning?



I too have had the sock for 2 months and is now malfunctioned with the charging. Does turning it off during the day mess with the battery life? I was doing it per this article, and now see a lot of other people’s questions where there’s is having the same issue after about 2 months. Also, if the replacement tears up after 2 months will it be replaced again? $300 is a lot for something to only work a couple of months!


Hi Janette, it sounds like you’re experiencing a lag with the data populating within the app. Try a power cycle by force closing the app and unplugging the base station for a few minutes. If that hasn’t resolved the problem, please call our team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST so they can troubleshoot with you.


Hi Mackinzie, the Smart Sock is not designed to be used while traveling in the car as motion can interfere with the Smart Sock’s ability to get a good reading. Additionally, a hotspot will not work as you will need a compatible router to connect to the base station.



When I go to graphs it shows the babys sleep pattern but will not show the heart rate pattern thru the night, nor the oxygen level thru the night. How do I fix this?


Mackinzie McClure

Can we use the sock and the app on my phone while traveling? I emailed last week and haven’t received a response. We are leaving Friday for an 8 hour drive and want to monitor or 3 week old via the app during that time. If not can I connect the base to my hotspot and it still work?


Hi Shai, you’ll want to run a power cycle.

1- Force close the app.
2. Unplug the base station for 3-5 minutes.
3. Plug it back in and open the app.

If that doesn’t seem to help, reach out to Customer Care at (844) 334-5330 so they can help assist you!


Shai Johnson

My app keeps stating “ app searching for based stations” it’s connected to wifi and I’m using the latest Owlet Care. What happened?


Hi Marissa, without a power source, the base station can’t function.


We lost power due to a bad storm. Any way I can use the owelet without power?


Hi Cassie, it just sounds like the base station wasn’t connected to WiFi. The sensor was still connected wirelessly to the base station, though. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at (844) 334-5330 if you need any assistance!



My sock didn’t monitor my daughter for 20 minutes last night there’s just nothing showing and I didn’t get any sort of notification. Why did this happen?


Hi Jess, it sounds like you may want to contact Customer Care at (844) 334-5330 so they can look into this for you. You can also reach them through the chat feature in the Owlet app 24/7.



The sock will no longer charge. I have unplugged and reset everything possible. I no longer get a notification when plugging and unplugging the sock and have no red blinking light. Any suggestions?


Hi Sarah, the Cam will only work on your phone or compatible tablet.


Hi Karlee, the yellow notification uses movement to detect if the sock has fallen off or is misplaced. It sounds like since you’re moving it around, it’s delaying the time in which the notification will sound. This may also happen if you place it on a soft surface or if you’ve recently adjusted the yellow notification sensitivity. Please keep in mind that the yellow notification uses a different algorithm than the red notification and you would receive a red notification the moment heart rate or oxygen level leave the preset zones.



I have used this for 2 months now and lately it is no longer picking up or alerting me of any issues…I used to get a yellow notification when taking the sock off because it was having trouble getting a reading, I can now take the sock off my son and wave it around in the air and it stays green as if everything is fine and doesn’t alert me that anything is wrong for at least 2 minutes. This worries me that if an alert was needed it wouldn’t pick up on it until 2 minutes after the alert was needed. I have tried resetting and reconnecting sock to base. Not really sure why it is no longer working.



Is there a way to pull the camera up on our computer, or can we only view on the phone?


Hi Hannah, Connected Care features will be available for Android devices within the coming months so make sure to keep an eye out!



Are you working on a connected care app for android? If not, are you looking into it? We would love one.


Hey Mike, as the Smart Sock is not a medical device, the thresholds are preset and nonadjustable. Hope your little one gets better soon!



We have a baby who has rsv and want to change the alert threshold for anoxia to 90% instead of 80% which is quite low. How do we do that?


Hi Emily, this sounds like something customer care would definitely like to look into for you. You can reach them at (844) 334-5330 and they’ll help troubleshoot with you.



I have received multiple notifications on my phone and then when I go to the app the app crashes and there is no notification there. My phone software is up-to-date and I have the newest software for the app as well. Is there anything else I could do?


Hi! You should be able to find this by going to account< My Owlet Devices< Smart Sock. If you need any help, our customer care team would love to help you out. You can reach them at (844) 334-5330 or by chat in the Owlet app.


Bryan Langbord

How come I can’t find any ability to alter base station preferences in the app?



Am I able to use my Phone data instead of wifi, we don’t have wifi at our home and I’ve just purshaced the Smart sock without looking weather you can use Mobile data from my phone instead of wifi if so how can I do that as it won’t let me in the app without a home wifi or my mothers hotshot.


Hi Candace, we don’t recommend using it as this may have damaged the electronics. Please connect with our team at (844) 334-5330 for any further assistance you may need.


Candace Campbell

My husband accidentally washed the sock inside of a pair of my sons pjs, if it seems to be working did it survive the tragedy? I’m worried as to whether or not I should trust it after being put through the washing machine.


Hi Melinda, thanks for reaching out with your questions! The Smart Sock’s sensor and base station connect wirelessly and will continue to function regardless of the app. The base station sends you notifications so you’ll still stay in the loop.


Melinda Shacklette

I was always getting up anytime my son would get quiet…. I wasn’t sleeping good at all. Then my friend told me about this! Total game changer!!!! My only thing is we don’t have home internet….we use our hotspot off both of our phones. This month we ran out of data early and now I’m worried ….does that mean there’s no using the sock? My cell phone provider won’t allow us to purchase more data so we have to wait another week until the phone bill is due. My question is does the phone that the app is on have to be ON ? AND does the phone have to have the data in order for the sock to work or will it still light up letting me know that everything is alright? I’d be very appreciative if someone could answer those 2 questions for me so I can sleep again at night. Thank you. Def. Recommend this product if you like peace of mind and want to be notified if something is wrong with your child that you could’ve help stop to keep them alive….GET THIS PRODUCT!!!!


Hi Kat, just call our team at (844) 334-5330 and they’ll look into this for you asap!



We have had the smart sock for 2 months and I connected it to the base to yesterday per usual to be charged during the day. When taking it off before bed it allerted my phone that it was low battery. We had to put the baby to bed without it last night as it would never charge—not even between 6pm and he midnight feeding. Has anyone had this happen before? Until now we haven’t had any issues. Please help! Thank you.


Hi Liz, it sounds like you may want to do a power cycle by following these steps-

1. Force close the app on all devices
2. Unplug the base station for 4-5 minutes
3. Plug it in and open the app

Try chatting with the tech support team through the chat feature in the Owlet app if that doesn’t work!


Liz B

We have a smart sock 2 and recently the Owlet app has been taking a long time to load my baby’s readings. Is there a different app we should be using or anyway to fix this so we can access the readings quicker?


Hi Theresa, you would need to get a completely new Smart Sock but you can easily add it in the new Owlet app.



I would like to get a second base station to keep at my babysitters, for her to use with my little one. Can you link a second base station to your baby’s owlet account in the app?


Hey Jarred, call tech support at (844) 334-5330 and they’ll look right into this for you!


You absolutely can! Just make sure it’s not too tight or uncomfortable for your little one.



Is it safe to a put a regular baby sock over the smart sock? I ask because it gets cold at night and I like to have my baby wear socks at night.


Jarred Hawkins

We purchased the Owlet cam separately from our Owlet sock (it wasn’t available yet). After pairing the camera to our Wifi, we can see in the room, but the readings are not showing up on the new app? We still receive regular readings on the old app, just not the new Owlet App that supports the Owlet Cam. We’ve even re-paired the sock and everything. How do we see the readings in the new app so we don’t have to go back and forth?


Hi Melinda, you can see sleep trends in the separate app called Connected Care.


Melinda Keeler Rose

How do I see trends in sleep? I want to see how much he is sleeping


Hey Kelsey, the base station needs a WiFi router to connect with. We do not recommend using the Smart Sock in a car as the movement could affect its ability to get a good reading. If you don’t have a WiFi connection, you can still use the Smart Sock but you won’t be able to use the app to see the live readings. Please reach out to our team at (844) 334-5330 if you have any questions!


Hey! Without a WiFi connection, you won’t be able to use the app to view the live readings. You’ll simply connect the sock sensor to the base station and use the base station to receive notifications. Connect the sensor to the base station using the instructions here: https://support.owletcare.com/hc/en-us/articles/207030083-Pairing-Your-New-Sock If you need any assistance, you can also reach out to tech support at (844) 334-5330.



How do you connect if you don’t have wifi?



Your sock works pretty good with WiFi hotspot?? We live in an area where we can’t get WiFi so we use our phones or pads. So I’m a little bummed abt the WiFi issue


Hi Shyla, while you will need a baby to get readings, you should be able to set everything up in preparation for the arrival of your little one. Additionally, make sure that the previous owner deletes their baby profile so you can get everything set up.


Hi Katie, call technical support at (844) 334-5330 and they’ll look right into this for you.



Our owlet sock won’t charge. We have had it for a few months with no issues but now when I plug the sock in to charge, it says sock charging complete. When I take the owlet to out on our baby it shows low battery and the owlet went to 0% and turned off.


Shyla Gould

I’m buying one that has been used before but they no longer use it due to an allergy. is there a way to test it before I buy it? my baby isnt born yet & the girl told me that we would have to connect it to a baby’s foot to get results.


Unfortunately, it would be a hardware adjustment that would need to happen that would adjust the Bluetooth distance.


Kelly Rose

My daughter is on medication to lower her heart rate. A HUGE thank you to Owlet for alerting us to the fact she was having frequent episodes of high heart rate. But it’s disappointing that now we will no longer be able to use the sock as her heart rate frequently dips to below 80 for a second at a time which means it will be alarming all night for something that is normal with her medication. I hope Owlet considers a function where the user can change the parameters in the future. Even if it’s something that needs to be done by tech support and not just on the app.


Hi Amanda, the thresholds are preset and nonadjustable.



Hi! Can you change the setting when you get an alert for o2 or heart rate? 80 for Oxygen is just a little to low. Wish I could get an alert if it goes below 85.


Travis & Kelly Cree

Any way of this ever changing? Distance from the base to the sock when she’s on our main floor isn’t a lot when you draw a straight line, but the walls and floors must be obstructing enough.


Hi Katie, call the Owlet Tech Support team at (844) 334-5330 and they’ll look into this for you.


Katie Gonzalez

Hi, when I originally purchased the owlet sock it had live readings on the app.. it has since updated and no more live readings and I only get updates hourly. How can I get the live readings back


Hi Alyssa, the base station and the sock sensor can get up to 100 feet apart. This distance will depend on the location of the rooms and the materials used to build your home so we’d recommend testing out different locations to see what works for your situation. 🙂



I just started using my Owlet yesterday and I’m a little confused on where the base station should be placed? If I read correctly, it sounded as if it needed to be close to the baby, but if he is in a different room I wouldn’t be able to see the colors on the base station. Also, not sure if the connection would reach seeing our room is upstairs and the baby’s room in downstairs. Please help with my confusion.


Hi Victoria, this is not a feature the Owlet Smart Sock provides.



Does this take baby’s temperature


Hi Joy! Yes, the base station does need to be plugged in while you are using it and also when it’s not in use so the sock sensor can charge.


Hi Alex, call the support team at (844) 334-5330 and they’ll look right into this for you!



Do you have to keep the base plugged in every time you use the sock?



My base station keeps turning off on its own. Why is it doing this.


Hi! Notifications will come through both your phone and the base station.



Do notifications only sound on your phone and not through the base station?


Hi Megan, the Smart Sock is a consumer device and does not allow the changing of thresholds.


Megan Campbell

Can you change the alarm settings to alarm at say oxygen saturation’s of 85% rather than 80%?


Hi Kelly, it sounds like you may want to check out the link for how to adjust the base station sensitivity here: https://support.owletcare.com/hc/en-us/articles/209614923-Adjust-Notification-Sensitivity

Our team would also be happy to help troubleshoot with you if you give them a call at (844) 334-5330!


Kelly Snyder

We have the owlet and really want to keep it on her but the base station is randomly playing lullabies (our daughter isn’t upset at this time) which is disrupting our sleep and potentially going to wake her up. Is there a way to turn that feature off?


Glen Stewart

After reading these comments I decided to try the owlet in the car. It seemed to work perfectly initially, but then I connected the base station to wifi and realised that the app showed that the baby was wiggling and was not showing readings. After reading further I realised that the slow pulsing green light means that the socks is EITHER taking good readings or sensing movement. In a car this movement is likely from the road not the baby. Therefore I believe the base station will be showing false notifications via the base station and I will not be using it again in the car…. Only in a stationary crib as advised.


Thanks for your question, Jess! The sock sensor can only be connected to one base station.



Can you use two bases for one sock?


Hi Brittany! The thresholds for the Owlet are as follow- heart rate: 60-220 bpm and oxygen: 80-100%. It doesn’t sound like it will work for your little one but the Owlet Team hopes you can find something that works for your situation!



My son has complete heart block. His heart rate is in the 40’s. We have tried other products but they don’t work because the lowest manual setting is 70 and it alarms constantly. Will the owlet work for him?


Hey Abby, you may want to contact our tech support team for assistance. You can reach them via the chat feature in the app or give them a call at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MT and they’ll look into this for you!



My owlet is not lasting more then 4 hours now? I charge it all day when it’s not being used. Is there something I can do to fix this?



I have found that ours works in the car when our baby is sleeping in the car seat which is really when we are worried about. We have a DC to AC convertor that we plug the base into and one of our cars has built in WI/FI. The other car we just use the hotspot on our phone as WI/FI and plug the phone in too to prevent battery drain.



For those reading this later on, YES, the Owlet can be used in the car. We spent about 20 hours in the car over 4 days, and had no trouble whatsoever. You need 1 thing to make it work, either a USB outlet in your car, or a USB adapter that can be plugged into your car. The base station uses a USB cable, so you just plug the base station in, and it connects to the Owlet sock. If you are lucky enough to have WiFi in your car, then you can connect to the Owlet app and have full functionality. However, it still works without WiFi, but you can’t check readings on the app. You just have to depend on the colors and alerts from the base station. We didn’t have any trouble due to the movement of the car. If you are travelling during daylight, you will likely need to put another sock over the Owlet or put a blanket over your baby’s feet to keep the sunlight out, as the Owlet has a hard time getting readings if the ambient light is too bright. The Owlet provided so much peace of mind during our trip!


Hi Danyele! This is something the Owlet Team is aware of and they’re looking into it. If you’d like, you can send an email to them at ios@owletcare.com.



My base station blinked red and I rushed in to babies room and he was smiling and laying there awake I didn’t get a phone notification however. I used to get them but now nothing. I was going to move base station in baby’s room since he is transitioned out of our room but now I am nervous, how can’t I get my phone notifications back


Hi Lee! That is correct. 🙂



Hello, does the owlet still operate even when you’re not connected to the app? Will it constantly read vitals as long as the sock is worn?


Hi Hailey! This feature isn’t available yet but it’s something we’re looking into! Additionally, we are launching Connected Care this summer which provides historical data tracking, red notifications information, sleep trends, and trend analysis in the palm of your hand. Sign-up for updates on when it becomes available here: http://www.owletcare.com/connected-care-sign-up


Hailey McMinn

When a red alarm goes off, does it save the number in history somewhere? Obviously, when the monitor goes off red, you don’t look at your phone… you run to the baby, so the only way you know what the cause was is by looking at the notice it puts on your home screen. Any way to look what the exact number was after the fact?



Hi Jen! We’re glad you asked! The Owlet takes a reading every second. We’d love to talk to you about this issue with your app. Could you please give our customer support team a call at (866) 348-1767 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MST?



How often does the Owlet monitor take readings of HR and Oxygen Sat? I notice that in order for it to update when I have the app open, I have to close the app (or hit back button) and then open back up to get the updated reading. Is that correct?


Hey Sidney! Our customer service team would love to help get your Owlet up and running! Can you give them a call at (866) 348-1767 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MST? Thanks!


Sidney McGinty

i have been useing my owlet for 6 months now and i love it! but for some reason my sock will not turn back on.. this is the second night it had happend. this morning it turned on but i had to turn the sock off it was fully charged at the time i turn it off how can i get it to work ive plugged it in and it just wont turn on or show it is charging


Kaci Hardin

It wouldn’t work in the car unless you have a power adapter.


No it won’t work in the car. The base station has to be plugged into an outlet and in order for the app to work the base station needs to be connected to wifi


Hi Miranda! Movement can affect the Owlet Monitor’s ability to get a reading. That’s why the Owlet was designed to be used when the baby is sleeping in his or her own sleep space, like their crib or bassinet.



I am very nervous in the car. On longer trips I find I am always pulling over to check on the baby to make sure he is breathing. We take 2 hour drives to visit the grandparents and I would love to have this but would like to know it works for in the car.


Hi Christy! We’re so happy to hear about your experience setting up! The Owlet does not come with a sound monitor but you’ll receive a notification through your phone and the Base Station if the oxygen levels or heart rate fall outside of a preset zone.



Hello! We just received the Owlet monitor in the mail today, and are using it for the first time tonight. Setup was so easy and straightforward!

The only question I had is whether or not the Owlet picks up sound as well as monitor vitals? When my baby is napping in her crib and we’re downstairs, or down the road when we move her to her own room, I want to be able to hear her when she wakes up.


Autumn Gill

Our baby is upstairs with the base station in her room. Our bedroom is downstairs. We use a regular sound baby monitor, as well as the app, to know what’s going on. I hear the alerts on the sound monitor before I ever hear them on my phone.



Hi Kara! That’s a great question. The app allows you to turn down the alert volume, but there is no way to turn off the alerts. You can see how to turn down the volume here: https://support.owletcare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203983569-How-Do-I-Adjust-The-Alert-Volume-On-My-Phone-. Please let us know if you have any other questions!



If grandma has baby and owlet can I turn alarms off on my phone and let it alert only grandma?


Hi Cindy! Thanks for reaching out to us! At this time, the Owlet thresholds are not adjustable. However, we are looking into something for the future where doctors can adjust the thresholds for circumstances like yours but we don’t have a timeline for when that would occur.



Hi there!
I wanted to see if it would be possible to adjust the heart rate and oxygen saturation ranges for the different alarms? My daughter has a congenital heart defect which naturally leaves her oxygen saturations lower than your average baby.



Hi Sylvia! The Owlet uses pulse oximetry which is very sensitive to movement, so the movement of a car can interfere with the Owlet’s ability to get a proper reading. The Owlet Monitor is designed to be used when the baby is sleeping in his or her own sleep space, like a crib or bassinet. Please let us know if you have any other questions!



Hi Megan! You can dim the light by following the directions here: https://support.owletcare.com/hc/en-us/articles/204627265-Dim-the-Base-Station-Main-Light Let us know if you have any other questions!


Sylvia Orozco-Vaca

Can Owlet be used while driving in the car?



Baby is in the room with me now but will be transitioning out so I’m practicing with the monitor before I’m really relying on it. The low static white brightness (while sock it charging)is perfect for sleeping. Is there anyway to get the pulsing green dimmer?

Amber Nielsen

Hi Kristen! The red notification is designed to alert when oxygen levels go below 80% or the heart rate goes below 60 bpm or above 220 bpm. Let us know if you have any other questions. 🙂



We just got he owlet and can’t connect to Internet so we are just using it to alert us for right now. My little one is on home oxygen and I was wondering how low the babies oxygen is when the red alarm goes off

Amber Nielsen

Hi Crystal! The Owlet works best if the Owlet Base Station is in the same room as the baby. To give you more flexibility and range, we designed the Owlet app. You will be able to get the notifications on your phone as long as the Base Station is connected to WiFi. Some people also use sound or video monitors to extend the range if they do not have access to WiFi. If you have any more questions, we’d love to talk to you on the phone! You can call us at (866) 348-1767 Mon-Sat 7am to 9pm MST. 🙂

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Emily, the Owlet app cannot override your phone’s settings. So if you have your phone on silent, you will not hear an audible alarm for a red alert; however, your Owlet Base Station is designed to notify you and will still be your primary notification system. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!


Emily McLeod

Hi. I have the app on my iPhone and if my phone is on vibrate or silence, the blue and yellow alerts do not, understandably, sound an audible alarm. If the red alarm goes off, will this alarm be audible on the iphone even in “silent” mode. I keep my phone on silent when I sleep but my hope is that the red alarm would still be audible similar to emergency weather alerts or alarm clock settings. Thanks!!

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Hi Rachel! We are sorry about that! We’ll be sure to keep this in mind as we update our user manual.

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Yes, if you take Owlet to the babysitter, you just need to connect the Base Station to their WiFi and Owlet is designed to send your baby’s information to your smartphone!


I wish this would be made more clear in the Owlet instructions. It’s not explicitly stated anywhere (that I’ve seen). The instruction video appears to show the mom simply touch the base station to turn the alarms off. It took me a while to realize that it had to be pressed down and not simply touched. It may seem obvious, but to this sleep deprived new mom it wasn’t.



I’m returning to work soon and work nightshift. If I take the owlet to my babysitters, will I be able to see her vitals on the app while I’m at work?

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Hi Crystal, good question! Just press the Base Station and it will turn off. Just remember to turn it back on when you go back to sleep!



How do I pause the owlet while I feed her so it does not blue alarm and wake up my husband?

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Hi Marya, Owlet is designed to alert you from your smartphone via push notifications. You don’t have to actively have the app open to receive the push notification about you little one. I hope that answers your question! Let us know if you have more questions, we’re happy to help.



Hello, when you say my phone will alert me also do I have to have the app open or how would that be

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Meaghan, great question! You can check-in on your little one from your smartphone if the Base Station is in a different room in your home. The app is designed to alert you as well as the Base Station so you don’t miss a thing. Let us know if you have any more questions! We are here to help.



Our house is only 800 square feet, but the owlet on the baby in her room and the base in our room become disconnected. I’ve read that some parents place the base in the baby’s room to avoid that. But then how are you notified/woken up for a red alert? If it can’t wake me up, what’s the point?

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Carmen, your Owlet comes with three sock sizes. Have you tried the largest sock size that came in the box? If not, try the next size up. If you have tried that one already you can contact our customer service team and request the largest sock we offer (size 4). You can email them at contact@owletcare.com.

To remove the electronics from the fabric sock just pull the dome (the circle with the Owl logo) from the sock and the rest will follow. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!


carmen vale

Hi I need to change the sock to a bigger one for my baby cause he’s a big boy and the one it comes already on seems to be too snug, how do I change the sock? How do I remove the electronic from the sock to wash it?
Thank you, Carmen



You have hold the button on the bottom of the base station for 6 seconds to test the alarm.


Jane Putnam

Hi Ashleigh, you can hear what a red alarm sounds like in this blog post: https://www.owletcare.com/blog/what-do-owlet-alerts-sound-like/


Holding the base station down for 15 seconds doesn’t cause the alarm to sound like it is supposed to? I’ve tried holding it down for longer and still nothing. I really want to know what the red alarm sounds like since I have an android phone.

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Tiffaney,

All pulse oximeters, including those in hospitals and consumer versions, have difficulty working if the sensors move in relation to the skin, preventing the pulse oximeter from achieving a good reading. Owlet uses sophisticated algorithms that are designed to filter out as much movement as possible, because movement can cause excess false alarms. When a baby is moving too much, the Owlet Monitor is unable to get a reading.


Jane Putnam

Hi, this article should help you out: https://support.owletcare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203983569-How-Do-I-Adjust-The-Alert-Volume-On-My-Phone-

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to our tech support at 844-334-3717. They’re happy to help!


Hi there. I’m looking for how to adjust (or turn off) the volume on the base station. It says to go to alarm preferences in settings, but there I only have the option to adjust sensitivity. I don’t see anything about base station volume. What am I missing?



I am considering purchasing this device because I am trying to transition my 4 month old from our room and bed into her nursery. I am hesitant because she is a very restless sleeper and does not lie still. How does the owlet respond to a baby who thrashes around in her sleep ?


Jane Putnam

Hi Kelly, it’s available in the iTunes store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/owlet-baby-care/id923798849?mt=8



We are trying to use with an iPad, and cannot find the app?

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Brittany Condie

Hi Alessandra,

Place the bottom flat surface of the Sock Electronics against the center of the Owlet Base Station until red light inside the Sock Electronics stops flashing. You might need to hold it there for a few seconds to give the Sock time to register. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions 🙂



I’ve tried to shut down the sock by putting it on top of the base.. It doesn’t turn off. What should I do?

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Brittany Condie

Hi Anna!

If you don’t have the app on your smartphone, you can always see your baby’s vitals on any device running iOS or higher! That includes iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. We will have an Android app coming out on June 6th as well, so stay tuned for that! Hopefully this answers your question. Feel free to comment back, reach out on Facebook or send us an email at contact@owletcare.com if you have any other questions!

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Brittany Condie

Hi Sarah,

Unfortunately, the Owlet isn’t designed to monitor during movement. The movement of your car as you’re driving down the road causes inaccurate readings so Owlet is designed to filter out those movements as to not cause any false alarms. That’s why your Base Station wouldn’t read or pick up any readings from the sock. Remember, Owlet is only to be used while your baby is sleeping and lying still! We hope this answers your question. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out! We’d love to hear from you!



Hi there,
I was hoping to be able to use the monitor while baby was in the car on long drives, peace of mind, but when I tried it wouldn’t read the sock. Any suggestions?



How do you see vitals if you don’t have the app? Thru desktop, tablets?

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Brittany Condie

Hi Chelsea! I’m sorry to hear that didn’t work for you. Have you tried holding on the Base Station for a few seconds? It sometimes takes a bit so if you swipe it too fast, your sock might not catch the signal from the base station.



I’ve tried touching the sock to the base station to turn the sock electronics off. It doesn’t work?