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Five Secrets You May Not Know About the Owlet Base Station

June 24, 2019

Secret #1: Did you know that you can dim the Base Station?

Is the light from the Base Station keeping you up? The Base Station light can be dimmed! There are two light settings. To dim the Base Station, press and hold the Base Station down on a hard, flat surface for a few seconds until the light dims. For more detailed instructions, check out this article on our Tech Support page.

Secret #2: Did you know that you can test the red notification?

Are you concerned that you won’t hear the red notification? Or do you just want to know what you would hear if you had a red notification? You can test the red notification whenever you would like. (You might want to test during the day, or you may wake up your family!) To test the red notification, press down on the Base Station for 15 seconds. This article has a more detailed explanation.

Secret #3: Did you know that the Base Station charges the Smart Sock?

Yep! The Smart Sock is charged every night with a micro USB cable that connects the Smart Sock to the Base Station. The Base Station stays plugged into the wall and charges the sock. The battery in the sock lasts for 18 hours! That’s long enough for naps and sleeping through the night.

Secret #4: Did you know there are three kinds of notifications?

The red notification is designed to notify you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen level goes outside of the preset range. Learn more about red notifications here.

The yellow notification is designed to notify when the Smart Sock is not finding a good reading. The Base Station will flash yellow and will play a song. Learn more about yellow notification here.

The blue notification is designed to notify when the Smart Sock is too far from the Base Station or when something is blocking the Bluetooth signal. Learn more about blue notifications here.

Secret #5: Do you know what the Base Station looks like?

The Base Station has a simple design. Check out this video that highlights features on the Base Station and Smart Sock.

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15 thoughts on “Five Secrets You May Not Know About the Owlet Base Station


Oh no! You would just need the part that was ruined. Chat in with tech support in the app and they’ll help you place an order for replacements.



My dog chewed up my smart sock, do I just replace the brains of the sock or do I need a new base and camera?


Hey Kim! You’ll just press down on the base station for a few seconds like you did to dim it.



How can I in-dim the base of the owlet?


Hi Brittany, I haven’t heard of this being an issue so definitely reach out to our team again so they can look further into this for you.



Hi, I’m still having problems with the temperature not showing up on my camera. This has been and issue since we started using it in May. I have called it 2 times and they keep saying they are working on it. Any fix yet?


Hi Annie, if the sock is charging, keep an eye on the dome of the sock. It will blink green while it’s charging and be a solid green color when it’s done.



I am having the same issue with ours. Did you get a solution?



Is there another way to check the battery level of the sock. I am putting the sock on and then checking the app to see the battery level. But if it is low then I am disturbing my baby to take it off to charge


Great question! The sock can only be paired to one base station.


Matthew Nash

Can you have multiple base stations in different rooms for one sock?


Katie, please reach out to tech support at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll look into this for you.



It keeps saying searching for app and not recording the readings after it was already paired and hooked up to WiFi ugh


Hi Kristin, if the sock isn’t holding its charge, our team would be happy to look into this for you! Please reach out to them at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST for assistance.


Kristin Mahaley

Hey. The past two nights the owlet sock has cut off after we’ve gone to bed. Before we go to bed the sock is charged. At this rate I don’t feel like I can trust it as my monitor anymore. Are there any solutions?