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Free Download: If You Think My Hands are Full Printable

Free Printable: If You Think My Hands are Full, You Should See My Heart

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I remember the first time I ventured out with both of my children—a newborn and a toddler—on my very first “solo” trip. It took me an eternity to actually get out the door, and then by the time I finally set foot into the store, wearing my newborn on my chest in a wrap and practically running trying to keep up with my toddler, another patron in the store said to me, “Oh my, you have your hands full.” At first, I thought, what?! But then I took a step back from the situation and realized, yes, my hands really are full—if she only knew the effort it took to actually get into the store, she’s be amazed that we actually made it. But, what she didn’t know is that, for me, full hands = a very full heart, and I’ll take a crazy day, the tireless attempts to get everyone in the car and everything else that comes with being a mom, any day for the overflowing feeling that’s erupting in my heart. So, whatever the intention of her comment, she’s right, my hands are full, but so is my heart… so very full! xo – Jane

Free printable from Owlet

Now onto the download!

Here’s the third free printable in our ‘love’ series this month. In case you  missed them, you can download our ‘You are Loved’ and and ‘So Many of My Smiles Begin With You’ printables here and here.

  • Once it downloads, you can either print it on your own home printer or send it to a printer, like FedEx office.
  • Frame it (any 8″x10″ frame will work), display it on a nightstand or use washi tape to affix it to the wall.

Tips for printing…

Printing at home: Standard printer paper (usually 20-lb) will work. You may also want to try a cardstock (like a 60-lb). It will print on an 8.5″ x 11″ paper and you can then trim to size (8″x10″). We’ve also created a version with crop marks here.

Printing at places like FedEx Office: You can print on 60-lb paper in full color at FedEx Office for around $1.25 or so. Simply upload it, select a different paper weight than the default and send to a nearby location. It will print as an 8.5″x11″, but you can use their nice paper cutter at the store to trim it down to size (or just keep it at the full size, up to you!).

Last note! If you print it, be sure to upload a photo to Instagram or Facebook so we can see how you display it.

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