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Freedom From Worry Giveaway

June 26, 2018

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Channing Merrell

Hi! I'm Channing and I'm a proud member of the Owlet team!

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The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—good indicators of Baby's overall well-being—while they sleep. If your baby’s readings leave preset zones, you'll receive a notification that lets you know your baby really needs you. Now you can feel more confidence, more freedom, and more peace of mind knowing that Owlet is here to help.

Our all-new Smart Sock is the third of its kind and it's smarter than ever.

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68 thoughts on “Freedom From Worry Giveaway



Absolutely love this product I have herd life saving reviews. Desperately need one for my baby girl.



Due in August, can’t wait to meet my baby and to not be pregnant anymore, the heat is punishing at the moment!


Andrew Beverly

Our sons name is Adrian James. He can roll over and giggle


Narda campbell

I am a first time single mom in my 30 expecting a little boy August 22 and would love to have one just for a better piece of mind.


Kalyn Hoagland

My sweet boy was born on Friday June 29, 2018, he was a month early. He was taken straight to the NICU & is now fighting Severe RDS & rapid breathing. His Left lung was collapsed & had a tear in it which is still healing. I am trying to pull all the money i can together to buy an Owlet if i was able to win one for free it would help so much! My baby is still in the NICU & is expected to be there at least 2 more weeks. His CO2 levels are much higher than his oxygen levels so he’s living off a ventilator right now. I have not had a chance to even hold my baby yet due to him being unstable, having the owlet when we get home would help me so much & give me a peace of mind while my sweet boy is sleeping Incase his oxygen levels drop. Good luck to everyone who has entered the contest!


Karol Severichs

27 weeker coming home from nicu… Owlet is a life changer!


Would love this for my daughter. She had our first grandchild 1 year ago and is expecting baby #2 in September. She sure could use the peace of mind that this offers.


April Pardo

My little girl Raven is about to turn three months old, and we would gladly be happy to receive this as it would ease both of our minds since she has some problems breathing due to the elevation. We’re both working and sleep is a most so having this would be a great to put our minds at ease.


joe c

I hope to win to donate this item



It would give me the best gift…the gift of feeling at ease..



I am 2 days shy of 9 weeks and to say the least life hasnt been the best for me….before i found out i was in terrible mental torture. About 10 years ago my ex committed suicide infront of me. I’ve been struggling for years with ptsd. Ive been admitted to scarey mental hospitals. Been subjected of being a lab rat for doctors. Now I found out my mom only has 6 months too live. Im very scared that if something happends to my baby. Something bad will happen to me too… This is the most important thing on my baby registry bc i NEED to feel at ease. I NEED peace of mine so my baby can thrive



My neighbor is expecting and I would love to gift one of these for her. I wish I knew about them when I had my 5 kiddos but my youngest is a toddler now.


Rodney Phillips

Im Rodney and I want to know more about Owlet.



After losing our apartment and everything we owned in a fire 3 weeks before our wedding this past year, my husband and I were blessed to find out we are expecting our first baby this September. As a first time mom still recovering from the trauma of losing our home, I know that having a owlet monitor would help put us at ease knowing that if anything is wrong with our little one that we can trust the monitor to let us know.






I would love to have a sock my two month old! He wheezes and gasps a lot which keeps me up because I’m constantly checking on him!


Expecting our 3rd baby- we didn’t find out the gender and we are so excited for our new little one!!! This would be amazing!


My little one is 5 weeks her name is Aria, would love to this for our baby girl and have that peace of mind



Husband and I are expecting our 1st baby! Our little Nikalina Rosalie will be here on September 19 2018! We are very excited but nervous on being first time parents. I think this would give us a little peace of mind while she sleeps!


Josephine Chen

My little one is a week old. He’s my first and definitely made just for us. His personality is through the roof for such a little guy already. He is a rough sleeper and tosses and turns hroughkut the night. He also doesn’t like to be swaddled and fights through it. I have to use sleep sacks in order for him to sleep comfortably.



My Rylee girl just turned 5mths! She’s such a sweetheart. Laughs at everything and gives good sloppy wet kisses! Our family recently just went through a loss due to SIDS and I’ve barely slept watching my baby girl while she slept. The smart sock would really give me peace of mind during these tough times.



Would love to have this for our first baby girl when she arrives in the next few weeks. Being a new parent would relieve some of the stress knowing our little peanut is safe and breathing without having to hover over them every 5 mins


Vashti Venegas

Having triplets anytime from now til July 18th my oldest daughter will be 17 so it’ll be like starting all over x3. Trying to keep them in til 35wks to get them a lil stronger but these two girls and lil boy have a mind of their own for sure. The owlet monitor will definitely give me that piece of mind at night or at least while I close my eyes lol


Alexandria Garcia

This would be simply amazing. Good luck to everyone!



My baby number 3 is due this month! First little girl! ♡


Crystal Gray

Baby on the way!


lisa boyd

I would like this prize very important


Kresta jae apas

My 1st baby wa born 6months. her name is baby AMARI from the word “MIRACLE”.. she was born 1lbs but now almost 8lbs and going home today. She was at NICU for almost 4months, and now she is hoing home but with Tube in her nose because baby AMARI is not dringking that much milk and so we need to feed her via Tube but as Parents we will do our best for our Blessing from God. We need owlet baby monitoring because we know how hard it was when worry about Oxygen sat will be low. There wa one time at NICU when my baby SPO2 was 1% and NURSES are giving High pressure oxygen, stimulate baby and it is hard because it hurt when u see your baby wa is at early age battling for US because she love us. Hope you give my baby a gift for the owlet baby monitoring because baby is going home now from 1lbs to almost 8lbs now for almost 4months at NICU


Johana Goya

Im so excited



My 2 month old has an airway disorder called laryngomalacia as well as central sleep apnea. This monitor would help me rest easier despite him already being on oxygen.



My daughter is due in just a couple of weeks – would love the peace of mind!


Chelsea Cox

First time mom and would love to have this to get a little peace of mind! Have heard great things about them.



Expecting our rainbow daughter, Noelle, due September 4th, after the loss of her big sister Adeline, born sleeping 8.11.17 So excited and hopeful to bring our girl home; she’s a little night owl already, always kicking me awake at 4 or 5 in the morning! Thank you for hosting this giveaway



My2 little firecrackers are our rainbow babies. After many years of heartache and loss, we were blessed with 2 beautiful girls. They were born prematurely but are 2 months old now and doing well. Of course being a first time mom and having two is terrifying. Having an Owlet would be great to help ease this mommas worries.



This is so awesome! My little one is 3 months old on July 3rd. He’s the cutest little thing ever! He’s starting to sleep longer at night but I’m constantly waking up to make sure he’s breathing! Your owlet smart sock would help ease my worrying but we can’t afford it right now. Keeping my fingers crossed!!


Little one on the way


Natalie Ochsenbein

I’m having my first baby in October we had a hard time conceiving and I would love this to just be cautious of her at all times.



My baby girls name is Marjorie, she was born the first day of May this year. She is my first baby and I’m a single mom, she was born with a heart condition called SVT. This would put my mind at ease, because I constantly wake up scared to death that her heart rate is too high. She is the sweetest baby, she hardly cries. This would be a blessing to us! ❤️


Trisha S.

My prince is due in September (fingers crossed). With the history of having a preterm labor at 27weeks with my daughter, was very nerve wrecking since she had breathing issues when she was released from the NICU .since this was over 10 years ago I literally spent EVERY might for 6 months just watching her sleep to make sure she was breathing well. Hopefully if I was to receive the OWLET smart sock 2 this time around it would definitely give me a piece of mind durning nap times and overnight.

Trisha S.

My prince is due in September (fingers crossed). With the history of having a preterm labor at 27weeks with my daughter, was very nerve wrecking since she had breathing issues when she was released from the NICU .since this was over 10 years ago I literally spent EVERY might for 6 months just watching her sleep to make sure she was breathing well. Hopefully if I was to receive the OWLET smart sock 2 this time around it would definitely give me a piece of mind durning nap times and overnight.



Our rainbow baby was born on 6/19/18 and as of today is still in the NICU. She ingested fluid into her lungs and was on oxygen until yesterday 6/28/19. We are praying she will be able to come home soon. An Owlet would give us piece of mind to make sure she is breathing normal.



My rainbow baby was born April 11th 2018 after a miscarriage in February 2017. I constantly hover around his crib at night to make sure he’s still breathing, I’m on unpaid maternity leave so finances are very tight unfortunately. I would be forever greaful for a gift like this, there’s no better gift than an owlet.


Mary W

She is a week old today and already a troublemaker. Especially for a newborn. She is our littlest member of our family but has such a large heart.


Krystal Gonzalez

Our little rainbow baby and firecracker decided he was ready to come out early at 36 weeks! Born at 5 lbs even and 17.5 inches long.



I didn’t get a baby monitor from my baby shower and I haven’t been able to get one yet because this is the one I really want (Owlet) and it’s a little pricey for me at the moment. But you really don’t realize how much you need one and how much peace of mind you could get with having one! I can’t wait until I’m able to get one!


Alondra Gonzalez

Her name is Faith
She is someone very special to me… Her heart beat, beats twice as fast as mine.
She loves to move around a lot, listen to music and wake up mommy in the middle of the night and during naps. She is someone I have been able only to see through ultrasound. And each time my heart melts.
I know she is yet to be born, but she has been my game changer
She has been the person to make me smile and settle down and learn to be responsible.
I don’t know her yet and like I said earlier I’ve only seen her on screen
But just like her name
“It is what makes real the things we hope for. It is proof of what we cannot see.”
She’s living proof that even without knowing who exactly she is, how exactly she looks like and what she might even become.
I have complete trust and confidence in this little person

Her expected dob August 3rd 🙂 but I hope it’s two weeks earlier lol



My daughter is having twins in September and would love the Owlet sock for piece of mind. And then she would only have to purchase one more for the other baby.



This would be an amazing gift for the piece of mind!


Mariah Hodges

This would be amazing to have for our little girl who is due August 1,2018. She will be our first and we want her to have the best and safest things for her. Already she is dancing and moving around in me, I just know she’ll be a very active baby. If we win this contest then thank you very much, if not then congratulations on the winner!!!


Rubi n Baby Hazel

Hi My baby girl suffers from a Heart murmur n heart arithmya like me this owlet sock would save her life bcuz she was born premauture n was at the nicu for 4mos n im worried that she will stop breathing because her heart will stop pumping im so devastated that i dont have the means to get her one for her safety i dont know what else to do until i saw this ad on Wi-Fi thank god for this opportunity i hope she gets the opportunity to live with this owlet sock i will know when to call paramedics n she wont die of sids or cardiac arrest thank u n i hope god touches somebody’s heart so my daughter can live n be safe


My first baby girl and I would love to own the owlet to relieve the anxiety of being a new mom!


This would be great for our little guy due 9/1/18!!


Venecia Tabar

We will have our second boy on September 8 2018, this will be such an awesome gift for us and our little new member.


ashley bittner

Our bundle of joy is due 9/27/18 and this will be the first child for both my husband and I. We recently moved 800 miles away from our family and friends for work and the luxury of having the owlet sock for monitoring our little one would help put our minds at ease.



My first grandchild is due in September. This would give everyone much needed piece of mind to be able to monitor her. Hopefully she doesn’t decide to arrive early like her mama did.


Athena M

Our little one is due in January and we are so excited! He or she will be our very first and we prayed and hoped for this little miracle for a long time. I know with my husband and my personalities mixed, our baby will be a firecracker for sure! We’ve been saving up for an Owlet Smart Sock and it would be such a blessing to be chosen and would help us have peace of mind for our sweet baby. ❤


hoping to win..been through multiple losses and i m currently expecting my rainbow.


Becky Lopez

This would be for my Grandson Brayden. He will be six weeks old Monday. This is the only thing missing for his nursery. His parents are the best!!



I have a 4 day old babygirl, we have been wanting the owlet since we found out I was pregnant It would be a great peace of mind



We desperately wanted a child, but we couldn’t conceive. We decided to foster with the attempt to adopt. We finally got a 3 month old son who was deathly sick, but we both are in the medical field and we knew we could help this little boy. The entire time the foster agency was telling us we would be able to adopt him so we put all our love and care into him and he started to really thrive in our care. The grandmother appeared out of nowhere and the courts blindsided us and ripped my first son away to give to the grandmother. This tore us apart as we finally had a little family started. It almost destroyed our marriage, but with God’s help we managed to struggle through the pain including packing up and moving from the house where we were raising him. The memories were to much to handle. So we decided that After we found out we were having fertility issues we went to a specialist who got me from not ovulating to becoming pregnant in 8 months time. We conceived through our. This whole pregnancy has been so stressful thinking at anytime I could lose my baby. We purchased a Doppler so we can constantly check my babies heart beats to make sure he is ok, also many ultrasounds as I am considered high risk. During one of my last month dr visits they told me I have preeclampsia and am being monitored 3 times a week. They also told me my due date will be moved up and they gave me steroid shots for Connor to develope his lungs faster as they won’t let me go past 37 weeks. I struggle everyday with anxiety and my hormones are completely out of control, because of hormone therapies and having to stop some of my medication to be able to carry my baby. This would be such a blessing for us, because even after Connor is born we are so afraid of something happening to him. Please consider us for the owlet to give us a bit of peace of mind that our baby is safe and stays safe. Thank you for the chance to win and God bless you all.


Gwen Sipe

Our 4 mo. old grandson has learned to roll from front to back and slid right off the big hassock he’d been taking a nap on. He was only frightened, but we need a monitor!


Angela Cook

Our baby will be here around Christmas 2018


Jacqueline Ramirez

bringing in the new year with a new baby, love to win a give away, not sure the sex it’s a suprise


Alicia Dishman

My sister is due in November and each child has had more health issues and this being her 4th it would be a God send to have reassurance that this baby stays ok.



Love owlet



My little handsome face is 3 months premature and has breathing concerns and this monitor will help me out a lot, thanks



My Karlee would Love this



This would be awesome