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Gear Up for Baby With the Best Baby Gear

October 26, 2016

One of the most fun things about preparing for a baby is registering for and purchasing baby gear. Because there are so many new products on the market, it can be hard to decide which product will be the best for you and your baby. Which is why I’m helping you gear up for baby with the best baby gear. Be it strollers, nursery items, baby carriers or car seats, I’ve got you covered.live streaming movie The Neon Demon 2016 online

Let’s get this party started.


  1. BOB Revolution Flex – The first stroller I ever purchased was a BOB Revolution SE. (The Flex is the new-and-improved version.) I think the thing I like most about my BOB is the ease in which you can fold and un-fold the stroller. Also, its maneuverability is insane! When the front wheel is set to swivel, I can steer this baby with one hand and not break a sweat. The front wheel also locks, so that you can have more of a “jogging stroller” experience. The downside to the BOB is that you don’t have the option of converting it to a double stroller. So you have to “size up” to a whole new double stroller if you need it for two kids.
  2. Baby Jogger City Select – This is my other stroller. The one that I bought once I had two kids. This stroller is also super-maneuverable and has 16 different configuration options for one or two seats. The nice thing about the City Select is that you can purchase a second seat later, if you need it. Or, it works wonderfully as a single stroller. Configuring the seat is also quite intuitive, which is always nice when you’re working with a sleep-deprived brain.
  3. UPPA Baby Vista – The Vista is another great stroller option to buy if you want to add a second seat later (or you, know, if you’re having twins). This stroller also comes with a bassinet with sunshade, which is a nice addition. I think one of the game changers that the Vista brings to the table is that is has a one-step fold that stands on its own. That’s a big deal, especially because the frame is also lightweight. It can be folded this way with or without the seat, which is also a plus.

Nursery gear

  1. Owlet Baby Monitor – I mean, you know I had to include the Owlet, right? This is the perfect item to add to your registry. And we’ve made it easy for you… add it to your registry here, and get excited for your baby shower!
  2. Oeuf Sparrow Crib – I may be a little biased, but I think this crib is the best crib of all the cribs. It’s stylish and well made. It’s been a staple with both of my kids, and has held up to wear-and-tear beautifully. To me, the crib was a piece that I wanted to splurge on, and I don’t regret it at all. If you like this style, but don’t like the price, try this similar option.
  3. SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Baby Soother – This white noise machine incorporates Bluetooth technology with the soft snuggly-ness of a stuffed animal. (Bonus points that it looks like an owl.) You can play preloaded ocean or rain sounds, and you also have access to 12 additional white noise tracks and four instrumental lullabies. There’s a timer, too, so you can customize how long it stays on.

Baby carriers

  1. Solly Baby Wrap – When it comes to baby wearing, the Solly Baby wrap has my heart. It features fabric that is lightweight, yet strong. It’s machine washable, and has a little pocket/pouch feature that allows you to wrap it up well, so it can easily go in your diaper bag. Plus, there are so many cute patterns… I feel like you should still be able to feel fashionable when you are baby wearing.
  2. Ergo Baby 360 Carrier – If you have a baby who hates facing inward, this is the carrier for you. You can still wear your baby front-inward facing, but this model allows for front-outward facing as well. As with other Ergo products, you can also carry on your hip or back.
  3. Ergo Baby Performance Carrier – This is a great option for those of you who like hiking and the outdoors. You can wear your child in three positions: front-inward, back or hip, and it’s rated up to 45 pounds. It features breathable mesh fabric, to keep baby cool, as well as a shade flap that can keep baby’s head covered. I have one and I love it.  

Car seats

  1. Chicco KeyFit 30 – Personally, I feel like this is the only infant car seat you need. It’s affordable, compact and stylish. Not to mention, safe. It’s great for smaller cars, too. With a lot of designer baby brands, you pay for the name, and not necessarily for more safety features. Sure, there are other seats with more bells and whistles (see option three) but I really like how user-friendly and intuitive this car seat is. It’s also one of the lightest on the market, which is a big deal when you’re carrying around a ten-plus pound baby.
  2. Nuna Pipa – The Pipa is new to the American market, and thus far, it’s been pretty popular. My sister has this seat and loves it, one of the reasons being that it has a stability leg that works in tandem with the base to ensure the seat stays level. The indicator on the leg turns green when it’s installed correctly, as does the indicator on the base. It also features a removable, full coverage protective canopy, which is totally cool. It’s a great mix of style, safety, and technology.
  3. 4Moms Self-Installing Car Seat – Admittedly, this seat is pretty cool. And the fact that it self-installs is kind of a big deal. It self-installs by automatically leveling and tensioning the seat, verifies installation before every car ride and continuously monitors its status during use. It’s not quite self-aware, but I’m, pretty sure that’s on the horizon. 😉

What are some of your favorite baby gear items? What are you hoping makes it on your registry list?

– Contributed by Lauren Soderberg

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