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Get ready for your life to basically change with one little product!

January 1, 2016

This is the first installment of Owlet’s “A Night in the Life” series, featuring real parents sharing their experiences with the Owlet Monitor.

How many mamas out there have stood over their baby in the middle of the night watching their belly rise & fall just to make sure they’re breathing? Oh yah, me neither! 😉 Well get ready for your life to basically change with one little product! The Owlet Baby Care Smart Sock! If you haven’t heard of it you are missing out and please keep reading!


So let me just tell you, this is my third baby and the fear of something happening to them in their sleep NEVER goes away! I thought after my first baby I would not have that fear of them not breathing during the night and me not knowing, well that was false! It is still there and as strong as it was the first and second time of having babies!

I received the Owlet Smart Sock about a month ago and we have used it religiously! I’m going to give you a brief overview of its features and some of my favorite things about it! So first off it is a wireless smart sock that uses pulse oximetry to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level at anytime. The sock comes in different sizes to ensure a snug fit on your little babe’s foot so it truly grows with your child!


If you are wondering pulse oximetry is the same technology used in hospitals when they wrap that little thing with the red light around their foot after they’re born to get the O2 sats. The sock syncs over blue tooth to the base station that has different colors and sounds for normal range and if either the heart rate or oxygen levels fall out of range, it’s designed to have the colors change and the notifications go off! How amazing right? Well it gets better, you then have the Owlet phone app to show you exactly the oxygen level as well as heart rate! But have no fear if your phone dies the base station is designed to act independently of Wi­Fi so the phone is basically for convenience, which let’s be honest we always have our phones around so I LOVE that feature! They are both designed to sound notifications if for some reason heart rate or oxygen gets out of range. Now for some of my favorite things about it….


I love that it is a sock, we’ve had some of the other monitors on the market that go under the crib mattress and to be honest we had wayyyyy too many false alarms due to moving off the certain spot in the crib that monitors movement (talk about a heart attack)! The fact that the sock is a snug fit sock, yet is so soft really makes my heart feel so much more at peace when little Huxxy goes to sleep, we haven’t had any false alarms, which is so nice! I totally LOVE that I can go on the app at anytime and see his levels just to put my mind at ease without having to go in and physical look at him, because he is somewhat of a light sleeper during the night (not daytime because his monster siblings are NEVER quiet) ha! My most favorite thing about this sock is the peace of mind I get when I place it on that chubby little foot! Until now I longed for that peace of mind and now I have it! So for that Owlet, I thank you! From the bottom of my mama heart that now sleeps peacefully! 😉


Be sure to follow along with Bailey and her babes over at Babes & Beauty and on Instagram @bcastle11 for a look into her daily life as a stay­-at-­home Texas mama of 3 babes 3 and under!

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The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—good indicators of Baby's overall well-being—while they sleep. If your baby’s readings leave preset zones, you'll receive a notification that lets you know your baby really needs you. Now you can feel more confidence, more freedom, and more peace of mind knowing that Owlet is here to help.

Our all-new Smart Sock is the third of its kind and it's smarter than ever.

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