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Gifts for the Expectant Father

May 27, 2016

Treat the expectant fathers in your life to a special surprise this Father’s Day. As he eagerly awaits the commencement of his new role as daddy, give him something to commemorate the occasion and to show your support for his new arrival. Here are some awesome, unique gift ideas for expecting fathers this Father’s Day

His Very Own Diaper Bag

When Dad’s out running errands with the baby, it would be nice if he didn’t have to worry about first getting the diaper bag from his wife and transferring contents. Make his life easier by getting him his own stylish diaper bag, like this one, that will give him functionality, convenience, and style as he cares for his little one on the go.

 A Nice Camera

Phone pics just don’t do justice for the cuteness of a new baby, so give Dad a shiny new camera for Father’s Day so he can more accurately capture the special moments and adorable-ness of his new baby. Here’s a great deal for a high-quality Canon DSLR camera he would love.

Baby Carrier Sweatshirt

Babywearing is a must for busy errand-running days and long-lasting events, but baby carriers don’t always protect baby from the cold or the elements. These awesome baby carrier sweatshirts let Dad cover baby while wearing them, but also keeps him warm, too. Even better, it can be worn as a stylish regular sweatshirt when he’s not wearing the baby. Check it out here.

Swearing Jar

It doesn’t take long for babies to start catching on and mimicking everything their parents do and say — sometimes more than we wish. Start breaking those bad habits with the introduction of a swearing jar into the house. This comical gift will give Dad a laugh, and remind him to be the best example to his new little fan.

Owlet Monitor Duo

Dad is probably already anticipating many sleepless nights of feeding, changing diapers, and worrying, but give him some peace of mind when the baby finally sleeps with the Owlet Monitor Duo. He won’t have to stay up staring at a video monitor or listening to an audio monitor now that he has the Owlet, which is designed to notify him if his baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside of range while streaming 1080p HD video and sound directly to his phone. He’ll thank you time and again for this thoughtful gift.

White Noise Machine

That new little baby is going to love Daddy so much that just the sound of his voice will keep him awake and excited. Help Daddy get some peace and quiet with a white noice machine that will help drown out sound so that baby can sleep peacefully.

Comfy Sweats/Sweatshirt for the Hospital

The days dad spends in the hospital will likely feel like one long blur, so make it a little easier for him by giving him a new pair of comfy sweats and a sweatshirt to make the hospital stay more comfortable. These sweats are perfect for the occasion, and this zip-up sweatshirt is perfect for skin-to-skin time with the new baby in the hospital.

The Kiccup

We all know what babies do when they’re excited – KICK! But when Dad is wearing the baby, those kicks might render him immobilized if they hit those most sensitive areas. Get him the Kiccup to help him baby-wear with confidence. He’ll laugh, and then be extremely grateful for this gift when he opens it on Father’s Day.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When Mom’s on duty, Dad may need some peace and quiet to get some work done or to enjoy some time to himself. That can be hard when he’s distracted by every cute coo and giggle. Get him some nice noise canceling headphones so he’s able to concentrate on the task at hand and not get distracted by his new little baby.

Tell us: What will you be giving the dad-to-be in your life for Father’s Day this year?

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