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GIVEAWAY! Enter to Win an Owlet Monitor | Jan. 11-13, 2016

January 11, 2016


Psst… make sure you read the whole post for details on how to enter to win your own Owlet Monitor! *Giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all those who entered! Stay tuned for future giveaways!

Earlier this month, we started sharing stories written by real parents who want to share their day-to-day experience using the Owlet Monitor. “A Night in the Life” series is meant to give our readers a real-life view into what it’s like to have an Owlet. We know a lot of parents want to hear experiences from real parents who use the monitor every night. So we called on all of our Owlet family and asked a few of them to write about their experience with the Owlet.

Be sure to check back every day through the end of the month to read their stories. We promise, you’ll love them and you’ll probably find yourself nodding in agreement, because as parents, we’ve experienced many of the same things. You can click here to read all of the stories we’ve shared thus far.

Now for some more fun news: in honor of all the stories we’re sharing, we want to make a few of you Owlet parents and a part of our family by giving you your very own Owlet Monitor. We’re giving away three monitor this month and now’s your chance to enter to win the first of our three giveaways (check back often for our next giveaway, too). Use the widget below to enter to win! Best of luck!

Owlet Baby Monitor Giveaway

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The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—good indicators of Baby's overall well-being—while they sleep. If your baby’s readings leave preset zones, you'll receive a notification that lets you know your baby really needs you. Now you can feel more confidence, more freedom, and more peace of mind knowing that Owlet is here to help.

Our all-new Smart Sock is the third of its kind and it's smarter than ever.

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2 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! Enter to Win an Owlet Monitor | Jan. 11-13, 2016


Carrie G

Going to be a new mommy in June! This looks just like the techy piece we need to help monitor Baby G and be rested!



I am really praying that I win this giveaway. I am currently in the NICU with my son. We just adopted him and he will need open heart surgery soon. Having a monitor like this once he is home from the hospital would be so wonderful.