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Gobble It Up Giveaway!

November 5, 2018

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295 thoughts on “Gobble It Up Giveaway!


Savanna Brewer

Would love to have an owlet for our baby boy. We would sleep much better at night. Constantly touch him to check breathing and movement.





Destiny rice

For my second child


Natasha Zitko

Well sad to say I missed this. I just had a preemie baby girl on Oct. 5Th 2018 3lbs 4 oz. She is still in the hospital but is doing great and hopefully coming home soon! We would have loved to have the Owlet sock for when it is time to come home for our peace of mind while in the car and at home.


Shauna, thanks for sharing your experience. We’d love to hear more!

When you get a moment, could you tell us more about it here: https://owletcare.com/blogs/stories#share

Sending our best from the Owlet Team!



For my first grandbaby


Rosa Sandoval

Would love this for my baby boy


Brooke Andrews

We have been trying to conceive for 3 years now. We were told the odds were against us. We found out on October 6, 2018 that we are pregnant. We want everything to be perfect when our little blessing gets here. ❤️


Madison Mayne

I couldn’t tell if my comment posted before but this is a great giveaway! My daughter was born a week late and had an infection in her lungs. She had to be in the NICU for a while. We brought her home on oxygen and a monitor and she just passed her test last week to be off of it. Now I worry about her all through the night cause I don’t know her levels. I would sleep so much better if I had the owlet sock !



I would love to win this because my niece is baby just died of Sids and it scares me to death. I would love to win it so I could have a piece of mind when I sleep at night


alyssa cox

This is such a blessing especially for parents of premie babies for care after NICU



My husband gets so nervous every night about if our son is breathing. He was taken to the NICU after failing his heart test after birth and it would ease our minds so much if we won a smartsock!


Laura Vazquez

First time mom with a month old. Unemployed single mom. Hoping to have some kind of relief to make sure she is breathing.


Shelby Majchrzak

Would love to win this! Our baby has been in the nicu with respiratory failure. This would give us peace of mind when he is home.


Morgan Byrd

Winning this would Ben awesome!


I love the idea of the owlet for piece of mind!


Keesha Hebert

Hi, I would really love this sock!! It would be a great blessing for my baby.


Letitia lennon

I would love this so I can actually sleep at night! I haven’t slept properly since my son was born! My anxiety has me awake constantly checking my son at night since my partners sister passed away from SIDS so I constantly watch my son while he sleeps. I’m low income mum so this is a luxury item to me that I would love. I might get some sleep and housework done!


Renee Giddens

This would be a great gift for my friend who is expecting!


Carrie Purkhiser

Great giveaway, could really use the owlet for our Down syndrome son!


Brianna Visconte

My son is currently in the NICU and bringing him home and having the owlet would be such a relief! I’ve heard great things about this product and would love to incorporate it into our lifestyle.


Katie Estrada

I don’t even sleep anymore because i’m always checking to see if he is breathing. He is a preemie and chunky with breathing problems so I have to make sure he’s breathing. The monitors are way more than we can ever afford with a family of 7.


Megan Greear Frischmuth

As a nurse, I love the idea of keeping baby safe and having the peace of mind when sleeping!


Having triplets was a big surprise for us and our babies came two months early. When they are discharged I’m praying that we have these on hand. I’m already to the point that I’m afraid i won’t know if something is wrong when they get here since they are hooked to monitors in the nicu. This would definitely give us peace of mind


Sarah Meehan

We are expecting June 2019. Any one of these products would be so great for our little one!


Alissa Brouwer

Our sweet baby girl was born 4 weeks early. A placental abruption and a true knot in the umbilical chord caused quite the rough start – she suffered severe brain damage that is expected to lead to cerebral palsy. She is doing so well since being home from the NICU and proving to be a strong little fighter, but we do miss the comfort of having her heart and breathing monitored so closely like it was in the hospital. Having the Owlet would give us the peace of mind we crave as first time parents of a high risk infant!


Sarah Meehan

Amazing giveaway! We are expecting in June 2019. Any one of these products would be great for our little one!



Being an Air Force family my husband is away atleast a third of the year (and in the coming year he’ll be away 7 months). Having an Owlet would take a load of my shoulders and help me sleep better while he’s away and not able to help me at night. I’m a worrier and anything I can do to get some rest is a blessing! Thanks for the opportunity.



Expecting baby girl soon would really love to win!!



This would be the perfect gift after losing 6 babies prior to having our rainbow baby! Thank you for the chance!


Amanda Scheel

I love Owlet and the unique products they have! It would be amazing to get a smart sock on a teacher assistant’s salary!


Brittnie Thomas

We’re expecting and would love to win this Owlet monitor ❤


Danielle Masterson

This would definitely help me sleep better at night knowing SIDS wouldn’t be an issue.



My daughter was born June 13th but wasnt due until September 7th so she was 3 months early and in the nicu for 4 months. She just came home and it would give us peace of mind.


Jordon Cottam

We welcomed our little guy in August, and have dreamed of getting the outlet to use especially throughout the winter months. It took us nine years to get this little guy and we want to do everything we can to keep him healthy and well!



We lost our baby girl at full term. All test where done to figure out what went wrong.. with no answers we are left in the unknown. We will try again next year for a baby. Again with unknown reason, it will be terrifying and the owlet will be a great peace of mind to help keep an eye on our little one, praying we are blessed with a healthy baby.



We are expected baby number 4 and just this month my husband got in a pretty severe accident and we are now struggling to get him through the nights comfortably. This monitor I hope will take the stress off of me of constant hourly monitoring as I also care for the medical needs of my husband as well.


Erin Fulfer

My grand baby due 12/26/2018


Jill Compton

My first grandchild was born this October and the Owlet has already saved his life after he was born 3 weeks early! It went off in the middle of the night, waking his parents, when his oxygen went below 80%. They woke him up and everything was fine, thank God! My secoond grandchild is due in March so we definitely need a second Owlet!! Thank you for such a great product!


First time mom. Very nervous and excited about what’s to come.



I would love to win an owlet to give us peace of mind while our little one sleeps. I’m always scared that something could happen during nap/bed time.



Thank you for this great giveaway! I am in the process if adapting a baby girl due December 31, 2018! The Owlet would really put my mind at ease.


Thank you for this great giveaway! I am in the process if adapting a baby girl due December 31, 2018! The Owlet would really put my mind at ease.


Vanessa Chavez

This is amazing! I am so happy that this is now covered through FSA and HSA insurance.


We already own one and love it


Chrissy Luna

This is our first child and grandchild in my family. This product seems to be rated very good! So badly want to try using it, it would be amazing!


Tosha Medlen

I have it and we use it allday every day we would never be able 2 sleep without thank u so much for keeping us sane!!


Kaitlin Wallace

Anxiety has been rough before I had a baby, and it seems even rougher now. There have been nights when my mom or husband have had to stay up with him and watch him sleep just so I would be able to sleep for a few hours between feedings. I would love to win the smart sock 2 to hopefully have the peace of mind to be able to sleep again.



I would love and greatly appreciate this gift package!



I am a super light sleeper because I’m so paranoid at night. I would love an owlet! My baby was in the nicu because they had to take me early because of my uterus so I am extra paranoid and this would be amazing for peace of mind!!


Jenae west

I would be soooo grateful to win a owlet! With my first baby I was always up watching him sleep because I was so nervous. Now for my second baby I know this product is a must have. Thank you for developing such an amazing product that protects and aids both mom and baby!


Shantel Nilson-Page

So excited for thanksgiving and owlet smart sock. Crossing fingers I win.


Barbara smith

Would love to have for granddaughter.


Jennifer Makhlouf

I love this product. it’s an innovative concept. My baby isn’t here yet so I can’t comment on how well it works. I am waiting on the days ’till I can try it. However, whoever came up with this is a genius. This product will give me peace of mind wherever I am, something I will definitely want since this is my first child and plan to go back to work.



Winning the owlet will be of great help to us. Do to some scary sleepless nights with my one year old.the owlet will help me rest knowing I can get to him in time if he were to stop breathing


Jennifer Makhlouf

I love this product. it’s a great concept. My baby isn’t here yet so I can’t comment on how well it works. I am waiting on the days ’till I can try it.


Emily Sowers

I’d love to win a smart sock for my son! I have to monitor his breathing for the doctor because they fee he breathes too quickly. So far he has had a chest X-ray and an echo.



My 2nd grandbaby is due in February. It would be wonderful to be able to provide an owlet smart sock so my daughter won’t stress and worry.


Heather Stith

I am going to soon be a working mom. I know every ounce of assurance will help me sleep when I can. This would be a huge blessing to win!


Miranda Johnson

We’re currently pregnant with our rainbow baby and just hoping everything runs smoothly this time around!


Gabrielle davenport

Just had my first baby boy and is struggling to make ends meet not having the father in the picture !


Jordian Lemon

I would love to have this for my little girl. She was born 3 weeks early and experiences breathing problems. She has a condition called floppy airway.


Eric Pearson

We already have an owlet and love it! Definitely gives more peace of mind being able to just glance at the app to see pulse rate and O2, and knowing an alarm will sound if anything were to go wrong. The other prizes look amazing!


Yesenia Maldonado

Winning would be such a mind easer, having my baby boy sleep in his crib keeps me up at night, checking the monitor almost every hour.



I bought an owlet smart sock for my daughter and it was the best investment I have ever made!!!! I would like to donate another one to a nicu family



This is a great giveaway especially for those that at times can not afford it. I love OWLET’s products and I would be so happy if I could win. My baby is 4 months and these gifts will help a lot.
Thanks a bunch!


Shannon Nakai

Expecting our rainbow baby this January (had a stillborn last October). I’m excited to see products like this helping families!


Tiffany Long

I had my first born daughter on 09/25/18, she had multiple heart conditions and also only one working lung, she is on oxygen and has some monitors but will need a more portable way to read her oxygen. She just came home after just over a month in the hospital. This would be so amazing to get to ease my husband and I as we go to many of her appts. We have so many bills and trying to sort things all out, winning this would be such an amazing gift. Our little girl is such a fighter and all of this was a surprise when she was born. She is God’s greatest gift.


Jillian Diver

Would love to have an Owlet. This product definitely provides peace of mind!


Casey Hardage

I’m a new member


Keena Howell

My daughter is expecting in January and really wants this monitor for her peace of mind.


Stephanie Talley

I would absolutely be thrilled to win the owlet! Unfortunately we can not afford to pay out of pocket for one. Receiving this would give me so much peace of mind and more sleep at night.


Kasey Carpenter

My little one is 13 months and we have used the owlet every single night. It saves me from so much anxiety. I couldn’t imagine our lives without it. ❤️



I would love this give away!! My son is the cutest sweetest little boy!! Thank you for the opportunity:)


Annissa Dubro

Having the owlet would be a dream for us we went through 6 recurrent miscarriages before finally conceiving our little miracle girl. We live her so much and this would give us peace if mind. I worry all the time about her but I think most mom’s do. Thank you for the chance to win this Amazing product.



This is something I wished I had for my first!


FaNeisha S Mathis

This would be my 3rd boy after losing my daughter. I’m very proud of myself for not giving up. I love my boy’s dearly . I just had My 3rd boy this year Oct 12. I’m really enjoying his present. I would love to enter and win on the behalf of my baby boy.


FaNeisha S Mathis



for grandbaby



After losing so many babies, and a stillbirth, and now a very rocky pregnancy with our double rainbow. An owlet would help us rest easier at night after shes borh next month!


Sarah Danielle Thompson

The owlet smart sock has saved our daughter’s life on many occasions. She was a NICU baby due to a prolapsed cord and the ability to monitor her at home while she sleeps is priceless. Would buy the owlet smart sock 10,000 more times just for the reassurance of knowing if anything is wrong while we are all sleeping, that we will be notified.


Vanessa Coreas

This would be an incredible gift for me 🙂 I hope I’m the winner 🙂


Alexis Ross

Winning this owlet would be life changing for my family. My Labor ended with her heart dropping and the doctor taking her out with forceps after about 4 pushes. Her first 2 days of life she was hooked up to machines, had 3 ekgs and an ultrasound of her heart. Her heart drops very low into the 70s. We are now home with a 24hour mobile monitor on her in hopes to get the most accurate reading. After tomorrow we will meet with the specialist to go further. Having this monitor at home would give me such peace of mind!


Maria Butler

Winning an Owlet sock would be such a blessing! This baby is our rainbow baby and this sock would provide such piece of mind.


Dailila Trevino

A very close friend of the family is having a baby next month after 4 miscarriage and 1 still born.
She is super nervous with this pregnancy and I would love to bless her with this product. This smart sock is such a great invention for today’s future.


Danielle Smith

Love Owlet


Stephanie Morace

My husband and are are so excited to use this product. It will give us much needed peace of mind and hopefully some extra sleep.


I would love to win one of the smart socks


Taja’ Roberts

Winning this owlet giveaway would be so amazing. I have had my eye on the owlet since I found out I was pregnant.


Caysee Stevens

I would absolutely love to win. I’ve wanted one of these since before my son was born, I worry so much when he sleeps at night.


Milinda Harper

We have the smart sock 2 and it’s amazing! Being our rainbow after a stillbirth and a SIDS loss this gives us a little peace of mind


Jimella edie

For eight years now I have TRY to conceive I went to the doctor to get a check up that’s when I found out I had a cyst on my right ovary. It was not a threat so my doctor prescribed medications that would help me.after after taking my medications for 4 months,the fifth month I felt really I’ll that’s when I visit my doctor an found out I was pregnant I was so shock I could not move.I am now eight months an 8 days I will be having my baby girl on the 26/11/2018 I would be so super super happy to win this give away for my bundle of joy I am about to give birth to I would like to say thank you very much if I should win this great gift . Thank you very much.



Winning an owlet would be a dream come true! I am about to have my first baby, and I know I will be a nervous wreck and feel like I need to stare at her constantly to make sure she’s breathing. I am starting physical therapy school soon, so I really need some quality sleep in order to both study and be the best mom that I can be.


Kim Perdomo

Would love to win this for my baby girl, she’s a month and a half. I love the concept of this sock being a nurse I know the importance of measuring a baby’s respiratory rate and oxygen saturation. Unfortunately babies come with a lot of expenses and it’s just not reasonable for use to pay $300 for the owlet right now but hopefully by the time she transitions into her crib we will get it !


Excited about the giveaway! Delivering a winter baby here in a few weeks and with the dangerous cold/flu season the Owlet monitor would give me such great piece of mind.


Adriana Pace

My son and daughter-in-law are due on the 12th with their first baby! We are anxiously awaiting his birth!



Love owlet, and we would love to be prepared to welcome our second baby with one!


Adriana Pace

I am Mimi to 3 beautiful grandsons and one to be born any day now!


Krystal Kulp

I would love to win. Can not afford an owlet and it would give me great peace of mind having one for my soon to be born baby boy.


Savannah Von Schwarz

I am expecting my first baby in December! I have heard nothing but amazing things about Owlet and the ease of mind it provides for parents. This would be such an amazing gift to receive!




Emily Hudson

Becoming a first time mom in March and having an owlet would help so much with giving us peace of mind!


Shaunna Hall

Would love to win this giveaway! Our little guys has already battled lots of sicknesses for only being 4mos old, RSV being one of them. Would love some piece of mind at night by having the owlet!



This would be an amazing bundle to win! I am pregnant with our 4th and last baby but first girl



Thank you for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!



We have the owlet and love it! If I won it I would give it to my brother and his wife who are expecting their rainbow baby! The other prizes look wonderful too!


Give away


Tiffany james

I recently applied for the assistance on getting a smart sock and would love the opportunity to win one! My last baby was born a month early and this baby could be here any day. My last 2 boys had breathing and special needs. My youngest had circulation problems so I am on high alert and even more stressed about this newest baby boy.


Sarah Belcher

Would love to win for our baby or one of the many babies being born close to us!


Carrie Kaneski

I would love to gift this Owlet to my cousin who is having her first baby at 40. She is excited for her little ones arrival in April, but nervous of being a new mom, especially since she is having her baby at an older age.


Happy thanksgiving!



Great giveaway!


Kaitlyn Byrd

Owlet is seriously my life saver! It was gifted to me from an amazing friend and I’m so thankful for it. I use it every night!! I can’t sleep with out it on my little one.


Bernadette Lane

Perfect for our Alanie,Born October 3rd,2018
Thanks for the chance
This would be a Blessing



My husband and I really wants to get owlet for our first child coming this December. One of my cousin 15 days old baby boy died last week because he could not breath in the middle of night. That was so shocking for me, specially this time when I’m expecting. So really wants to have it for safety, but still it’s out of our range so winning owlet will be amazing for us..

Leslie Heredia

Having an owlet would be a blessing knowing I dont have to go in the room or wake up to check if shes breathing, my biggest fear is to not feel her breath on my finger. This will be my biggest help due to sometimes waking my little on up.


Whitney saxton

I had twins 10/23/2018!!!


Sidney Pardue

My daughter was born at 30 weeks. And she sometimes stops breathing when she’s sleeping. And it would give me and my husband peace of mind when she gets to come home from the nicu.


Katie McDaniel

I love the owlet! I have already lost one child so having the smart sock when she is asleep, knowing her heart rate and oxygen sat gives me a peace of mind. SO much stress was relieved when I got the owlet. Totally worth the money!


Kiara Hurford

I would love to win an owlet sock! I’ve been looking at them since I was 6 months pregnant and have dreamed of having one for my little girl! She is now almost two months old and I’ve had a habit of waking up constantly just to check on her. I also call anyone watching her often to check while I’m away. This would make our transition to the crib so much easier!


Brianna Regardiz

My baby boy is about to be 10 months old this month. I’d love to win a any of these items for my baby boy !


Would love to win one of these



I love your products. Will have my first grandchild, a girl, May 2019! I won the Smart Sock and can’t wait for her parents to use it.


Naomi Paget

As a mom of multiples, everything is twice as expensive!! It would be a dream to win these amazing prizes to use with my 5 month old twins, especially the owlet since SIDS peaks from 6-9 months! Also my birthday is November 12 so it would be the best gift ever!!


Tiffany Smith

This has been a very rough pregnancy. Much different then my first. I have gestational diabetes and we are worried about time on NICU after birth. This would be such a relief to have the Owlet. I have a friend that has for her little one and she loves it!


Becky Sykes

I am expecting fraternal twins after suffering 5 miscarriages and blood cancer. I would certainly rest easier with my babies with the Owlet.


Tatyana Sherman

This will be our first, and he’s a Rainbow Baby. So the Owlet will give us much peace of mind in making sure our anticipated little one stays safe once he arrives


Amy Hemnes

My first child died from SIDS when he was 1 weeek old. I have 2 more children and am pregnant with my 4th. After having a child die while he slept, I would love to have the owlet monitor for some peace of mind.



My son was born at 33 weeks of pregnancy. He spent around 40 days in the NICU. He was recently released, due to the extensive hospitalization we are in a financial burden. He occasionally forgets to breathe. Winning the Owelet sock would be awesome.


Autumn Webb

Thank you for this amazing giveaway and chance to win!


Autumn Webb

Thank you for this chance.. I would love to win an owlet for peace of mind!



My sister has been tho so munch and after waiting 12 years she is now 25 weeks but Unfortunately has full placenta previa which means she will have to have a C-section and he will be born early she is already spent six weeks in the hospital due to severe bleeding she’s now home and doing much better just trying to let him bake in there a little bit more so this would most guaranteed to make her sleep easier at night Fingers crossed



Would love to win for my twins due in Feb! Peace of mind is priceless!


Amanda Sasso

Would love to win as I cannot afford it right now !


Emily Orth

Such an interesting and useful product!


Shauna Demars

I have an owlet already and I’m certain that it saved my baby’s life. After numerous red notifications in his first few weeks of life, he was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. He is expected to grow out of it but I can’t even begin to express my thanks to owlet for saving my baby’s life and the peace of mind that I’m able to have now.


Ravi Bansal

I really hope we win I love researching new products and reporting different health and wellness aspects as I work in sanitary ware manufacturing I love diving into the details.


madonna mcgonigal

This is a great product. I sleep so much better now that my LO is safe.



I’ve heard nothing but good things and know the Owlet would give me some peace of mind.


BrendA Witkowski

The owlet has been a god send with my anxiety, and our baby girl was premature so this has really help ease our minds at night . The other prizes sound amazing


Danielle Mckinley

This is so exciting. My husband and I just had our first son . He is one month old, and I’m terrified of transitioning him to the crib and his own room. I feel the owlet will make the transition a breeze because of the peace of mind it will provide. Fingers crossed that we could be fortunate enough to win! Thanks for doing the giveaway, and best of luck everyone!


Danielle Mckinley

This is so exciting. My husband and I just had our first son . He is one month old, and I’m terrified of transitioning him to the crib and his own room. I feel the owlet will make the transition a breeze because of the peace of mind it will provide. Fingers crossed that we could be fortunate enough to win! Thanks for doing the giveaway, and best of luck everyone!

Zoe Graves

We are expecting our first child and are so excited! As healthcare workers we’ve seen a lot that can happen, and the Owlet would give us peace of mind for our little one!


Chelsea Sheppard

I’m a new mom Of a two month old. I’m a nurse and love the idea of having a monitor on our baby, but it’s not in our budget with me finishing up maternity leave.



Love this product. Eases your mind.


Maile Ashby

I hope I win! I could really benefit from this!


Alexis Weber

My daughter just had a sweet baby girl she was a few weeks early. We almost lost her cord was wrapped around her neck. She would love a sock and grandmas piece of mind!


Daniela Hafley

I am thankful for owlet!



This is beautiful. As a first time and single mother that would me help a lot because I don’t have much help with the baby. That would ease my fears.


Brandy Renee Roberts

Winning the smartsock would be amazing because this is my first baby I have had one miscarriage and I’m really freaking out this time!!!!


Always wanted an Owlet!


Trisha Mooney

I would love to get an owlet for my baby!


Libby Smith

Winning an Owlet would be amazing!! We just had our first baby, and he had spent almost a week in the NICU because he had breathing problems. An Owlet would definitely give us peace of mind at night. It’s a bit expensive right now, as my husband and I are both going to school, so a giveaway win would be a huge blessing!



We just had our first baby. This would be amazing to win. It would give me peace of mind especially once we transition her into her crib and out of the bassinet.


Melissa Cuara

We just had our first baby. This would be amazing to win. Especially once we trandition her into her crib from the bassinet.


Valerie Tobia

I would be blessed to have this for my rainbow baby due in April – to take some of the new mom stress and anxiety off of me!


Ashlee Hervet

I have a premature baby that was due in January but made his arrival September 29th and we’re currently in the nicu and I would love one of these for when we go home


Sherry Strahla

Grandson is due in December.


Brittany Kluver

I will be fostering to adopt after my certification approves in January and this would help me rest easier knowing the baby would be safe.


Megan Alexander

Would absolutely love to win the owlet monitor for my baby girl!! This is my 3rd baby and 1st girl!! I definitely cannot afford to purchase one as we are tight with all the bills and debt management we’re going through right now. A lot of our items got the nursery ate hand me downs since it’s been 4 years since our youngest was born. This would be amazing!!


Mary Clyde King

I would love to win this. I’m having my second child in December and these were not available with my first. I’ve heard great things about them and know it would bring this momma a peace of mind for sure!



I would love to win this for my first born baby boy. I am due in just a few weeks!


Lisa Poulin

My son was born via emergency c section because his heart rate kept dropping drastically during labor since his birth his heart rate still fluctuates having the owlet would give me peace of mind and a good night’s sleep


Latoya Burrell

I had a baby boy on October 8th 2018



We would love to win this. Our daughter was diagnosed with Atrial Tachycardia (an abnormally high heart rate) when she was 1 month old and is on medication to keep her heart beat down to normal levels. This would help us ensure her heart rate is at the right level and give us peace of mind!


Karen rios

Love the owlet


Like the colors too



Would love to win this for my brother he’s expecting his first child sadly they miscarried before this baby so hoping for a full term healthy baby this time. I have a smart sock and it is a great piece of mind I have a 3 month old who was born 2 months early so he was in NICU for 7 weeks and this sock has helped me sleep and my brother is just a worry wart as me, and he would definitely love this sock, but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy him one So it would be amazing to win!


Shania Clinedinst

I am very excited that I have discovered Owlet! As my husband and I are now parents-to-be (we are expecting in March) we are elated to find a company
focused on creating a quality product that reassures piece of mind. Winning the Owlet Smart Sock would be such an honor and I can’t wait to notify my friends and family about this product.



I saw a segment on the news recently about how the SmartSock has saved lives, and think having this type of security is invaluable for any new parent!





Albert Salazar

I’ve heard great things about this product. Nothing would make our family happier than to win one and have the peace and comfort that comes along with it. Thank you for your innovative products that make parents lives amazing!


Danielle Henderson

To win the owelet would be such a blessing and lift the weight off of our shoulders. We conceived our baby boy through IVF and we know that he’ll be our one and only. To be able to use the owlet, it would bring such peace of mind for our little man.



Newborn on oxygen and I’m deaf in one ear. Would be a lifesaver!!


Michele Pineda

such a nice prize package! While I am not expecting myself, I still had to enter for my new grandbaby coming in Feb. this would be so nice for him! Thanks for the chance!



I am having my c-section on 11/15, I am so excited to meet her. I have spent months reading about the Owlet and purchased one two weeks ago, I can’t wait to try it. I am looking forward to the comfort it will bring us! Thank you


Gina Harkness

Please pick me!


Awesome that you do giveaways! As a nurse practitioner I love everything about Owlet!!


Madison Mayne

This is and amazing giveaway! My daughter was born a week late and had an infection in her lungs which cause her to have to stay in the nicu for a while. We had to bring her home on oxygen and she just passed her test to be off of it last week after being on it for almost 2 months. The owlet sock would really help me sleep better because I would be able to know how shes doing throughout the night. Especially with it getting to cold season where breathing issues could start happening for her again.


Dana Deloian

We would LOVE to win this owlet. I am due any day now and want the best for my little one! Looking forward to a peaceful rest knowing the owlet is monitoring our little boy while he is sleeping.


Sabrina Wells

We love Owlet. After our 2 week old stopped breathing and was hospitalized, we couldnt go without it. My dog chewed up the foot piece when he was 9 months so we were just going to replace that part. Unfortunately hurricane Michael took out the rest of the system a month ago so we are scrambling to get one before new baby comes. It would be such a relief to win one!


Pattie Vongsoasup

We are expecting our first next year and would love to have an owlet to watch over our little one to give us and our parents peace of mind.


Just had my baby girl 2 in half weeks ago. She is perfect! We have an owlet sock and it is AMAZING! I love this item. Definitely a relief during the night.


Madison Mayne

Such a great giveaway! My daughter was born a week late. She had an infection in her lungs and had to stay in the NICU for a while. We brought her home on oxygen and she just passed her oxygen test to be off of it last week. I worry about her throughout the night and would be able to sleep so much better if I could know for sure how she was doing while asleep.


Leah Wilson

Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to be able to own these products for our baby, Oakland! I have wanted the owlet for piece of mind for a while now. Such a wonderful product!!


Shelbi Collins

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in December! These products would be great to have since everything for a newborn is so expensive and as parents you just want to provide the best!


Kristen Crook

Please pick us!


Amber Crandell

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win any of these prizes! My little one is 6 weeks old. He is the light of my life. Winning any of these prizes would be a blessing


Erin Baker

I would love to win one!


Michele Kelley

Wining the Owlet would be amazing for us! Our daughter, born on 10/14/18, has a heart murmur, so this would help give us some reassurance. Winning the other products would be icing on the cake!!!


Shelby Nelson

Excited for a new baby to come and while I’ve always thought the monitors are great, we just don’t have the budget for it.


Marlene PIEDRA

First time mom and overly excited to have my baby with me! This product is by far a must have, you never know what can go wrong. May the baby with the most need win it 🙂



As a single parent of twin 3 year old daughters, a almost on year old little boy who have all had breathing problems as infants it would be a life changer to have the reasurance at night for the one little one on the way.


Lauren Zayas

Been wanting to try this product!!


Brandy S Love

I would love to win all this for my new baby boy.


Brook Mooney

Great giveaway! The Owlet seems more important during cold/flu season where breathing issues could arise. Thank you!


Awesome product


Daniela Poveda

I have anxiety and also have panic attacks this will definitely help me put my mind at ease when the baby sleeping.



I love this product, I bought one with my first son & found infant relief & then bought one for my friend rainbow baby.



This would be amazing to win!


Jenna Senstock

Wonderful giveaway! Would love to win!


Jenna Senstock

Wonderful giveaway!



Wonderful giveaway!


Rachel curtis

My husband and I are currently out of a job and we can’t afford a baby monitor but if we won the owelet that would ease so much of our worry with our daughter. Both sides of our family has heart problems and so the doctors said to keep a close eye on our little one….needless to say we don’t get much sleep


Allison Rockafellow

Honestly I would love to win. I got pregnant 15 days after a miscarriage, so I’ve been very “on the edge” since the beginning. I was told at my nuchal scan that they saw a small hole in his heart, and I immediately began to worry. Since then the hole has closed up, but of course I want to make sure everything goes smoothly after he’s born. I would love to say I could easily purchase the owlet on my own, but I know I can’t. I’ve heard so many testimonies where women have said it was the best, and gave them peace of mind. I would love to have that as well!



Fianlly wxpecting my rainbow baby after a extremely emotional fight with infertility and miscarriage. So excited for the most special time in our life!


Katie Kloss

This would be so great to win. Knowing my baby will be safe is very important to me !!



Thank you for this giveaway!





Sarah Schwartz

This would be amazing to win with #4 on the way and a very lively home!


Angela ousley

My daughter is expecting and her due date is January 9.


Alexis Mulé

I would appreciate the help of winning these items as my husband and I both worked for the same company and it shut down leaving us with no job and we have 3 other children.


Catalina Cantu

I worked as a child fatality investigator for multiple years in Houston, Texas and know the true dangers of SIDS. The Owlet is a life saving device and every parent with an infant should own one.


Brittany Sottini

I added this to my registry even though I don’t know if I get a baby shower anymore and I am saving a little every paycheck! I want to sleep confidently when new baby comes home


I would really love to win the giveaway for my daughter. I hope I win ❤️


Adriana C

Having our third and last baby after 10 years, didn’t think we were able to conceive and then we got a wonderful surprise. So much had changed in the baby world with these amazing gadgets that keep our little ones safe, I’d love to be able to own and use these item’s on our last little one.


Fingers crossed



Ahh this would make a world of a difference in my little guys life and his future siblings!!



I would love this ! We are trying to adopt our first baby and money is tight because of that. I would love this so much!


Brittany Sottini

I hope to win this is on my registry but I don’t know if I get to have a baby shower any more due to family stuff


Brittany Sottini

I love threes products and have so many friends that have babies that adore these and hemp their babies sleep at night and so many pregnant mamas adding these to their registries and saving a little each paycheck!


Natalya Rusev

Would love to win for my baby girl Isabella ! This would be used for her and my next baby !


Kristie Charvet

I love all of these products! I would be so excited to have them for my new little girl!


My MIL promised us an owlet and it fell through, so I didn’t plan on budgeting for one. I’d be so grateful for an owlet!


Sara Scheuermann

Our first baby is coming in March! I would be so grateful if we were to win the owlet for our baby boy, as I had troubles breathing for my first year as a baby and had to be on a monitor anytime I slept. I hear how terrifying that was for my parents, and so it would definitely put my mind at ease knowing our baby is safe. Thank you for doing this!


Jennifer Moore

I love the owlet. Best baby product I bought!



I love the idea of the owlet.


Emily Martin

The lie! The BEST baby product out there. Would love to win this giveaway for our new addition to the family.


Jessica Ross

I’m an over 40 year old mother to be, expecting a rainbow baby! After experiencing many complications from my daughter’s birth 5 years ago, an owlet word truly bring peace of mind to my worried heart. Thank you for the opportunity to win!


This would be amazing


Casey Ray Edens

I will love to have one for my baby son he has CCAM and we don’t sleep well because we have to make sure his breathing okay and this product will give as peace of mind we will used 24/7 we can’t afford it.


Maricruz german

Winning would be a good thing for us helps in some baby needs thank you so much


Jazmin Martinez

Winning the owlet for my sister would be incredible because after having a miscarriage with her triplets she is finally almost ready to give birth and she is more nervous than before and I believe the owlet would really help minimize her stress every night.


Brittany cherry

I have a family member that has unfortunately lost a child to sids. Having this product would really give me piece of mind. Being able to share what this product does first hand with my friends and family might help them too.



Amazing giveaway!!!

Elena Poteat

My daughter is having her first baby and my first grand baby. Would love to have these gifts for her.


Karli Zella

My little one is my first, we would be SO grateful for any gifts given. We have had a rough go of it this year, as he stopped gaining weight at 4 months he lost some weight. We learned he has a dairy allergy and I have had to cut it out of my diet to continue to breastfeed. We ended up pumping all of his meals, because his reflux was so severe. I am now, that he is 9 months, finally able to truly feel like a breastfeeding mama, since his reflux subsided.


Jasmine Valenzuela

It would be an amazing thing to win this contest! Especially since were not able to give our babygirl most things which breaks my heart…it woukd be the best thing in the world to get something nice for her!


Kristen Hale

My third baby is expected in 7 weeks! Each time I have a baby, I wake up 10+ extra times in the night just to check if she’s breathing. Mama needs her sleep! Would love to win this for peace of mind and safety of my baby.



Amwrsome products!!


Maretta Rosenbaum

My grand daughter is having her first baby , after losing 6 . She is very nervous, and had to deal with so much to even get pregnant, that would ease her mind if she could win an owlet for her baby boy


Jessica Long

Winning the owlet would be a dream for us! We are currently expecting our first child whom we conceived through IVF, so most of our extra money has went into making this little miracle baby and we sadly do not have the funds to purchase the owlet at this moment. Winning this would give us the peace of mind we desperately need as we still continue to struggle with fears due to our struggle and previous history. Praying this is our chance at that peace!


Britni Sams

I love the idea of the owlet. Sadly, it is just not in our budget right now. I hope to get one for when we make the big change from rocker to crib!



Amazing give away!! I love everything about Owlet! Struggling with infertility, much of our money is going to helping us get pregnant! Winning would just be a dream come true!



Amazing giveaway! Struggling with infertility, much of our money is going to helping us get pregnant!! So winning any of these products would be a dream come true!!



Great giveaway! The Owlet seems more important during cold/flu season where breathing issues could arise. Thank you!


Skyla Syprasert

Beautiful products!



It would be cool to win any one of these prizes but to win them all would be amazing



I would love one for my baby I get so scared at night when he’s asleep it would help me a lot !


Sydney Visser

I would love to have one of these so I won’t worry when my baby girl arrives.



This baby is our first and while we are super excited we are also nervous…but mostly excited!


Always wanted an Owlet for of course the peace of mind. Just not in the budget right now



It’ll definitely ease my anxiety



I’ve heard such good things about the owlet. I’d love to have them for our twin boys!



Would love all these products for our baby boy!


Tatum Sundust

I would love to win this giveaway! I will have Irish twins in March of 2019!



This would be so nice to have, most of the night I can’t sleep worryin if baby is okay so I have to keep checking up on her. Thankyou for this opportunity


Eileen Cushman

Would love to win for my daughter who is expecting in January


Kiley Leininger

Would love this for my son due in March. My brother loves his owlette and said it was worth every penny!



This would give ms, my wife and Baby a great start to our journey. Thank you for making products which will
change the future for our next generations to come!!



As a mommy with Anxiety this would be amazing to help put my mind at ease.


Haley Lauren Gonzales

Love this product! We had the first generation several years ago and are looking to reinvest in the new one!



I’d love this bundle for my future bundle!


Katie kelley

I would love to have one, so I can rest better when baby girl arrives!


Heather Giles

I love the owlet monitors, recommend them to everyone when I find out they are having a baby.


You’re good if you can see how many entries you have on the widget. 🙂



I would really like the sock to feel safe with my baby at night


Madi Hindes

Thank you!


Delilah Allen

Awesome giveaway. Thank you for doing it!


Jonelle Krajewski

We are so excited to add our little one to our family! The smart sock seems like such a great tool for enhancing peace of mind in those first weeks!


Precious Mendez

How do I know my entries are in ? It shows three entries all the time, but no submit or done.



We’ve been looking at the owlet and we want one so bad!!! We’re worried about having a baby during rsv season!



First Baby Due in March


Alexa Lee

Thank you Owlet 🙂


What an incredible product! As a nurse, I 100% see the value in this, and would love to have one for our little one 🙂



Expecting another and this would be a game changer!


Lindsey slauter

Been trying to get one of these for my preemie son. He’s had two scary episodes . This would help ease our minds when there is so much anxiety


Sereena A.

We have friends and family that have this and we’d love to get it for our first born!


Erica Schenck Pudlo

Such a live saver and to give parent extra peace of mind!

Morgan Daigle

We are expecting triplets!


Gina Najor

Everyone raves about this! I would love to put my mind at ease and have this!


Lindsay Burns

This would be great to ease the mind of a new mom!


Jessica Fitzhugh

Would love this! Such great products


Jessica Fitzhugh

Would love this!


Susan martinez

Thank you


Raven Shrader

This is so cool! Baby #1 coming in May!! And we’re so excited!


Marissa Daugherty

I have heard amazing things about this prouduct and would love to have it for our next child!


Allison rivers

Would love to win


Ashley Danilkowicz

I have a baby girl that’s 5 months old! I would love to win the owlet or other amazing gifts that I would be able to provide for her!


Sofia Larot

I would love an Owelet sock! I ended up going into preterm labor while we were in another state, and this would be so helpful on the drive back home and when our preemie sleeps at home.


The prizes look amazing


Noelle bradford

Please pick my newborn and I


Eileen Cushman

Would love for my grand baby on the way January 2019


Angel Thompson

I love all the products:)


Miranda Shaw

You guys are so amazing for doing so many giveaways to get moms to have a peace of mind!