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11 Things Every Woman Has Experienced at the OBGYN Office

July 11, 2016

No matter how comfortable you are with your body, there is always a nervousness that creeps in when you have an OBGYN appointment. (Or dentist appointment, if we’re being totally honest, here.) Laugh with us as we list all the all-too-awkward things every woman has experienced at the OBGYN office.

  1. When you’re not sure if you should take just the afternoon off or the entire day for your appointment

drew carey


2. When you nervously wonder if shaving will make everyone more comfortable



3. When you get there and realize, yeah, you probably should’ve taken the whole day off.

be with you in a min


4. When the nurse tells you to get undressed and leaves you a shapeless paper “gown.”

dwight are you serious


5. When the doctor comes in and asks how you’re doing, and you try to act cool but you’re extremely nervous.



6. When the doctor puts your legs up and asks if you’re okay.

awkward anna


7. But then the doctor notices you’re clenching your fists, teeth, and everything clenchable, and tells you to just relax.


8. When the pressure during the exam makes you pray that you’ll make it through.poop


9. When your husband comes with you to your appointment and you have to apologize afterwards.lilo im sorry


10. If you get lucky and don’t need an exam at your appointmentdidnt hvae to take pants off

11. When you’re about to leave and your doctor says, “see you next time… for your cervix check.”

dramatic groundhog

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2 thoughts on “11 Things Every Woman Has Experienced at the OBGYN Office


Scott Manuel

Those memes are so funny!!!!. Can’t contain my laugh.



thanks for giving a little comic relief to the subject, especially considering us introverts who can barely absorb a hug from a caring friend.