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How Much Weight Will I Gain During My Pregnancy?

September 16, 2015

Now that you are 17 weeks pregnant, if you already haven’t, you will start to show that you are pregnant. With an increasing waistline, you might be wondering how much weight can you expect to gain during your pregnancy? We’ll address that topic here and give you some tips to help you stay healthy during your pregnancy.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

How much you gain during pregnancy initially depends on how much you weigh prior to getting pregnant. If your pre-pregnancy weight was in the healthy range for your height at conception, you should gain between 25 and 35 pounds. If you were underweight for your height, you should gain 28 to 40 pounds. If you were overweight for your height, you should gain 15 to 25 pounds. If you were obese for your height, you should gain between 11 and 20 pounds.

For twins, you should gain 37 to 54 pounds if you started at a healthy weight, 31 to 50 pounds if you were overweight, and 25 to 42 pounds if you were obese.

Eating Healthy

As you may have already heard, the phrase “eating for two” while pregnant is not true. In fact, you do not need any additional calories during your first trimester. And, for your second trimester, you only need 340 extra calories a day, and 450 extra calories daily in your third trimester. So, think in terms of how you can add extra healthy foods to your diet to help consume those extra calories. Banana and nut butter, veggies and hummus, apple slices and string cheese- try and make healthy choices for those extra calories.

Staying Active

If you’re able to, and if your doctor gives you the go ahead, try and stay active during your pregnancy. I know for a lot of women energy levels tend to fall in the first and third trimesters, so take advantage of any day that you do have energy to go on a brisk walk or do any type of prenatal exercise- like lifting light weights, prenatal yoga or pilates, cardio barre, or refer to these dozen of pins on Pinterest for exercise ideas.

Body Changes

Even if you are making an effort to avoid that French-fry, sundae, chocolate, or any other food that isn’t the healthiest craving, and you are exercising, no matter what you try, you are bound to not only grow in your belly but elsewhere too. We thought this table from webmd.com was very helpful to see where the weight is dispersed during pregnancy:

Where Does the Extra Weight Go During Pregnancy?

Baby: 8 pounds

Placenta: 2-3 pounds

Amniotic fluid: 2-3 pounds

Breast tissue: 2-3 pounds

Blood supply: 4 pounds

Stored fat for delivery and breastfeeding: 5-9 pounds

Larger uterus: 2-5 pounds

Total: 25-35 pounds

That’s a lot! So, remember: give yourself some slack and enjoy your time being pregnant. Your body is growing right along with your baby, so be kind to it!

What helped you be mindful of your weight gain during pregnancy?

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2 thoughts on “How Much Weight Will I Gain During My Pregnancy?

Avatar for Lacey Pappas

Lacey Pappas

LOVE that idea!

Avatar for Angela Silva

Angela Silva

I didn’t weigh myself at home, I always just watched the scale at my dr. appointments and kept a mental note. But if my doctor didn’t mention anything and I knew I was in the healthy range, I didn’t worry about it! It can be easy to overly stress about weight gain during pregnancy as it does accumulate quick, so avoiding the scale at home was how I made sure to keep a healthy mindset about it.