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How to celebrate an adoptive mom

January 31, 2017

Babies, motherhood and parenthood come in various forms. We love celebrating family in all of its various iterations so want to honor adoptive parents, and share a few ways to celebrate an adoptive mom.

If the baby is a newborn…

All of the “traditional” ways of welcoming a newborn are great ideas… showers, meals, cards, flowers, balloons, etc. While the overall adoption process is often long and laborious, sometimes the time between a family being selected by a birth mom and dad and the baby’s birth is quick. Therefore, baby showers and meals might need to be scheduled after baby has arrived at home. Consult with your friend about what would work best for her and her family, and honor her wishes. Also, if there are other children at home, offer to babysit them so mama can have some good one-on-one bonding time with baby.

If the child is older…

If the adopted child is older, think about age-appropriate ways to help her feel welcome. You could make a family gift basket that is comprised of items for each family member, respectful of their likes and interests. This could be especially appreciated if there are other children at home because it helps welcome the new child, while also acknowledging his/her new siblings. If the family needs alone time to bond, consider a dropping off meals or groceries on their doorstep, and be respectful of any new boundaries that may develop because of their new dynamic.

If the child is a foster child…

I have some amazing friends who have chosen to become foster parents, and let me tell you, it’s not easy! Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to approach a foster care situation because it might not be permanent. Most often, I would recommend holding off on formal showers or celebrations until when/if the child is adopted. In the meantime, offers to help babysit, dropping off meals and/or groceries and gifts of more practical items like diapers and wipes are probably your best route. When in doubt, ask your mama friend what she would prefer.

Just remember that whatever you end up doing, make sure the focus is to celebrate and honor your friend and her new family unit. Be sensitive to the situation surrounding the adoption as well as the adoption process, and always offer to be there for emotional support when needed.


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