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How to Design a Cute but Safe Nursery

August 10, 2020

Hours could be spent scouring Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for beautifully-decorated nurseries. As you consider each component of your baby’s nursery and pour your heart into each detail, consider these design ideas and, more importantly, these safety protocols to help you design a timelessly trendy yet safe and secure nursery for your baby to sleep and grow in comfort and style.

Opt for hand-crafted, durable furniture built to last

Real, solid wood and durable designs are trending right now as more people are viewing furniture as an investment. Nursery furniture is no exception. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also safer for Baby. Composite, pressed, and other types of manufactured wood can contain formaldehyde, and can also be more prone to breaking or tipping.

Make sure that you anchor pieces of furniture that can be a tipping hazard, like dressers and wardrobes. Consider placing corner guards on low, sharp-cornered furniture or fixtures such as fireplaces.

Create meaningful DIY projects

Putting the time and energy into handmade décor or furniture adds more meaning to your nursery and the memories made there. From a hand-painted crib and coordinating furniture to a custom painting, create a custom nursery just for your baby. As you begin these projects, make sure to use water-based paints that will be safe for your baby once the teething stage sets in.

As you hang artwork, consider using canvas materials rather than heavy frames to avoid injury or damage if they fall.

Create a comfortable feeding area

Choose a comfy chair with a cute, matching print where you can spend those late nights feeding in comfort. Place a table or small shelf nearby to hold supplies and a lamp, and consider an ottoman or footrest for optimal comfort. A feeding area is a cozy addition to a nursery where you can feed your baby safely that will help avoid the temptation to bring the baby into your bed.

Remember to secure any electrical cords to the lamp or other devices safely out of baby’s reach. Similarly, place outlet covers over outlets not being used to prevent electrical accidents.

Crib design: go for simple

Not only are straight, simple lines trendy, but keeping the crib simple is also safer for your baby. The only things in the crib should be the mattress and a fitted sheet. Avoid the temptation to adorn the crib with cute pillows, animals, and blankets as these are a suffocation hazard.

The placement of the crib should also be considered, for design and safety purposes. Proximity to the changing table is convenient for those inevitable leaky-diapers but should be safely away from the window so Baby can’t reach any cords or curtains and pull them down.

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