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How To Get Baby To Sleep [Expert Insights & Tips]

July 9, 2018

Finding time to sleep as a new parent can be difficult, especially when your baby isn’t sleeping well. And with a lack of sleep comes an increase in stress and anxiety, which can exacerbate strong feelings that are already present during such an emotional time. But what can you do if your baby struggles with sleep?

Whether they are regressing in their sleep schedule or have struggled with sleep from birth, here are 10 tips on how to make baby sleep better. Better sleep for baby allows you both to get the rest you need.

1. Establish A Routine

Trying to figure out how to get baby to sleep through the night? One of the most important steps is introducing a regular nightly routine. Consider giving baby a bath, feeding him or her, and then reading a book or singing lullabies before putting them down for the night.

2. Avoid Making Eye Contact

While this sounds a little strange, engaging in too much eye contact with your baby can leave your child excited and awake, which is definitely not what you want when putting them to sleep. When putting your child to sleep establish a routine that best fits their needs and will enable them to fall asleep faster and sleep better.

3. Don’t Change Baby’s Diaper

Changing baby’s diaper during every nighttime feeding can wake them up. Instead, invest in super absorbent overnight diapers, and opt to only change a diaper if it’s poopy. Sanitation is important, so this tip is a little more flexible in nature. Try to avoid changing diapers unnecessarily if you can, and use a wipe warmer (or warm them between your hands) to reduce the risk of waking your baby.

4. Dream Feed

Another way to improve your chances of getting baby back to sleep quickly after a nighttime feeding is to dream feed. Simply feed baby before you go to bed, while baby is sleeping, instead of waiting for baby to wake up on their own.

5. Stockpile Pacifiers

If your baby takes a pacifier, make sure you have more than one on hand at night in an easily-accessible location. Another excellent idea is to purchase glow-in-the-dark pacifiers to improve your chances of finding them in the dark.

6. Set A Bedtime

Waiting for baby to get too tired is actually something to avoid, as babies tend to get fussier and fight sleep harder the more exhausted they are. Schedule a bedtime routine before baby gets too tired and avoid the sleep fight.

7. Try A Massage

According to studies, babies fall asleep faster when they receive a massage just before bedtime. Couple the massage with baby bedtime lotion, and you’re sure to have a sleeping child in no time. A massage can help your baby relax and slip into more peaceful sleep, which in turn means you’ll get more peaceful sleep as well.

8. Keep Lights Off

Avoid turning on lights during nighttime feedings and diaper changes to prevent baby from waking up completely. If you do need some light, consider the use of a nightlight, but try to keep the room as dark as possible. You can also use a small flashlight to help you navigate the room while still keeping it as dark.

9. Swaddle

Swaddling baby snuggly at bedtime is a great way to help him or her feel comfortable and secure, allowing them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Take a cue from your baby—does he or she prefer to have their hands up by their face? Do they like being tightly confined with their arms down? Swaddling your baby in a way that’s most comfortable to them makes a better night’s sleep more possible.

10. Use A Noise Machine

Is your baby a light sleeper? Try out a noise machine to create the right amount of background noise and block out other sounds in the house, giving baby a better chance at a restful night’s sleep.

Sleep Better Now

With these simple tips, you’ll no longer have to wonder how to get baby to sleep. Try all or just a few and start enjoying a good night’s sleep again. If you want assurance your baby is okay while they are sleeping, try Owlet’s Smart Sock to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

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