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How to Help Your Spouse Worry Less

July 30, 2018

A baby brings on a roller-coaster of emotions, with some of the happiest-highs and some draining, anxiety-fueled-lows. Babies can’t verbalize what they need and being responsible for every facet of their well-being can cause a lot worry and anxiety, especially for a new parent. Here are some ways you can lower your anxiety and help your partner worry less as a new parent.

Set up a routine

The benefit of a baby being completely dependent on you is the control it gives you. You can set a routine that works for you and that your baby will learn to expect. This can help reduce the unpredictable situations that invite stress. Babies thrive with a routine, and they will allow you to notice changes easier to make life easier.

Include him/her as much as possible

It is often the partner who spends the least amount of time with the baby is who worries the most. Especially when baby is sick or other unique circumstances arise, stress can escalate when one parent is gone and not involved in the care of the baby. To help manage the stress of being away, involve that parent as much as possible. Whenever you can, hold off on making decisions until you can make them together. Send updates throughout the day so when that parent comes home he/she doesn’t feel out of the loop.

Assign responsibilities

Regardless of who stays home with the baby or if baby has other caretakers during the day, split-up responsibilities so that nothing is left undone and both parents share equal responsibility in the care of the baby. Perhaps it’s dad’s job to make sure diapers, wipes, and diaper rash ointment are always in stock, and it’s mom’s job to always make sure enough breast milk or formula is on hand. Communicate and pay attention to each other’s needs so that nobody feels overwhelmed or stressed. You’re in this together.

Get out together

Sometimes a change of scenery is the key to eliminating stress. Make it a priority to find a trusted babysitter and get out, just the two of you. Give yourselves a break from the responsibility and worries (as much as you can). This is where your “village” comes in to help your family be your best selves.

Learn stress-management techniques together

My husband and I have recently started doing guided yoga from YouTube videos. It completely takes our minds off of the stresses of the day, relaxes us, and we often break a sweat while doing it. Find stress-management and relaxation techniques that you can do with your partner. When my son was a fussy newborn, we learned that going for walks would often calm him down and also help us clear our minds. It is well worth your time to go through as many ideas and suggestions you hear about until you find what works for you.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and finding ways to reduce worry and stress so you can enjoy your baby is definitely a worthy pursuit.

How do you manage your stress and worry as a new parent?

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