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11 Ways to Include a Baby in Holiday Traditions

December 16, 2015

Babies are so wonderful. The holidays are so wonderful. Having a baby during the holiday season might just make for the most wonderful holiday season you’ve ever had!

But wait, we’re talking about a baby here. Babies can’t do much, especially eat candy corns or sing Christmas carols for all to hear. So how do you incorporate your little baby into your holiday festivities?

Don’t worry, there are PLENTY of activities and traditions you can do with your lil’ punkin! And while he/she might not know what’s going on in the moment, you both will treasure looking back at pictures and keepsakes from the special memories you helped create with them.

Involve them in the decorations

There are so many craft ideas that feature the little feet or hands of your tiny angel. A quick Pinterest search will give you plenty of ideas. My favorite is salt dough ornaments so I always have an imprint of their tiny hands or feet. It’s super easy to make and you can turn their little hand or foot print into a reindeer or a Santa face, or anything else you (or Pinterest) can think of!

Send a letter to Santa

This is a fun tradition that can include your little sweetie’s current favorite toys, games, etc.

Serve someone else

Starting a tradition of serving others is one that will leave a wonderful legacy of love while creating priceless memories together. An activity such as making and delivering cookies for neighbors, collecting food for a food drive, making blankets for a hospital, or making extra decorations from the above idea for a nursing home are all things you can do with a baby around.

Take commemorative Christmas photos

You can’t miss the opportunity for an adorable holiday photoshoot with your little snowman! Here is an awesome Buzzfeed list with 29 awesome photo ideas:

You could even make it an ongoing tradition using the same prop every year to display as they get older.

Sing Christmas songs

You’re never too young to start learning Christmas songs! Your baby already loves hearing your voice, and no matter how bad you think you sing your baby LOVES hearing you sing! Make it even more baby-centered by coming up with motions or actions that involve them for some common fun Christmas songs (think “The itsy bitsy spider” meets “Jingle Bells”).

Kid’s Nativity toy

Now that you have a child, you can start teaching them about the Christmas story if you’re religious by getting them a child’s Nativity set. There are several to choose from, this Fisher Price one is my favorite:

They will love pulling this out every year and arranging and re-arranging it over and over.

Christmas pajamas

If you haven’t already been coordinating your baby’s outfits with your own (that’s what babies are for, right?), you can start now with Christmas pajamas! If you’re crafty you can make your own or embellish some plain ones, but there are soooo many cute and funny sets you can buy, as well. Get the ones pictured here. And you can just tell your husband that I said this is non-negotiable 😉

Get a classic book to start that tradition

Reading to your baby is one of the best, most stimulating activities you can do for their development, so head to the library or the bookstore and stock up on Christmas books! Owning some of the classics makes for a fun tradition of reading the same stories every year, but you could also do a 12-days of Christmas activity that involves reading a different Christmas book every night.

Watch a classic Christmas movie

If you haven’t noticed a theme here, I tend to prefer the classics. And nothing quite gets me in the Christmas mood like watching the 1974 classic, “The year without a Santa.”

Of course “Elf” and “The Polar Express” are other favorites that you can watch with the littles.

Play in the snow

Snow is fun for everyone, even if for only a moment to feel it for the first time. Let your little one touch, grab, and feel the snow in his/her tiny fingers. If your baby is a little older and able to sit and play, bundle them up in some snow clothes and let them play for a short while.

Playing in the snow will be a stimulating sensory experience for them, as well as the beginning of a love affair with the white, fluffy symbol of the season.

Watch a parade or look at lights

Christmas parades are a wonderful sight, and your baby will love looking at all of the different lights, shapes, and colors on all of the floats.

There are also holiday festivals you could attend that your baby would be entranced by. Basically anything with lights, colors, or sounds will probably attract your baby’s attention. But if your plan is to drive around looking at lights on houses, don’t be surprised to look back and see your little bundle of holiday joy sleeping soundly.

Have any more traditions that involve your new baby? Share with us!

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4 thoughts on “11 Ways to Include a Baby in Holiday Traditions



Those christmas pajamas are absolutely adorable. We have a tradition at our house of putting on our pajamas the night after thanksgiving and writing christmas letters to santa. Our younger kids truly enjoy it.



Some many wonderful ideas! I love the one about starting a tradition of reading to your little guy. I love reading to kids and seeing their curios, amazed faces! I will also be getting some new Christmas pajamas because they are so fun! We already own 2 pairs but you can never have enough, right?



It’s laborious to search out educated folks on this topic, however you sound like you understand what you’re speaking about! Thanks


Sandra Azar

My 2 years old son love to decorating or watching movies on holidays, but he is kinda gets bored in the party dinner table. You know, when the adults are talking and chit chating their nothing much for a 2 years old guy to do and he gets really bored. But I don’t want to let him playing around when me and my guests are having dinner because I’m scared that he would hurt himself so I always keep him sitting next to me at the table. Do you have any ideas to make him enjoy the dinner table more?