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How to Set Up Your Owlet Cam

January 17, 2019

We are so excited for you to start using your new Owlet Cam! Whether you have your Cam and are ready to set it up or you’re patiently waiting for it to come in the mail, we’re here to help make the setup process go smoothly. Before diving in, make sure and download the New Owlet App in the App Store or Google Play Store so we can get started.

1. Turn on your Owlet Cam

Start by connecting the Micro USB end of the Smart Cable to your Owlet Cam. Next, connect the Standard USB end of the Smart Cable to the USB Power Adapter and plug it in. Pick an outlet close to where you would like your Owlet Cam to reside.

2. Pair your Owlet Cam with your phone and WiFi

Open your New Owlet App and choose to set up an Owlet device. When the screen prompts you to pick which device to set up, click “Owlet Cam”. Next, you’ll want to make sure your Owlet Cam is in pairing mode. Check this by, first, listening for it to say “ready to pair” and waiting for the light on the front of the Cam to blink red and blue. Then make sure and enable your location when prompted so we can detect your WiFi network.

3. Use the QR code to finish pairing

Your app screen should then prompt you with a QR code. Hold your phone screen up to the Owlet Cam until you hear a chime. Don’t hold it too close or too far away. Look at the graphic below for reference. Setup will continue automatically upon successful connection. This may take up to two minutes. Wait until you receive the screen that says “Pairing successful”. Once your Cam is successfully paired, it will have you check for updates. Do this to make sure your Owlet Cam is using the most up-to-date version. If you have any issues pairing your Owlet Cam, head to our website or give our team a call at (844) 334-5330 for further assistance.


4. Set up a child profile

Once your Cam is paired, it will ask you to connect your device to a child profile. Create a new profile and then assign your Cam to the child profile you created. The app will also prompt you to name your recently connected device. This will help differentiate if you have multiple devices connected to your account.

5. Start live streaming

Your Owlet Cam should be all set up and ready to go! Enjoy streaming HD 1080p video and audio from your Cam directly to your smartphone. Stay tuned for Cam updates and follow our social pages for additional tips and tricks when using your Owlet Cam.


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32 thoughts on “How to Set Up Your Owlet Cam


Our team hasn’t given us any set dates yet but please check back with us!



When do you anticipate sound notifications will be added?


Hi there! It sounds like you’re trying to set up a completely new account but what you’ll want to do is just share the same login. That should fix the problem!




Just got the Duo package. I connect my phone and worked great, then tried connect my wife’s phone, and it disconnected my access. Can both parents have camera access simultaneously? Or is it only one viewing option


Hi Maura! You can only connect the Sock to one app at a time. We’d recommend deleting the old app and re-adding the Smart Sock within the app. That should get everything up and working for you!



Everything is working great, the only thing is I can’t get my camera to connect to the smart sock. The only way I can check his readings is going to the other app that’s just the sock.



Hi there,
Will the camera send me notifications to my phone when it detects movement? So far I have walked into the nursery and my phone doesn’t alert me of movement. Or do I have to have the owlet app open on my phone at all times?



Thanks for the reply. We were told by tech support that the sound machine and a fan are the reason the sound almost never comes through anymore, and the video is so choppy as to be barely usable. They are replacing our camera with a new one, so hopefully that helps.


It shouldn’t right now but it may have an impact once sound notifications are added.



Does having a sound machine running in the room have any effect on the camera?


Hi Allison, thanks for reaching out. It looks like there is a bug in the app and our team is getting this fixed with the next update. Make sure to keep an eye out!




Just got the camera and like it a lot so far. One complaint — whenever we rotate our phones to horizontal to get a bigger screen, the camera feed display is then lost when we rotate back to vertical for the smaller display. We can only get that display back by closing out of the app and then restarting it (this is on both of our phones). Help! We really want to keep this camera because we love the sock so much.

Thank you!


Hi Eli! Our team can help troubleshoot this with you! Please reach out at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST for assistance.



Keep getting Registration Error 0001 when trying to pair and setup the cam. I have tried resetting router, turning off mobile data and resetting the camera itself and still nothing. It reads the QR code but halfway through pairing it stops and gives me the error message. Any other solution?


Hi Natalie, the Cam needs WiFi for the set up and each initial connection. You are able to view the live video stream anywhere you have an internet connection. Our team would be happy to provide assistance to you- just give them a call at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST.



Am i able to use the cam without being connected to WiFi? As if I’m at work and want to check on my son while with a caregiver? I was under this impression reading reviews and I’m unable to get it to stay connected..


Hi John! You can see how to go through app setup and how to mount the Owlet Cam here: https://support.owletcare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032300091-Owlet-Cam-App-Setup-and-Wall-Mounting-Video



I can’t find any article about how to install the wall mount. I’d like to see how this is done before I order it.


Hi Rachel! Due to the firewalls in place at most hotels, both the Sock and Cam are likely to disconnect throughout the night if connected to the Hotel’s WiFi.


Rachel Jackson

Will the camera work over more shared WiFi such as hotel’s WiFi?


Hi Kyle, you can both have access. You’ll just need to share the login you created upon set-up! You can access the live readings or the live video stream anywhere you have an internet connection.


Kyle N

Can both my wife and I pair our phone with one camera and sock? We would both like to be able to have accessibility independently. Also, can you access the camera when you are not connected to the wifi with your phone?


Hi Jakob, the Cam needs to be mounted at least 36 inches away for safety reasons.


Jakob Braun

Hi there! Not sure if this is the right place for this. Have a somewhat specific question. In our nursery we have a dado rail (a type of moulding fixed horizontally to the wall around the room) at the height where the camera would go. What is the specific reasoning for the 36 inches from the top of the mattress? Would it interfere with how well the sock and the camera function together if I mounted it lower/higher? Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi Taylor, it sounds like you may want to reach out to our Customer Care Team at (844) 334-5330. They’ll be able to help troubleshoot this with you!



I am extremely frustrated with the Owlet Cam. We have had our sock since before we even brought our son home 8 months ago and LOVE it. But I have tried numerous times to connect the camera to wifi. It will connect and 5 seconds later (without me moving or anything) disconnect again. Anyone else have these issues or know what might be causing this??


Hi Jordan, just plug in your Cam, wait a few seconds, and it should connect as it will remember your WiFi network. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at (844) 334-5330.



Why does the cam permanently lose WiFi every time I unplug and replicate the power adapter? (It should have great WiFi signal in this location) I want to be able to disable the device sometimes; this makes it frustrating to have to enter the pairing mode type in the password and wait 60 seconds every tine I want to turn it off or on. Does my device have a unit specific issue or is this common for all owlet cams? Is there an easier way to reconnect that I am missing?


Call tech support at (844) 334-5330 and they’ll take a look into this for you!


Leonardo gagliano

I can’t connect the cam because it says the new app is not available in my Country (Colombia) but at moment i am at Miami . The sock is working right !


Hi Brent, just go to the app store to check for updates once you’ve set up your device.


Brent Harnisch

How do you have it check for updates once its set up?