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How to Share the News That You’re Pregnant With Friends & Co-Workers

September 12, 2015

One of the things that can be exciting, and even stressful, is announcing that you are expecting a baby. How should you announce it to friends, family, and even co-workers? We featured an article on 10 ways to announce you’re pregnant here. But, if you’d rather do something on a smaller scale, try these suggestions:

If you work, one of the questions that you’ll consider is when to tell your manager that you are expecting? Because the risk of miscarriage drops significantly after your first trimester, consider telling them during your second trimester. If you do have symptoms during your first trimester like severe morning sickness, exhaustion, or anything notably obvious, it can’t hurt to talk to your manager sooner than later if you feel like your employer will handle the news in a professional matter.

Remember, the Family and Medical Leave Act applies to you also. If you have worked at your present company for at least a year, you are entitled by federal law to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. Ask someone in your personnel department for details. (via google.com)

As for paternity leave, each employer is different. Once you feel comfortable sharing your news, have your significant other review paternity leave policy. If they do not have one, see if he can save his Paid Time Off for when you are due.

Then, to announce the news to your coworkers, why not have a little fun? Bring in a treat to work that you’ve been craving like cookies, cupcakes, donuts, or bagels. Add pink and blue balloons to see if they can guess what your big news is, and if not, time to announce: “I have been craving these cookies because… I am pregnant!”

Social media can definitely be a great tool to utilize if you’d like to share the news fast. We saw this suggestion on Parents.com and thought it was fun to share on Facebook: “Preheat oven 40 weeks. Insert bun. Set timer for Jan. 4th!!!”

Or, even using siblings to help announce your pregnancy with a cute picture for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is fun and easy too:


With a cute caption: “Fun news to share: a new sibling is coming in March!”

Or, if you don’t want to announce a big social media circle, you can always scan the picture of your ultrasound and email it to a select list of family and friends.

How did you tell your friends and coworkers you were pregnant?

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