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How to Stay Comfortable During Pregnancy

September 29, 2015

Has it started yet? That nagging pain in your back? The sharp pains in your hips? Can you no longer find a comfortable position when sleeping? If this sounds familiar, it is most likely harder for you to get comfortable while being pregnant. But, you can still have an expanding belly and be comfortable. Don’t think you have to deal with aches and pains for 40 weeks, either. We’ll give you tips on how to stay comfortable during your pregnancy here:

Body Pillow

Invest in those silly looking pillows, otherwise known as body pillows. Once you’re no longer able to lie flat on your back or your belly, you only have your right or left side to fall asleep on. My pregnancies always brought on lower back pain and a pinching hip pain, so any extra support to even out my hips helped a ton. A body pillow will help you keep your hips even if you put the body pillow in between your legs. Then, the pillow can curve around your back to support there as well. A lot of people stay away from body pillows because of the price, but we’ve found 4 options that all have great reviews and have a range of prices too:

– Mabis Hypoallergenic Body Pillow, $16.99 at Target.com.

– BioPEDIC Premium SofLOFT 20-by-54 Inch Body Pillow, $23.70 at Amazon.com.

– Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, $44.99 at Amazon.com.

– Boppy 3pc Custom-Fit Total Body Pregnancy Pillow with Back, Belly and Leg Support, $54.99 at Target.com.

Or, if you are a DIY’er, there are plenty of body pillow how-to’s here.


Taking 5-10 minutes a day to focus on your body and just stretch will help your body relax and better handle the stress your pregnant body is under. From yoga poses to general stretches, focus on breathing and stretching your back, quads, and lower back. We loved this Pin for stretching ideas.

Leg Up

If you have achy legs, elevating them will definitely help relieve some of that pressure. Even if you have to use a waste basket while at work, lifting them up while focusing on breathing for 5-10 minutes will help you feel much better.

Potty Breaks

Go to the bathroom when you need to. Don’t try and hold it too long! Using the restroom often throughout the day will help relieve the pressure you feel on your bladder.


If you were like me, sitting or even driving too long will make your back side HURT. If you work full-time, get up and take a walk- even if it is down the hall a couple of times, or to fill-up your water bottle. If you stay at home during the day, get up and walk before you start to ache even more.


On the other hand, if you are on your feet most of the day, be sure to schedule breaks to just… sit. Can part of your job be done while sitting? If so, take advantage of that. Or, utilize a wall or piece of furniture you can lean on to take the pressure off your feet.

Drink Up

Be sure you are keeping hydrated throughout the day, as you do NOT want to risk getting dehydrated. Keeping hydrated will also give you energy and help you avoid headaches or getting to the point where you feel exhausted.

What helped you stay comfortable during pregnancy?

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5 thoughts on “How to Stay Comfortable During Pregnancy



It was really helpfull for me and it is a one of the best article about pregnancy pillow.Surely i will buy one fro my wife



I agree with the suggestion of pregnancy pillow. I am thinking to buy a body pillow for mine.



Amazing article

Avatar for Lacey Pappas

Lacey Pappas

I bet it did, Angela! Sounds comfy!

Avatar for Angela Silva

Angela Silva

I definitely agree with the body pillow suggestion! I needed to have a pillow between my knees, one under my belly to prop it up, and one tucked under my back. My husband laughed and thought it was excessive, but not having any of those places supported made a world of difference!