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How to Support a New Mom

April 12, 2015

Wonder how you can help your significant other once baby is home? Read on for tips to make sure mom is taken care of, and how YOU can be a big part of that:

1. Make Sure She Sleeps

It really is important for a new mom to get as much rest as possible. You always hear: sleep when your baby sleeps! But, it’s true. Let your significant other take advantage of any down time they have when baby is sleeping. If you have other children, take care of them through the night, so mom can focus on the new baby. And, let her sleep in before you head off to work, if possible.

2. Take a Night Shift

If plausible, take a night shift with the baby. Take over changing diapers and feeding baby, so mom can actually sleep longer than 2.5 hours at a time! Or, if mom is breastfeeding, offer to change baby’s diaper when it is time to feed and even burp the baby and put the baby back to sleep once the feeding is done.

3. Check-in Often

Once you head back to work, it is important for mom to know you’re thinking about her. Call or text her often throughout the day asking important questions like:

– How are you doing?

– How is baby sleeping?

– Did you eat lunch?

– Are you drinking enough water?

Sometimes a new mom is so overwhelmed that any helpful reminders are welcome. And, don’t forget to ask her how baby did throughout the night (if she is up with her). Getting baby to grow is a lot of work! Offer words of encouragement and compliments on how mom and baby are doing often.

4. Make Her Breakfast

After being up with a baby 2-3x at night, mom will be exhausted in the morning. Offer to make breakfast for her. It could be the only real meal she’ll be eating until you are home again to help. Eggs, oatmeal, yogurt + fresh fruit, with a tall glass of water, are all great ideas for her to get a lot of healthy calories in before she takes on her day.

5. Fill Her Glass

Help her remember to drink as much water as she can throughout the day. Fill-up her water bottle when you see it getting low.

6. Go On Walks

If the weather is nice enough, take the family out for a walk. (Make sure baby is bundled up.) Getting outside in the sun will do a lot for a new mom (baby too)!

7. Tell Her When You’ll Be Home

If you are a full-time worker, tell her when you’ll be leaving the office, so she’ll know when to expect you home. Sometimes days can feel lonely and long, so for her to know exactly when you’ll be leaving work will give her something to look forward to!

As you can see, these actions are all small gestures but will help out a new mom BIG time.

Anything else you would add to help out a new mom?

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