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Indispensable Sense of Calmness

January 20, 2016

This is the an installment of Owlet’s “A Night in the Life” series, featuring real parents sharing their experiences with the Owlet Monitor. Click here to see all blog posts in the series.


My name is Meg(an), and I am momma to my 3 blessings, my incredible babies—one toddler (38 month young), one angel babe in heaven, and one newborn (3 weeks young). I started using the Owlet Baby Monitor with my third child when he was 3 days young (our first day/night home from the hospital)!

Three (short) years ago my life forever changed in the most beautiful and best of ways—I birthed my firstborn, held him for the first time, and understood the meaning of “having your heart outside of your chest.” Having recently experienced the beauty of birthing new life, for the second time, I can say that the feeling+meaning “having your heart outside of your chest” hasn’t changed. When the world (figuratively speaking) hears/sees you are expecting—flocks of advice will flood you in ways that you almost have to “grow thick skin”/”form a strong backbone” realizing that what works for one doesn’t work for all… and while many will chime in “rest up, now, while you can”—what they don’t specifically elaborate on is not so much the change of sleep pattern due to nighttime feedings/diaper changes, but rather the “momma-bear/daddy-bear” instincts – worrying while your babe is asleep. After all, you just spent a majority of one year preparing to nurture this newborn earthside (outside of the womb). Back to the “what works for one doesn’t work for all”… one thing that all expectant moms/dads/parents share in common is wanting the best for their babe—how many times have you stood by your baby’s bassinet or crib watching their chest rise/fall or listened closely to hear their every breath? YOU’RE NOT ALONE – I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve done this between both our boys. Anxiety is part of motherhood/fatherhood/parenthood – and in my honest/personal opinion there are never too many precautions/steps one can take to assure the safety of your child(ren)—and, despite what opinions others may have (2nd/3rd/4th+ time parent), worry/anxiety is not out of the norm when taking safety precautions.


I am so excited to have teamed up with Owlet to share how our sleep at night has significantly changed – our nighttime worry, has nearly subsided thanks to the effective and innovative technology that is the Owlet Baby Monitor. When we brought our firstborn home, nighttime sleep was our struggle the first week – which comes with transitioning to parenthood, and not just night-feedings and diaper changes… the worrying brought a sense of restlessness that had, to this point, been foreign to me—instead of worrying about shutting lights off/locking the doors/shutting the garage/locking the cars, my worry became about my babe while sleeping… I am certain I am not the only momma/parent with this worry at some point in early parenthood. Nowadays, in comparison to my early childhood & the early childhood of the generation(s) before mine—technology has boomed with monitors of sorts… you know- the bulky TV type ones, the video type ones, the ones where you can talk over to your child in the other room… there is no shortage of options. Regardless of the plethora of options in baby monitors today, there’s yet to be one that uses clinically-proven technology and is designed to notify you when/if baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall out of range. [important to note– Owlet is not a medical device or lifesaving device, rather a monitor that is designed to notify parent(s)/caregiver(s) in the case of when baby’s levels fall out of range, at which point the parent(s)/caregiver(s) will then decide what to do.] Unlike other “baby monitors” on the market that require constant listening/watching over baby, Owlet is a smartphone compatible baby monitor that is designed to notify—brilliant, innovative, and absolutely essential for parents with infant(s)/baby(ies)!


So, here’s the logistics on how Owlet works — In simplest explanation, Owlet is a baby monitor that goes on baby’s foot in the form of a sock. In further detail, Owlet uses pulse oximetry (the same type of technology used at hospitals) to check heart-rate & oxygen saturation. As aforementioned, Owlet is designed to notify with a sound in the case of your child’s heart rate dipping too low, or rising too high, &/or their oxygen level drops below a preset threshold; sounding a notification through the base station and Owlet App. As aforementioned, Owlet is a smartphone compatible baby monitor, also designed to function independent of a mobile device – the Base Station and Smart Sock connect (low energy bluetooth); so in the event your phone battery dies or internet flukes, the base station is designed to still notify. *Included with each Owlet Baby Monitor – Infant Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor: Smart Sock Kit (sizes 1 through 3) + Sock Electronics + Base Station and corresponding charging cords + Exclusive access to the Owlet App.


I highly recommend Owlet to expectant moms/dads and those with baby(ies) 18 months and younger – regardless of 1st/2nd/3rd+ time parent status. Since it arrived on our doorstep, I’ve been using our Owlet both during naptime and bedtime, simply moving the base station with my whereabouts in our home (and, bedside at night) — lightweight, compact, and minimalistic (no crazy amount/length of cordage)! The Smart Sock is sleek and comfortable (soft material, no cords), and comes in three sizes (included with each Owlet Baby Monitor) to grow with baby! Owlet is as user-friendly as it is functionally designed — if your childcare situation is anything like mine and there happens to be a deficiency in tech-savviness… NO PROBLEM! [ie- my in-laws are not smartphone owners, and in the case that they are watching my toddler and infant, they can utilize the Base Station of the Owlet while I can pull up Leif’s stats via my smartphone!] Our Owlet gives me a peace of mind while my baby sleeps, it is invaluable! Owlet has changed the way we sleep at night — to actually rest between mid-night feedings/changes knowing that an alarm is designed to notify me in the case my babe’s heart-rate or oxygen drops below a preset level —I have an indispensable sense of calmness when I get shut-eye!


To be in the other room and be able to check my phone for his heart-rate + oxygen levels, so convenient and simply the best! Not only because I am a mom, but also as an aunt, I am so passionate about Owlet! Owlet is revolutionary in the baby monitor market – bringing a new sense of awareness to infant sleep safety, I highly recommend the Owlet Baby Monitor!

Keep up with Meg and her family on her Instagram blog, @eastofseventh!

Photography: Meg/eastofseventh

* [pictured: Nuna Sena Mini w/included Bassinet Attachment]

** NOTE FROM MEG: pics are from early January, and testimonial was written to reflect that; Leif is now one month young, but we continue to use the Owlet to this day!

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