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Love Letter: Always | Kaycee Sogard

February 15, 2016

Kaycee Sogard, a mom and the blogger behind Cordially Kaycee, authored this letter. See more from her life on her blog and on Instagram.
Kaycee Sogard | Owlet Baby Care

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Saydee and Knix,

I could write a never-ending letter telling you all of my hopes and dreams for you. I could go on unceasingly telling you how much I love you, and how special you are to me. The list of all the ways you bring joy to my life is boundless; incomprehensible. You will probably never fully understand my love for you, but I promise to try with every piece of me to make sure that my love is never doubted.

I know there will be times that we won’t see eye-to-eye. I’ll probably say no, more times than I say yes. There will be parties you won’t be allowed to go to, and dates you won’t be allowed to go on. I will have to ask you a thousand times to clean your rooms, and I’ll be soooo embarrassing. You’ll get grounded more than once, and at some point during your teenage years I’ll likely “ruin your life.” You won’t like me, and you may even think you hate me. But I will still love you. Always.

Through all of that, I hope you know that I will always be there to listen when you need to talk. I will be there to give advice whenever you want it, and I promise to be the best shoulder to cry on. I will love you unconditionally.

My biggest hope for you two is that you always know how special you are, and how lucky you are to have each other. Learn from one another. Pray for each other. Delight in each other’s successes, and comfort each other through your failures. Simply put, love each other.

I could go on for a lifetime about how much I want for you both in this life. There is nothing that compares to watching you two grow together. You are my world, and I’ll love you for eternity.




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