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Love Letters: Dear Hudson – xo, love lo

February 18, 2016

This love letter is written by Lo Cooper, the mama behind the popular blog, Tippee Canoe. Follow her on Instagram @xolovelo

Mother holding baby boy up near her face.
To my sweet sweet baby boy,
It is so hard to write down in words just how much you are loved. I hope so much that you feel it everyday. Before you came along it was hard to imagine what this kind of love could feel like. I knew my whole life I wanted nothing more than to be a mother. However, I never knew just how much becoming one would change my life forever. YOU have changed my life forever. My life is no longer mine. It is yours. Every day is yours and I love every minute.
Ever since becoming pregnant with you I have thought so much about what I want for you in your life. In just five short months it has been so amazing to watch you grown from a newborn to an infant. You laugh, you smile, you love to play, have dance parties and you love to have mommy near by at all times (which I do not mind one bit!) You are such a light and joy in this little family of ours. It is hard to believe that there was ever life before you in it!

You are such a sweet baby. However, I know that you will continue to grow and you will become more and more independent. I know that you will continue to grow into a little boy, a teenager and eventually the man you will be. As a mama that thought can be a little heart breaking. I would love to keep you my sweet baby Hudson for forever. To always be able to protect you from the world, to rock your tears away and hold you close forever. Since I know that is not possible I can only hope you will always know where your home is and how much you are loved and that I will always be here for you as your mother.
Mother; sitting on a bed, nursing her baby.
I have so many wishes and dreams for you my sonny boy. I wish for you to find all of the adventures your heart desires, to always try new things even when they scare you, to know when to follow your heart over your mind and the other way around. I hope you will take every chance you get to find yourself, to love yourself and in turn that you will be able to love others.
Above anything else, my little Hudson boy, I hope and pray that you always know you are loved and supported. That you mean the world to me and that you have permanently changed my life so much for the better. I adore you.
Love Always,
Your Mama.
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