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Mama Moments with Madison Fisher

December 16, 2020

YouTube vlogger, actress and mama to four little ones, Madison Fisher (@madisonbontempo), knows a thing or two about a hectic lifestyle. In August of 2020, she and her husband, Kyler, welcomed a baby boy, Oliver. We wanted to know how Madison and her crew were adjusting to life as a family of six.

2020 has been a crazy year. How did you prepare to welcome your new little one to the world?

2020 was a crazy year which is why welcoming our new baby felt even more exciting!  Because the Corona virus changed our schedules and we were stuck in the house for months it seemed like the only thing we had to look forward to was Baby boy being born. We spent months preparing Oliver’s nursery & it turned out so cute! It’s definitely the cutest room in our entire home! 

In August when I had Oliver, COVID-19 rules were that you can only have one person with you during your hospital stay. I heard stories of some moms having to give birth alone during the months where COVID-19 cases were more serious, so my husband and I were really stoked to be there together. To be honest, I didn’t really mind the hospital rules—it was a lot quieter and relaxing without all the family visits. Also, more baby snuggles for me! 

How have you adjusted to this “new normal” of having a new little one during COVID-19? 

The main adjustment we made bringing a baby home during COVID-19 was limiting visits from friends. Only a few of my friends have met Oliver in person. We mostly just had family visits and we did a lot of FaceTime calls for others to meet him.

What were you most excited about being a mom to another new little one?

My husband and I were SO EXCITED to find out we were having a boy! We always wanted four kids, so knowing this was my last baby made it extra special as well. We knew having four kids so close in age was going to be very difficult but we wanted them all to grow up together and be super close! 

Did it feel different being your 4th time around – like, “I got this?”

This being my fourth I was a lot more relaxed about preparing for his arrival. With the other two pregnancies I had my hospital bag packed months before the big day. This pregnancy, however, I packed my bag the day before—no joke! All I brought were baby diapers, newborn outfits and a robe. I realized after my last pregnancy, that I never touched anything in my hospital bag and that the hospital would send me home with everything I would need for recovery. 

What were the other names you were considering for your baby?

There were two names we were deciding between, Cohen & Oliver. We went back and forth for months. We chose Oliver because our twins loved that name and they already started calling him baby Oliver for months. It would have been too sad to switch it! 

How have your girls handled having a little brother? 

I was so curious to see how the girls would react to having a new baby in the home. The twins are absolutely obsessed with him and are the best little helpers! Halston’s (my youngest daughter) reaction was funny because she would go from being super sweet and calm with him begging to hold him, to then getting super jealous and crying. It took her a few weeks to get used to it but now, two months later everything feels normal and complete! All the girls are in love! 

Tell us about your work and how you got started on YouTube and Instagram.

Kyler and I really wanted to journal our lives through video. We were both involved in the entertainment industry prior to YouTube so being in front of a camera was super natural for us. We were about to have the twins and we knew we had something unique. When we started making YouTube videos we didn’t know we would make a career out of it. We just wanted to have the coolest family home videos to look back at! But family vlogging became the new thing that year and our channel really took off! We started making a great living from it and it became our full time job! It’s the best job ever because we get to be together as a family 24/7!

How do you balance working, parenting and other aspects of life?

Having four kids is super tough—I am not going to lie. I am not going to sit here and pretend to be the perfect mom that can manage it all on my own, because it really is a team effort. My husband helps a ton, and we are fortunate enough to have a nanny we love come twice a week. We are also fortunate in the fact that our job is flexible. We are able to do it from home so we can be with our kids while working. 

What’s your favorite thing about motherhood?

My favorite thing about being a mom is watching my kids learn new things. There is something so beautiful about watching somebody experience something for the first time. Children don’t have a sense of all the evil that can be in this world and really look at things from such a positive light, and it’s so refreshing. Seeing their joy and learning helps me not take the moments for granted and helps me stay more positive as well.

What are you and your partner doing to stay connected while parenting?

Date nights are very important when you have four kids. Kyler and I love to get away from the kids and have our own time together every once in a while. We definitely need to do more dates, but the few that we have do connect us. Think about why it’s so important: It’s so hard to have anytime for yourself, but if you don’t make the effort you lose yourself and the reason you got together in the first place. So we really make an effort to find time. Sometimes it’s hard to fully leave the house together, so we find fun activities to do when the kids are asleep. We love watching movies together at night when all the kids are in bed.

What are you doing for yourself to find sanity? How do you practice self care? 

A lot of moms have really bad anxiety (myself included), so self care is very important to keeping my sanity. I like to do certain things for myself, like get my nails or eyebrows done, or get a facial. I feel like when I look my best I feel my best. I don’t want to ever lose myself because of my kids because I never want to resent them. I always hear from people “you dont look like you have four kids” and I think the reason is because I take time for myself each day to feel ready so I can be a better mom. When you are feeling good about yourself it translates to all parts of your life. 

How has motherhood changed you? Were you surprised by the changes?

Being a mom has made me more selfless. It has also made me less lazy. I can’t just sit down  and do nothing for a day, I have four kids so I have to keep going and what I have realized is when you are going, you accomplish more in life. It has also taught me endurance and made me a stronger person. I have to focus on who I am to be a good role model for the kids because I need to be somebody they can look up to, and it makes me want to be my best self as a mom. Having kids grows your heart. You have more people you are loving everyday. You are constantly giving to kids. You gave your body to make them, so just the fact that you are always giving means you must really love someone because it’s not always easy. 

What’s one thing you would say to other mamas?

I don’t like when other moms say it will get easier as your kid gets older, because I think every age is hard and has its own struggles. Instead of looking at things as hard, try to look at each stage of parenthood as uniquely beautiful, and remember to be grateful every day to have your kids. Challenge is what brings happiness and the hardest things in life ultimately bring you the most happiness. I really try to find the positive in even the hardest moments of being a mom. I never want to miss an important moment in my kids life, so I would remind mamas to hug and kiss their kids and try to enjoy every moment. 

What are the top three baby products you would recommend?

The top three baby products I would recommend are: 

  1. The Owlet Smart Sock. I love the fact that it helps me keep my baby safe while he sleeps. Trying to get some rest when your baby is sleeping can be super hard sometimes, since I need sleep but I also want to make sure he’s okay, The Smart Sock gives me the peace of mind I need to fully relax and fall asleep knowing I will be notified if he needs me.
  2. The Uppababy Vista Stroller. It looks great, comes in tons of colors and is so chic. Best of all it works for all four kids. 
  3. The SNOO. The SNOO is a really awesome bassinet to have next to my bed. When my baby cries, the SNOO automatically rocks him to sleep. Plus, it has an attached swaddle that stops him from rolIing onto his stomach. 


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