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March Update- Shipping Here We Come!

March 28, 2015


So just to recap,

1) You guys are awesome. (I am sure you already knew that though.)

2) We are shipping the first batch of 250 units the second week of April.

3) The Early supporters are making it so you can get the product earlier.

4) Share your experiences in the prompts below to share knowledge that could help someone else in your shoes and give yourself a chance at being one of the first people to get the product in April. We will put these experiences together to help create a Library For the Soul.


We have divided these prompts into two different groups “What I Wish I Knew” and “Healing” Don’t feel constricted by the prompt. Write about whatever you want. The prompts are just designed to help you come up with ideas. You can write in as many prompts as you want. (that will get you more chances to be in the next shipment) You can submit experiences anonymously if you want. Just click on the links to submit your experience. There is no length restriction on your writing.


What I Wish I Knew Prompts:

Healing Prompts:



This is an exciting time to be apart of this movement. We can tell you that this is just one of many world changing milestones that we have in store for you guys. Thanks again for joining us on this journey.


Questions? Or Comments? Let us know below.




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Jordan Monroe

Jordan is a co-founder and lead experience designer at Owlet. He is the proud parent of a smiley little boy named James and a 5 lb. chorkie named Marley. Part scientist-part dreamer, Jordan loves working on making the Owlet Vision a reality (I promise they didn't pay me to say that).

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The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—good indicators of Baby's overall well-being—while they sleep. If your baby’s readings leave preset zones, you'll receive a notification that lets you know your baby really needs you. Now you can feel more confidence, more freedom, and more peace of mind knowing that Owlet is here to help.

Our all-new Smart Sock is the third of its kind and it's smarter than ever.

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46 thoughts on “March Update- Shipping Here We Come!

Avatar for Lacey Pappas

Lacey Pappas

Thank you Linda! We can’t wait for you to get the product!



Yeah !!! Shipping day is getting close. I’ve been following the website closely and our delivery date is now scheduled for April 20th.
So looking forward to the Owlette,
Thank you so much and best of luck in Owlette’s future


We are from Michigan, it isn’t uncommon to send a baby home on O2 if it’s the only thing holding them back. My daughter was very premature and had pneumonia. She was 2 weeks past her due date when she came home so all other criteria was met.

Avatar for Lacey Pappas

Lacey Pappas

Hi Angela! Glad you found us. Good luck with your upcoming labor! You can learn more about our product here: http://owletcare.com/order/customer_dashboard.php


Angela Swan

My baby is due in 4 weeks. I can’t wait to get one of these little socks. I have 3 boys and the up all nights making sure they are ok is so hard this could give us a little piece of mind.

Avatar for Lacey Pappas

Lacey Pappas

Hi Jessica- congrats on your new baby girl! Sounds like she’s a fighter and is doing awesome. You can find out how to pre-order our product here: http://owletcare.com/order/customer_dashboard.php. Keep us posted with how she’s doing!


Jessica Parker

I have a three year old son and i just gave birth to a baby girl on March 17th. She was born at 32 weeks due to low amniotic fluid and signs of infection. She was born via c-section, and was 3 lbs, 12 oz. She is a very strong girl; she never needed any respiratory therapy and was extremely stable for a preemie of her age. The NICU nurses were/ are amazed how well she progressed. even though she is so stable, there still are times when we are holding her or feeding her that her stats will drop on her monitor. These occurrences are normal for preemies, but are still dangerous and alarming. Although I am not a first time mom, I have never had to experience the worries of caring for a preemie. She is set to be discharged from the NICU on Friday and though I am excited, I am dreading not having the monitors there to make sure my baby is ok 100% of the time. I am hoping that the Owlet will make living at home with a toddler and a preemie easier and make sleeping at night a possibility. I just want my baby home… but i also want to feel that she is safe with me.



Wow — the hospital sent your baby home still on cannula? I’m really sorry to hear that! What hospital is this? Our baby is at Langone in NYC, and they won’t release her until:

1. No bradys or desats for an entire week (this means none, not even ones that she brings herself out of)

2. At least 4 lbs of weight.

3. Takes 100% of her nutrition per os for 3-5 days in a row.

What conditions did your hospital require for your baby for release from the NICU? I’ve never had a preemie before, so I wasn’t aware that the same rules didn’t apply to everyone. I figured it was some kind of AMA recommendation.

Avatar for Lacey Pappas

Lacey Pappas

Hi Kristin!

Good to hear from you! You can contact us at contact@owletbaby.com for an update.

Thank you!

Avatar for Lacey Pappas

Lacey Pappas

Hi Nikki!

We agree. Thanks for the note. You can get more info on our product here: http://owletcare.com/faq. Thank you!



What an amazing product! I was sent home with a preemie on oxygen and was not given a monitor. The cannula is constantly out of the nose and sleep…well, what is sleep? The worry is constant and this product would definitely give some peace of mind!



I have preordered. My baby girl was born 5 days before Christmas and had a few respiratory issues upon birth, so as you can imagine I don’t sleep well at night EVER!!! I wake up every hour checking on her and alot of times I place my finger in front of her nose to feel her breath and make sure she is still breathing. This little sock can surely give me the peace of mind I need to ensure my little girl is ok. Keeping my fingers crossed !!!!

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Wow. Thanks for sharing Rachael. I hope that everything works out for your family.



This product is just want I was looking for. My daughter is currently in the hospital because she became unresponsive for a short period of time right in front of our eyes. I was frantically looking for a product that could give me peace of mind when we go home and put this nightmare past us. Even if I don’t get picked, I’m so happy that this sock exists! Thank you!

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Hey Tara,

We definitely share your excitement 😉 Our second shipment will be in May and every few weeks after that we will ship in batches. My guess is that by November we will have more inventory on hand be able to overnight or next day your shipment. 🙂



Hi! I’m thrilled to hear that the shipment date for the first batch is so close! I don’t have as urgent of a need as some, as I am not due until early November. Do you have an estimated ship date yet for orders that don’t make the first batch? I’m sorry if you’ve already provided this info and I missed it. Thanks!

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Hey Tom,
We appreciate your early support and I totally understand how you feel. However I want you to know that our intentions are pure. We considered just letting everyone put their name in a bucket once. However this meant that the person who could care less to get it early would have the same chance of getting it as someone who REALLY needed it. By asking people to submit stories, the people who want it the most can submit more stories or have family members submit more stories for them. Also we see the added content as an opportunity to help build a stronger community of parents who have been through similar situations. To be honest this hs been a lot of work for our small team: asking some people to give up their spots, creating a way for people in need to get it earlier, and then filtering through the hundreds of results, removing duplicates and drawing the winners is probably a lot more work and attention than it is worth since we are already working like crazy to get the product out to people on time. I totally understand how you feel. We at Owlet really want to do the right thing. Many of our founders and employees gave up big salaries at big companies to instead work here and make a dent in the universe, and it is not our intent to extort anyone. Also I want to assure you that if you are not one of the early supporters that filled out a form to give up your spot in line, then you will still be getting your device at the same time that you would have gotten it if we had just shipped on a “first come first serve” basis so we are not doing any harm to any of the early supporters. Thanks again for your support Tom.

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Hey Diane,
If fate chooses you for the first shipment then we will let you know before hand and ask you to preorder. Yes you will be able to get in on this first shipment.



I just submitted my story, but do I need to preorder as well or do I do that if I am eligible for the updated shipping?



This is unfortunate. As both an early supporter and a parent who can put the product to immediate use, (and a parent who has lost a previous child), I’m severely disappointed that the team has decided to extort stories for website content from their earnest supporters. While this is clearly a savvy business move to generate excellent content without paying for it, this should be elective and not the grounds upon which to grant who gets the product earlier. My money, long ago, was my sincere support of the project. I wish you would honor your end of the bargain as I have mine.

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Congrats Erik! Thanks so much! We think you will like it, but then again we are a little biased. 😉



My wife and I are expecting our first in May 2015 and after seeing your presentations at CES I cannot wait to get one of these. Being a first time parent can be scary but this devices really seems like it will give us piece of mind.

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe


Thanks so much for thinking of other parents and giving up your spot. I know you have waited long enough so this really says a lot! I remember the day after we sent out that email to the early supporters to see how many had given up spots (assuming maybe like 30 people would choose to do so) and we found that over 200 people had given up their spot, we all got goosebumps! I even got a little teary eyed to be honest haha. We have the best supporters ever. Thanks so much!

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

4 weeks! That’s perfect timing! 😉

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Wow, Elisabeth you deserve a toughness trophy! Nightshifts+Alone+with Baby= very rough! Thanks so much for your support! 🙂


Emily B

As an early supporter, I am so thrilled you are finally mailing out your product, what an exciting tune for all you at Owlet! As a first timer I was always so afraid of SIDS, and my son had severe acid reflux and was constantly choking, it was a scary time! I know this product will help so many parents, so they can be at peace when they’re child sleeps! And I am proud to say I was one of the 200, I don’t need the monitor as my son is now two, but hopefully we will be able to get one in time for the next one! Which is still to be determined


Julie E.

Baby due in 4 weeks, hope I get picked! I’ve left a few stories.



I was so excited to learn and support this product over a year and a half ago. After having two miscarriages, I am now pregnant and due in early June. I am looking forward to using this product because even after having a baby, your mind worries that you could still lose your child. When my son was born almost four years ago, he had bad reactions every time he received multiple vaccinations. My husband was deployed and I was doing night shifts with half a brain. My son ran a high fever for 3 days straight. Owlet is a product I believe could saves lives and ease parents minds so they can sleep better at night.
Thank you so much to the owlet team for creating this product and working endlessly.

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Way to look on the bright side Peter. We are excited to send it to you! 🙂



Yeah, being in the NICU is tough, but to be honest, I almost prefer our daughter to be there. The NICU thought i was crazy at first, but it makes sense. Where else is she going to get such top-notch professional care? Certainly not here! When she desats, alarms go off immediately and nurses run to her station, there are doctors and fellows everywhere, and every single one of them is committed to her care. There are surgeons nearby, neonatal x-ray machines, endless specialists, etc.

I’m hoping the Owlet will make home a little bit more safe for her. 🙂

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Thanks Stephanie! I am glad that you see our vision as well!

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Any day now!? It is an exciting time for your family as well! Thanks Steph!

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Thanks Jen!

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Hey Peter,

Being in the NICU is not fun. I hope that Owlet can add an extra layer of peace of mind for your family! The video above explains who will get into the next batch. To improve the probability of being selected, submit multiple stories by clicking on the links with the suggested prompts. You could even have friends submit their stories. Ultimately we hope that these stories can help future parents on their journey to become parents. I know it is not the perfect solution but it is the best we have. Thanks for your support.


Stephanie Righetti



Stephanie Righetti

I love this idea, a library for the soul. I have just submitted my story about preeclampsia, and may add a couple of others too. I hope it will help even one mummy or daddy to deal with this huge world of new experiences and feelings that come with having a child.
Nothing prepares you for the love you feel for your child. It’s so huge I am regularly overwhelmed by it. I hope your amazing innovation helps prevent the kinds of loss that Janet above shared about her grandson Colton.
Well done guys x



Just submitted my story. Such an exciting time for Owlet!!! We are very hopeful we make the list as we are expecting our first daughter any day now!



What a great idea and CONGRATS on the news! I hope I’m part of the random drawing but at the end of the day, I feel like what you guys are doing will help so many families…and that’s a win for us all!
Looking forward to submitting my stories!!



Hi Jordan,

Our daughter was born 3 months premature due to my wife having HELLP syndrome.

She’s been in the NICU since birth but is coming home in about 2 or 3 weeks. She was on a ventilator for the longest time, then graduated to SiPAP, then CPAP, then nasal cannula, and now she’s breathing on her own.

Although her lungs were too premature to function on their own, she’s made grade strides. But despite this, when we give kangaroo care, she still gets bradies and desats. The NICU assures us that they won’t release her until they feel she won’t brady or desat anymore, but of course, we are scared out of our minds with the possibility of “what if”.

There’s really no way for us to know when her heart beat or breathing slows, even if we’re watching her. I’ve seen it happen on the NICU monitors, and she looked peaceful and rested. I never would’ve known. I would feel SO much better if we had a home monitoring device like the Owlet.

How do we get on the list of “people in need”?

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Thanks Samantha!



I submitted my story! I feel like writing it was therapeutic for me. My story is nothing too special but maybe someone will find it helpful one day. I sure love what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work!

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

I am so sorry Janet. Thanks so much for your continued support.



Our grandson Colton was born Feb. 21, 2014 with CHD. I placed an order when he was days old. Today marks the one year anniversay of his becoming an Angel. While the Owlet did not arrive in time to help Colton, his parents are expecting another boy in six weeks and we are hopeful that one will arrive in time to help the next addition. Keep up the good work.

Avatar for Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe

Thanks Lloyd!

It sounds a bit corny, but we really could not have done it with out your and everyone’s support!



I have been following you guys for a long time. Congrats on getting to this milestone. You guys are going to do great things! I am excited to keep watching. Hoping to use Owlet on my next child. 😉