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Must-Have Christmas Gifts for the Mom-To-Be

December 5, 2016

So your partner/sister/daughter/friend is having a baby… and you have no idea what to get her for Christmas. It’s okay, it happens. In all of the fun preparation for a new bundle (or bundles) of joy, sometimes the mama gets lost in the shuffle. So, today I’m sharing some must-have Christmas gifts for the mom-to-be in your life, geared toward your unique relationship. Hopefully, you can find the perfect gift!

If You’re Her Husband/Partner…

Personalized jewelry

I love the idea of gifting your partner a special, customized piece of jewelry to memorialize your upcoming baby. If you’ve already named your baby (or babies), find a beautiful initial necklace (like this or this), or a ring that displays yours and your child’s initials. One of my most treasured gifts from my husband is such a necklace. You can also customize a bracelet that memorializes a special date, be it the first day you met, your wedding date or baby’s birthdate.

Pretty maternity lingerie (or other loungewear)

Selecting some beautiful lingerie that accommodates her burgeoning bump, and can transition to the postpartum phase can help your lady feel beautiful at all stages of her pregnancy. If it’s her thing, that is. Select a bra that is functional, yet beautiful, or a chemise that is comfortable. Or maybe she isn’t the biggest fan of lingerie but would appreciate a stylish maternity robe or a cozy pair of slippers. You know your partner best.

If You’re Her Parent/Grandparent…

In-demand tech products

Obviously, the Owlet baby monitor has to be at the top of this list, because it’s amazing. Order one here. This smart car seat, bathtub and thermometer are also good options.

Baby-wearing essentials

I can’t sing the praises of the Solly Baby wrap enough! It’s my most favorite baby-wearing item. I also like this carrier and this carrier, if wraps aren’t going to work. Get a feel for what will work best for her, and go with that option. It’s such a fun gift to receive.

If You’re Her Sibling…

Skincare and hair care items

Being pregnant and birthing a child are not the easiest experiences in the world. Your sister has probably experienced some changes to her skin and hair, and they probably need some TLC. Invest in some high-quality eye and face cream, to soothe skin from sleepless nights, not to mention a mask . Get her almond oil to help her mitigate stretch marks and soothe her tightly pulled skin. Or get her some amazing hair products to help preserve her locks postpartum. If you have other siblings, don’t be afraid to go in on a nice gift together. Trust me, she’ll appreciate it.

Stylish baby basics

Get your future niece or nephew some well-made and stylish baby basics. These knotted gowns and matching hats are so great, as is the entire clothing line from June & January. If bows are on the agenda, then check out Mina Loves Bows, Zozu Baby and Laurlelu for myriad options. And don’t forget the moccs. They stay on baby’s feet so well and are soft and buttery

If You’re Her Friend…

Funny, yet functional items

I love this swaddling scarf/blanket, because of its size… and because its message is totally accurate, if not a little irreverent. Apparently, a baby shusher is a thing, and it’s genius. Plus, accompanying any gift with a funny card that fits her humor, perhaps like this or this, are sure to generate some laughs.

Unexpected, but awesome

Let’s be honest, your friend is going to receive lots of diapers, wipes and other essential, but kind of boring stuff. You can take it upon yourself to go for the unexpected (and not necessarily practical) gifts that will make her day. Maybe it’s this book, or a great cup holder for her stroller (because she’s going to need all. the. caffeine.) At the end of the day, she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness in getting her something that is unique and specifically geared toward her and baby.

What are some of your favorite must-have mama Christmas gifts that you have given or received?

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