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Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

June 13, 2017

Like any other job or responsibility you have in life, it’s important to be educated, knowledgeable, and prepared to do your best in your role as a father, and reading books about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood is a necessary part of that job training. Although pregnancy is a shared experience between a mom and dad, it presents different needs and challenges for each. So here are 9 of the best books out there for dads-to-be.

The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads to Be (available on Amazon here)

  • This is the go-to for dads, the classic, or “bible,” if you will. Start here to get a good, general idea of almost everything related to pregnancy, delivery, and life with a newborn.


Taking Back Childhood (available on Amazon here)

  • A modern, up-to-date parenting book with advice on situations relevant to today’s world, like the bombardment of media in our lives, and encouraging creativity in children who attend regimented schools.


The Reluctant Father (available on Amazon here)

  • A brutally honest look at one father’s journey of bonding with his new baby. Because it doesn’t always happen immediately or naturally, and babies are very much strange creatures that require skills that we have yet to develop. And that’s okay.


Dad’s Expecting Too (available on Amazon here)

  • This book is awesome because it gives real stories from dads on almost every topic you could think of. With trivia, Q&A sections, and eye-catching sidebars you’ll find this an easy read filled with helpful information.


The Happiest Baby on the Block (available on Amazon here)

  • Everyone recommends this and for good reason. It gives you applicable advice and actual skills to practice that you’ll actually be able to use in stressful or tricky situations.


Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be (available on Amazon here)

  • This book was written with the unique needs and concerns of Fathers in mind. From explaining some of the terms and situations that occur during childbirth to offering tips on how to support your pregnant partner, this book is a great resource to have on hand for fathers-to-be.


The Birth Partner: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions (available on Amazon here)

  • If you read this, you’ll be well-prepared during the labor for all of the stages, procedures, and probably most of the terminology you’ll hear, as well. Being empowered with knowledge during childbirth will help you better support and make decisions with your wife, so this book is a must.


Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy (available on Amazon here)

  • This is a straightforward and helpful book with tips and advice about various scenarios without scaring you or stressing you out.


Dad’s Playbook (available on Amazon here)

  • A sports-themed book may seem stereotypical, but the truth is a lot men (and women) enjoy sports and can relate to the analogies, so don’t bypass the wisdom found in this book. With quotes from some of the greatest coaches of all time, this book inspires fathers to be the best dads they can be.


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