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Nesting with Sloths and a Night in the Hospital – Week 30

July 7, 2015

EEK! 30 WEEKS! Three-quarters of the way there! When I look back to ten weeks ago when I had my 20-week ultrasound, it seems like just a few days ago. Time is FLYING by, and I am NOT ready for this baby to come yet!  …which made a scary trip to the hospital even SCARIER as I thought about the baby coming too soon. Stay tuned for that interesting story…

The highlight of this week was probably almost getting a pet baby sloth.  I’m serious…

baby sloth for sale

I found this ad on Craigslist and fell in love. I think it might have to do with my extreme nesting phase in which I’ve found myself lately. But this was more than just infatuation. I have always been a sloth lover. In fact…

baby sloth book

We’ve owned this book for almost 2 years because our love of baby sloths runs deep…

But my husband said we probably shouldn’t adopt a baby sloth at this time in our lives. Admittedly, I almost cried. I really wanted that baby sloth, and I just was so angry at my husband for being a party pooper and a fun-sucker.

But, actually, I wouldn’t even know where to begin to care for a baby sloth, so it’s probably for the best.

Although I have to wonder who ended up adopting it, and I can’t help but wonder if we could’ve provided a better home than the one it ended up in…

Guess we’ll never know.

In the spirit of extreme nesting, I also found a cheap metal filing cabinet on Craigslist and decided to give it a makeover. It’s not finished yet, but it was horribly chipped and dirty when we got it. I sanded and primed the whole thing, then used chalkboard paint on one side, regular black spray paint on the top and trim, and gold flake spray paint for the drawers.

pregnancy nesting with new furniture

I have to say I’m not completely in love with the drawers, but my husband only has so much tolerance for my nesting projects, and I’m not sure how he’d feel about me asking him to sand down and repaint filing cabinet drawers, along with all of the other projects I’ve taken on.

But we’ll see 😉

In my previous posts, I’ve mentioned that I have extreme Braxton Hicks contractions and really sharp shooting cervical pain. Well, I found out this week that they actually aren’t Braxton Hicks contractions and that pain is a symptom of uterine irritability, which is what is causing these contractions. I spent a night in the hospital being monitored after I thought my water had broken, but it turns out that leaking watery fluid is also a symptom of uterine irritability. You can read my full post about how it all went down and what these contractions really are here.

pregnancy scare and trip to the hospital

Well, apparently I’ve been playing the pregnancy card a little too hard. The other night at 11 PM my husband was trying to get our 2.5-year old to sleep without much success. He had read her probably a dozen books, sang every Disney song he knew, and finally stood at the doorway and said, “Olivia, it’s dark outside, it’s 11 o’clock, you have to stay in your bed and go to sleep,” to which she loudly and firmly replied, “I’M PREGNANT!” Oops, my bad.

For reals though, bedtime has been such a struggle with our little stinker lately. I’ve tried cutting out nap time so she’ll go to bed at a decent hour, but when I do she falls asleep standing up at 5 PM.

child sleeping while standing

If she would willingly nap at an earlier hour that would be one thing, but she never naps on her own and finally crashes around or after 3 or 4, and then wakes up around 5 or 6, which makes her stay up way too late. So it’s either a nightly 11 PM battle, or let her fall asleep standing up because I won’t let her take a nap. Hopefully, this is just a phase…

Speaking of phases, 2.5 has definitely been my favorite of my daughter’s phases so far. I say that about every phase. But now that she can fully talk and communicate, but still is very much a baby in lots of ways, it is so fun to hear her thoughts on the world around her. Also, she’s hilariously mischevious. Here are some pictures of her shenanigans this week…

child reading the newspaper
Here she is reading the Virginia Gazette from July 4, 1776. She didn’t get very far into it.
toddler shenanigans covering the dog’s food and water
To be honest, I’m not sure how long the dog’s food and water were covered. And although I didn’t catch her red-handed, it wasn’t too difficult to rule out my husband from this one. But that’s not always the case… 😉
toddler fingerprints in cupcake frosting
I was really looking forward to this cupcake at the end of the day. I was a little less thrilled when I saw that Olivia had marked it her territory already. But I ate it anyway.
Toddler enjoying 4th of July fireworks
This was her third 4th of July, and she’s been fascinated and in love with fireworks since the first time she saw them as a tiny 6-month old. She makes life magical.

 How was your 4th of July weekend? Did you take on any crazy nesting projects, or adopt a baby sloth? Tell me about it below!

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