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Nuna Leaf Giveaway

August 27, 2016

What’s a Nuna Leaf? It’s a cute little swing (shaped like a leaf of course) that soothes your little one right to sleep when you’re busy doing other mama duties! Lucky for you, we’re doing a Nuna Leaf Giveaway and you could be the the one to win! Just enter the giveaway using the widget below. Good luck!

Nuna Leaf Giveaway

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24 thoughts on “Nuna Leaf Giveaway



Colic baby here loved to see if it helped us both get som comfort!


Sandra poole

This would be perfect for my youngest granddaughter !


Andrea L

Entering to win! This looks really cool and I love the design


Olivia Grey

I would be happy to win this. I am going to be a first time mom and with that comes, lot’s of research due to fear and anxiety of picking out products and knowing what’s best. I think this would be a God send for my new arrival in December. Thank you.


I’m hoping to win a Nuna Leaf for my daughte. She has a two year old and is ready to deliver her 2nd son. I just know the Nuna Leaf will help her so much.


Lisa bono

I am hoping to win this for my baby granddaughter. She don’t have anything and this could help big time. Thank you!


susan neville

I would love to win this for my new grandbaby. He is my son and daugther-in-laws first baby and I would love to be able to give this to them. They would be so surprised.



Would love to win the cute little swing for my great Neice. She’s a preemie and needs lots of attention right now. Thanks so much for a chance



I really hope I get the chance to win something this amazing!!! I just had my second baby in july and I’ve been struggling with putting him to sleep !!! The last swing we had was giving to us but it broke!!! That was the only thing that he would put him to sleep!!! got a good amount of time, Without him only sleeping for about 10mins every couple hours during the day and doesn’t go to sleep during the nights. So I could really use this amazing Nina lea


Enjoying the birth of our first granddaughter, who arrived a little early.
Arrived at 29 weeks and is now 4 months old. Bought the Owlet and her parents
are thrilled t have it.



I hope I win this for my grandson or granddaughter..can’t wait


Karen Haskins

So excited….I have been doing daycare for 32 years now…this looks great!!
Or might be even nicer and give to my daughter who had a baby two months ago lol….thanks for the chance!!



Hoping to bring my preemie home in a couple months and would love to have something like this for him!



I would to win this for my little girl! She loves to sit down and hang out! Hope I win!



Would love to win this, I had twins at 23 weeks (4 months early), my daughter just got discharged from the NICU after 137 days and she could use this. Once my son comes home we will need two:)



The Nuna Leaf looks wonderful! Our triplets were born on, May 3, 2016 at 23 weeks. It’s been a long hard road. 2 boys & 1 girl. Our first lil angel/boy came home on Tuesday, August 30, 2016. We are patiently waiting for other two angels to come home. The Nuna leaf would be awesome soother.


Would love to win this for my 3 week old baby girl! Fingers are crossed!!



Looks amazing! Would love this little swing! My little one loves to be held and rocked which makes getting things done around the house very difficult! He would love this, I am certain!

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Alex, Nuna Leaf is a cozy automated rocker/swing! You can learn more on their website here: http://www.nuna.eu/usa/leaf



I really hope I get the chance to win something this amazing I just had my first baby about to 4 months and I’ve been struggling with putting him to sleep… The last seeing we had was giving to us but it broke and that was the only thing that he would sleep in got a good amount of time. Without it he only sleeps for about 15 to 20min every couple hours during the day and doesn’t go to sleep till 3 or 4am during the nights. So I could really use this amazing Nina leaf.



Entered and have my fingers crossed! Love the nuna line!!



just saw this on Instagram for the first time today. What exactly does it so? Looks so neat!


Johnna Johnston

Grandmother of twins coming soon! She is 31 weeks now and prayers to get her to 35 weeks! Wish this had been around in 1990 when I gave birth to her and her twin sister!



The Nuna leaf looks beyond amazing, I never had a swing with my first and just finding out I am pregnant with my second this would be such a dream to win for our growing family!