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Our Favorite Products for Babies

October 5, 2015

Baby products can be expensive! And, especially when you are expecting your first child, it feels like you need to purchase everything. So, what products are ACTUALLY worth buying for your baby? After asking a handful of parents with more than one child, these are the baby products that continually were mentioned as a MUST buy and were used time and time again for first, second, third, even fourth babies. Of course we also love our Owlet Smart Sock! You can find all of the details for this amazing baby tool here. Meanwhile, here’s our go-to list of our most used baby must-buys:

Velcro Swaddle Blankets

These blankets are great to swaddle your baby with. They have velcro on the side of them, so they are easy and a fast way to swaddle your baby. (Especially if you have a hard time swaddling with blankets alone.)

Snap N Go Stroller

This product allows you to put your baby’s car seat on top of the stroller and, as the name suggests, go! This is a great product because lugging around baby’s car seat can get tiring quickly!

Bouncy Chair

When baby is still little, it is nice to have somewhere to put them besides their crib. You can keep the bouncy chair out on in the kitchen, the bathroom, or wherever you’ll be. And, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it either. Find one here.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag

Two of the moms we talked to have this diaper bag and have used it for ALL of their babies- talk about a lasting product! The great thing about a backpack diaper bag is that it is easily accessible and hands free. This type of diaper bag also has a diaper pad pull out that you can access quickly.

White Noise Machine

As most of us know, babies love a shhh’ing sound and white noise is a great alternative to help soothe them. If you are looking for something that is always in baby’s room, this product is a great go-to. You can also find great white noise apps for your smartphone.

Nose Frida

Do not be alarmed by the looks of this product because it really is awesome. It will help clear your baby’s sinuses out quickly and easily. Find it here.

Baby Carrier

These hands-free products are a great way to carry around baby- especially if you have a baby who LOVES to be held. The Baby Bjorn is great for when they are 12 months and younger, and the Ergo works for babies too (though, if they are under 4 months, you’ll need a baby insert) and will work for kids all the way up to 45 pounds!

Double Stroller

If you have more than one child, a double stroller is a great way to keep your kids contained when you are on the go! We are fans of both the BOB Double Stroller (especially if you are a runner) and the City Select (especially if you like narrow strollers).

Boppy Pillow

We’re sure that you’ve heard of this next product, but what you may not know is how many ways you can use it! It is great for nursing, to keep baby elevated (while you are watching them and is not for sleeping) after a feeding, for tummy-time, and once your baby is able to sit-up, it is good to have around them if they aren’t very sturdy when sitting up yet.


This product is great to use if your baby is ready to sit up but not entirely on their own. Be sure to strap them in!

What are your favorite baby products?

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4 thoughts on “Our Favorite Products for Babies



The fantastic thing about the Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags is that they can be upcycled for other uses. We use ours as a wonderfully organized Beach Bag now as the fabric is perfect for outdoor/sandy environments. It just wipes clean. 🙂



Great post. it gives me a lot of useful information

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Lacey Pappas

Good idea! Yes, you’ll definitely need to start prepping for baby stuff sooner than later!


Sandra Azar

It is necessary to purchase all the thing for upcoming baby. You may have to start shopping for your upcoming in the 7th month pregnancy. All the essential things are included in this post. I would like to purchase it when i need it.