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Owl-Obsessed Baby Items Every Baby Should Have

August 14, 2016

I think it’s safe to say that at Owlet, there’s a tiny bit of owl-obsession happening. It’s okay, though, because owls are pretty darn cute. I feel like said obsession should be embraced, even celebrated. There are so many fun, functional and owl-tastic baby items to choose from, whether you’re looking for owl-themed nursery décor, or you want to find the perfect owl-style toys. With this in mind, I’ve gathered nine owl-themed items, perfect for the owl-obsessed, or for the novice owl-enthusiast. Which I promise is a thing. Because I just made it a thing. You’re welcome.

Owl-obsessed baby items

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Isn’t the owl lamp perfect? After combing the interwebs for the best owl lamp, I found an option that is both aesthetically pleasing, and under $40. I also searched on Etsy for unique items, and was thrilled to find this wall hanging, mobile and bibs. Both of my daughters have their own owl nightlight, so I had to include it on my list. And how great is the teether? It’s freezer safe too, which is a must for teething babies. Honestly, any of these choices would be a great addition to your stock of baby items, whether you’re a fan of owls or not. Alternatively, they’d all make great baby shower presents.

Which pick is your favorite?

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