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Owlet: A Better Night’s Sleep

This is an installment in the Owlet Night in the Life blog series.

Why we love the Owlet Monitor

Hello! My name is KyLea, I’m a first time mama to a baby boy named Boone who is 5 months old. I recently started using the Owlet baby monitor and it has been such a blessing.

Owlet Baby Monitor - Base Station

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a mom of five, it is such an exciting time in your life but it can also be the most terrifying experience too. Here you are in the hospital with a tiny human you created for what 2 days at most and then they send you on your way. I don’t know about you but um, HELLO, that’s scary. Being a first-time mom, I remember waking up, what I felt like every five minutes in panic, looking up and checking to make sure he was still breathing.

Owlet Smart Sock

I remember the first night in the hospital waking up to him choking on some excess fluid from birth, and grabbing him and hitting the nurse line so quick, I figured he was fine and didn’t want to wake up my husband but you can never be sure. When the nurse come in I explained what happened and felt silly for getting so worked up, thankfully she assured me that he was fine and that being a new mom is scary. After that, I swear I didn’t sleep, especially after getting home with him. I didn’t have the nurse line to hit anymore, so I felt like his first few months, was me waking up every hour checking on him, touching his belly and just staring at him, which in the end makes for one tired mama.

Owlet Baby Monitor Review - KyLea

After finding Owlet on Instagram I was hooked and wish I had discovered this from day one. It is such a peace of mind knowing that this little sock you place on your baby’s foot can track their heart rate and oxygen level using clinically-proven technology. If your baby’s heart rate or oxygen falls out of range, the device is designed to notify you, letting you get sleep without the worry. It also has an app you can download so if you want to go on a hot date with your hubby, you can log in and check on your baby.

Owlet Monitor

So if you are expecting or have a little one, I highly recommend getting the Owlet baby monitor, you’ll have a better night’s sleep, leading to happier parents and happy parents = happy baby. It is worth every penny. If you’re hesitant about the price they do have financing. I promise, you will not regret this decision.

This is a guest post written by KyLea Wissing, proud mama to Boone. Keep up with KyLea and get the scoop on lifestyle, fashion and fitness on Instagram — @KYLEAWISSING. 

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Hear, see and know your baby is okay from anywhere. The Owlet Smart Sock + Cam is the first baby monitor system ever to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while streaming video and audio to your phone.

Stay informed of your baby’s needs with proactive heart rate and oxygen level notifications. Parents can see live readings using Owlet’s app, but can also use the information to understand their baby’s overall wellness.


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