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Owlet Notified a Mom | Michelle’s Owlet Story

August 15, 2016

Owlet notified a mom, Michelle, who is mama to sweet baby Pia. When she born, Pia was only 2.5 pounds and had a 2-month NICU stay. When it came time to bring baby Pia home, Michelle knew she would need something to give her peace of mind. That’s where Owlet came in. Soon after Michelle started using Owlet, baby Pia stopped breathing and the Owlet sounded a red notification. We’ll let you hear the rest from Michelle in the video below.

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3 thoughts on “Owlet Notified a Mom | Michelle’s Owlet Story


Alexis breman

My baby girl was born at 35 weeks. She was 4.14 lbs in the nicu. When we brought her home 2 days later she started to choke in her sleep. My mother had her at the time and she sucked the fluids out with her mouth because she couldn’t get to a syringe fast enough. I was busy at the time. So I’m very blessed to have a mother who could help me when I couldn’t help my daughter at that time.



We had a 3 of baby and ours has acid reflux just like yours you need a 45% angle in her crib too that helps a lot but my baby turned blue it’s so scary to see them choking



Hi I had the same problem fortunately I was up and away we called 911 but we got all the fluid out of her throat she was also a 3 pound baby amazing to hear your story because mine is so much like yours I make it I will now because you said that