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Owlet Cam vs Leading Baby Monitor

August 2, 2019

Owlet Cam vs Leading Baby Monitor from Owlet Baby Care on Vimeo.

Earlier this year we harnessed the most powerful piece of tech you own—your phone—and turned it into a baby monitor, the Owlet Cam. Since that time, there has been a lot of buzz around the new Owlet Cam so we put together this short, side-by-side video to show you a few things that make the Owlet Cam great.

Design & Look

The Owlet Cam was designed to be functional without sacrificing form. We believe technology should blend into our lives so seamlessly that it goes practically unnoticed until you need it. Unlike many baby monitors, the Owlet Cam looks beautiful and modern. It features a magnetic base that allows for precision adjustments and the flexibility to place it practically anywhere. Our CEO puts it beautifully, “Why is it that I think of Star Wars when I look at most baby monitors? We know how important it is for you to have a nursery and a home you are proud of. Owlet’s award-winning design fits into the nursery and your home.”


During our initial research, we were shocked to see how many families left exposed wires from their baby monitors near the crib. As a company that helps parents keep their children safe, we felt this was unacceptable. The Owlet Cam comes with a cable guard kit so you can safely mount the camera right above the crib. It even comes with a safe cable container that you can wrap any excess cord into. When you don’t need it mounted above the crib, you can remove the guards and the Cam can be safely transferred to a bedside stand or bookcase that is out of reach from your little one. 


Most baby monitors add several features like tilt, pan, and zoom, primarily because the quality of the LCD screen makes it difficult to see details of the baby in the crib without those features. We find people use their video camera to do two things— first to make sure that their kids are okay and second to see whether they’re awake or not. With many other baby monitors, the picture quality is so low that it’s hard to see with the resolution you’re getting. There’s nothing more frustrating than squinting at a bright screen in a dark room in the middle of the night to see what’s going on with your baby. Owlet offers full HD 1080p picture quality, pinch-to-zoom and clear night vision so you won’t be left wondering.


The Owlet Cam connects directly to your smartphone so you can literally see your baby from anywhere. Being tethered to a traditional display can be frustrating so we use the device most people are never without – their phone. Whether working out in the yard or down in the basement, your phone is near your side. And using the Owlet App allows you to see and hear your little one from anywhere. Plus, we’re always working to build new features parents love thatd the Owlet app only gets smarter over time. 

Multiple displays/users 

Instead of fighting over a single display with a short battery life, Owlet makes it easy to have multiple cameras connected to the same app account so you can check in on twins, triplets, toddlers, plus and baby all in one place. Not only does it let you have all of your little ones in one app, but sharing your app login info with those you trust lets your partner, grandparent or babysitter help keep an eye on them as well.

Integrates with the Owlet Smart Sock

If you own an Owlet Smart Sock, you’re likely to have a video camera as well. The Owlet Cam makes it easy to see everything you want to know about your baby in one place. Pairing the Owlet Cam and Smart Sock together lets you see your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while streaming video and audio right to your phone.

If you haven’t tried the Owlet Cam, what are you waiting for? It comes with a 45-day guarantee. If you don’t love it more than your existing monitor, return it no questions asked. If you send us your old monitor, we’ll give you $25 rebate on your Owlet Cam. 

Try the Owlet Cam Today

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Channing Merrell

Hi! I'm Channing and I'm a proud member of the Owlet team!

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Hear, see and know your baby is okay from anywhere. The Owlet Smart Sock + Cam is the first baby monitor system ever to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while streaming video and audio to your phone.

Stay informed of your baby’s needs with proactive heart rate and oxygen level notifications. Parents can see live readings using Owlet’s app, but can also use the information to understand their baby’s overall wellness.


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2 thoughts on “Owlet Cam vs Leading Baby Monitor



What if your phone disconnects from WiFi? Can you still see the camera? If your using this at night and lose connection, will you still hear what is going on in the babies room?



Hi Blaklyn,
Once you connect your device initially to WiFi and your app is running in the background, if the WiFi goes out you will still be able to view the live feed. This is because your Cam can go off your phones data to stream this for you.