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“Owlet Helped Me Sleep Better”

November 22, 2016


Eighty-three percent of parents say Owlet helped them get better sleep. And if you’re a parent, you know just how valuable your precious sleep is. In fact, an independent study of 500 parents of newborns found that only 5 percent were getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night, and that’s not just because the baby woke them up. Almost half of the parents surveyed said they just were not able to “sleep when baby sleeps.” But with Owlet, parents are telling us “Owlet helped me sleep better.”

Read how Owlet is helping parents and families get better quality sleep, so they can be their best selves the next day:


“We’ve used the Owlet every night since then (8 weeks at home now) and cannot articulate the peace of mind that it has provided us. I’m absolutely certain we would not be sleeping as soundly as we are if the Owlet was not on.”

-RichBob from British Columbia

“My daughter was born a month early. Not terrifyingly early, but enough to make a first time mama nervous. We spent a week in the NICU and got so used to the monitors and constant attention. When we got home, I didn’t sleep for a week. I just sat up all night and watched her. I was an absolute wreck…until I was given an Owlet. Almost immediately, I was able to sleep soundly (well, as soundly as possible with an infant).”

-DW from Indiana

“I use this every night. I love this product! It has truly helped me be a less anxious mother and get a good nights sleep!”

-Colleen B. from CA

“This monitor allows me to sleep stress-free, and it was the best baby purchase we made. It is so easy to use, I love the convenience of the app, and it has worked perfectly for us these past few weeks.”

-Omama from USA

“This has been such a stress reliever. My heart no longer stops between waking up and checking on my baby. When I do sleep I sleep so much more soundly!”

-Kristen from Troy PA

“Since we got it we rest assure the baby is fine, which leads to better sleep that leads to rested/happier parents that leads to happier baby. We can’t recommend it enough :)”

-Jose from CA

“My husband thought I was crazy when I made this impulse purchase at 3:00 am through the midst of tears and sleep deprivation. Six weeks later he agrees it has paid off and then some… My sleep has improved drastically since using Owlet.”

-KMB from Pittsburgh

“Last night was our first night with owlet. Since my son was born, I have never slept through the night, constantly worrying and waking up to check on him….Last night was the best nights sleep I’ve gotten since my son was born 8 months ago. Buy this! You won’t be sorry…. I wish I would’ve bought this sooner!”

-Rested mama from MS

“The owlet offers more than peace of mind, it enables you to sleep better at night and in turn allows you to be in the best condition for your baby and your family.”

-Meg S from PA

“I feel like since I bought the Owlet a weight has been lifted in a way. Before buying the Owlet, I couldn’t sleep because like any new mother you worry about your newborn sleeping at night. Thanks to this amazing product I am able to relax and sleep better at night. Thank you for that!”

-Keri F from ND

“With three little ones, life in general is exhausting. I love how this monitor allows me to sleep more soundly instead of checking my little guy’s breathing throughout the night!”

-First time mom of three from Fresno

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