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Owlet in the News | July


Seeing Owlet’s name in the headlines makes our little wings flutter! We want every family to be educated about safe sleep and to have an Owlet, of course! Knowing that, through the media, more parents are learning about this innovative and life-changing technology means the world to us. So, without further delay, here is the latest and greatest mentions of Owlet in the news!

Ask Dr. Sears

Owlet was named one of five pieces of “Cool gear for dad” by askdrsears.com! Dr. Jim says Dad’s wish for baby tech has been granted, and calls Owlet a “game changer(s) in the home space.” We couldn’t be more happy Owlet made the list! You can read more here.


Owlet was featured on CNET under the “Smart Home” category! The article goes into detail about all the functionality and features Owlet offers to parents. You can read more about what they had to say here!

Entrepreneur Magazine – “100 Brilliant Companies”

Our friends at Entrepreneur chose 10 companies from 10 different categories that are changing the world. Owlet was chosen as a top company in the “Wearable Wellness” category. We feel so honored to be listed as one of the 100 Brilliant companies!


Have you ever wondered which baby monitor a pediatrician would use? Wonder no more! DrMommyRX did a review of Owlet, Snuza and Angelcare, and Owlet came out on top as the number-one recommended monitor! You can read the full review here.

Baby Chick Blog

Owlet has been put to the “mama test” time and time again, and we’re glad that Lanie from Baby Chick agrees with all the other moms out there that Owlet gives parents much-needed peace of mind! Read more about her experience with Owlet here.

Ella Brooks Blog

Ella from the Ella Brooks Blog said Owlet is “ … one of those things you won’t ever regret buying.” We couldn’t agree more! Find out why Ella thinks Owlet is the baby device that every mom needs on her blog here!

Stay tuned for more Owlet in the News posts, and if you haven’t joined the Owlet family yet, order now!

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