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Owlet’s Follow Friday | July

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It’s Follow Friday here at Owlet and we’re connecting you with some of the best mamas in the blogosphere for your reading pleasure. Check out what they have to say about Owlet and so much more on their blogs below!

Little Lovelies blogger, Ashlee, says “It’s hard to be a mom and not have control over everything your child does! You can make sure they are safe where they sleep; fed, burped and love, the ABCs (Alone on their Back in their Crib but then once you lay them down, you’ve got to just pray. Now, you can pray and also be reassured with the Owlet Monitor.” Read more about what she had to say on her blog here.

Sia from Diary of a Fit Mommy shares this tidbit from her new life with Owlet. “The first night that my husband and I used our new Owlet monitor for our newborn daughter, we were blown away by how well the sensor worked. Our daughter sleeps next to us and while I still caught myself waking up to peek over at her, I slept a lot better than I ever could have imagined.” Read more here.

Jamie of Hello Little Scout names Owlet one of her “top 5 baby items … like ever.” She also said, “[Owlet] has become a necessity for us in our home and is the perfect product for new and experienced parents alike.” You can read more from Jamie here.

Owlet is listed as one of “9 Tech Baby Essentials” by Brittany of Brittany Maddux. She is excited to use Owlet with baby #2 so she can get some peaceful sleep. Check out Owlet on her blog and the other must have tech products Brittany recommends!

Meet us back here next month for some must-read blogs to follow! If you haven’t joined the family yet, don’t forget to buy your Owlet!

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